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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1669084 views.

From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie....surgery was Oct. 1...they said long recovery....they were right....only thing happening today is having a granddaughter and her "boyfriend" over for dinner which is already started...spaghetti and meatballs....I asked her if that was okay and she said who doesn't love spaghetti?  easy meal to have so I like it....hope Brandy stays okay....


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty ~

Is there any  spray/lotion for them when you go outside?   I think they live on deer....correct?

We have so few here....they cull them..the deer that is.. (sad face).

Rainy here.  Made an appt to pleasure me....a pedicure at 1:00 p.m.

((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

Makes me happy that she is playing and living out a happy life.  Rainy here...  Finn is doing his low crying....I guess he wants someone to come into the bedroom and take him out.  Spoiled!

Rainy here for the next two days.  God's glorious water.  Will help my plants.



From: Kittyarnold


the ticks can be on any critter that goes out...dogs cats etc.......so you just go out to weed the garden or mow and you do a tick check when you come in...I'm not sure about a spray but IO wouldn't trust it....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Hope your back continues to improve.  My wife has a bad back.

Many in her family do. 

It's raining here now.  Supposed to stop for a couple hours around 7 AM so maybe we

can take a short walk then.  After that there's a good chance of rain all day, all night,

and all day tomorrow.  Yesterday I got our two walks in and mowed the lawn before

the 3 days of rain started. 

My granddaughter only had last eve off work this week but my daughter had a headache,

so don't get to see granddaughter this week.  Wife had spaghetti last eve and Brandy had

meatballs.  I had a salad.

Maybe get a new blade installed on the chainsaw and other work in the basement today.

The old blade wasn't working well even after I sharpened it.

Have a good day.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Brandy complains she is bored sometimes.  We might

have a short gap in the rain this morn to go on Brandy's walk.  Brandy has a flea

and tick collar on all the time.  I was putting the liquid on their necks in ears past

but switched to the collars.  The ticks carry Lyme disease and another one that's

worse and takes less time.  Brandy got some ticks this season and I bought a new

collar 3 months early.  I think I read that mice are the main tick carriers though they

call the one tick a deer tick.  They have 8000 or more when they have babies so it's

almost impossible to walk through an area without getting some on you.

I was watering the areas where we planted grass last Fall after the Summer excavating

but put the sprinkler away and moved the hose to where wife can use it for the flowers

we have surrounding the pool.  I installed a pool water leveler so we don't need to maintain

the water level in the pool anymore but had the put in a Y fitting so the flower hose and

the leveler hose can both exist behind the house.  We suspect when we start rebuilding

the farm house in PA we will only be up here in NY one day a week for our other daughter.

Glad Finn and Brandy are happy.  I get sad all the time remembering Brandy's time is short.

Have a good day.


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From: Kittyarnold


We are having clouds and heavy fog....today is my eye exam....and I know I need glasses.....last night interesting sleep...woke every 2 hours....don't know why...supposed to rain for us for the next 3 days too.....and supposed to get up into the 90's....good grief  hope your day is great...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We did Brandy's shorter walk yesterday.  Then I

hung back here and cleared off our bank by the road with electric push

mower and pulling some weeds.  Did a little trim in other spots.  I tend

to let those things go a while, then catch up.  We never did get the strong

storms in our area yesterday so I could've gone back out on a longer walk

but got some needed work done. 

Same weather here, meteorologist says we have Florida weather coming.

Did get the chainsaw ready for it's next job.  I bought that rebuilt from our

Sears parts store that went out of business many years before our large

Sears store.  Now all 3 Sears stores within driving distance are gone.  Miss

our Sears and Montgomery Wards.  They were our mall's anchor stores,

one on each end of the mall.

Enjoy the day.



From: Kittyarnold


Hi Ernie   a beautiful day here...Brian is out mowing our lawn...and I did a few essential things  supper is cooking and house is tidy...what else do we need...grandson and his wife stopped in for a visit...they came up from NC for a short visit with his parents  who live close by...sweet people...very loving....so it was good to see them...that was the only "excitement " of the day...hope your day has been good for you..


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Having to get up early to get our walks in before the heat.

Glad you had a good time.  We finally all got together for pizza last night.  Has

been weeks since we were able to do it on a night my granddaughter wasn't

working.  Missed her.  I have a nephew in NC but I haven't seen him in decades.

Picked up my prescriptions and made sure our replacement screen was ordered.

Has come in damaged, or wrong size, or never ordered for two years.  Back when

we replaced all of our house windows and put the bay window in.  I love the bay

it's the highlight of that room now.  We bought this house quickly after the tornado

destroyed our mobile home back in 83.  So it's very basic.  Had to install our own

ceiling fan, phone jacks, etc. 

Daughter and I still making plans to build the horse farm in PA someday.  I showed

her the video of the horse farm between her house and ours.  The horse lady on our

walking route finally got to go back to her horse show for the first time in a year and

a half because of the virus.  It's about all she has.  Those two horses and her 3 border

collies.  She usually goes every weekend from Spring until Fall.

My brother called me last night so have to call him back this morning to make sure it's

not an emergency.  I have to go to bed at 8  to get up at 3, for our cool walks.

I got the spot welder with two pullers to pull the dents out on the SS.  It's assembled

and waiting for me.  Also got a used replacement widow that got shattered in the blizzard.

Saw on my last ride I have a cracked taillight lens I need to replace.  Most likely from the

tent collapse. 

Other than Brandy having cancer we're having good days.  Have to go to Ithaca, NY early Monday

morning for her to get an intravenous pain management treatment. 

Have a good day.