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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1769607 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Raining here, rainy all weekend.  Hope you had fun at the thrift shop.

I have plenty of crowns, for uppers I have a plate.  Dad told me lower dentures are a real pain,

because of lower jaw moving around whenever your mouth moves.  I've been able to save lowers

so far.  I switched to one of those sonic toothbrushes when I retired, seems to be a better fit for

me to take care of my teeth.  I finally got some dental in my insurance, mostly preventative but had

none before.

Mostly yesterday I mounted the LED light strip on the back of my bike, so fewer people miss seeing

me.  It's up higher up on the trunk.  The stock one is low like cars tail lights were before SUVs.  Have

heard of bikes being hit while waiting for oncoming traffic to clear making a turn. 

Have a good day and stay dry.


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From: Cocoa60


Good morning Diana.  We escaped the rain front until last eve, now rainy weekend.  Not

so bad for retired, really bad to have rainy weekends for workers, especially two in a row.

I feel so fortunate to have money for groceries with SS and a pension.  I have a brother

that is still working out of his house at 80 with only SS for retirement.  I have another

brother with pension, SS, and sold most of my parents farm and is still going broke.  And

my sister and I are also helping him take care of himself and what's left of the farm.

I was lucky, no wars in my military service, so no nightmares.  Once I was talking to my

dad about ARMY duffel bags and he said he walked across Europe with one on his back.

My duffel bag was destroyed by being peed on by cats in neighbors basement when they

stored it temporary for us, and then being on the basement floor here when we finished

putting this house here.  I bought a new one at a flea market sale in our mall a few years

back, but sort of a fake.  I use it instead of a suitcase when we travel.   Also, I said that

the drill sergeants were hoping for a war, my mom gave my dad a funny look, and dad

said yeah, and something about drill sergeants.  Wasn't ever much talk about the military.

I have trouble waking way to early sometimes.  It ruins my day sometimes, other times doesn't

bother too much.  It messes up my glucose readings even though I still exercise and try to exercise

normally.  If I go slow it doesn't ever burn off enough glucose.  I've been off the meds for quite a

while so I need to take care of it myself.  Just going up to 117 is a pain to me now but used to go

higher even on the 3 meds.  I always strive to be down close to 100 or lower. 

I should get that rear LED light strip wired up on the back of my bike today.  I put the bike in the

basement yesterday so I could work on it on a rainy day. 

Have a good day.


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From: Cocoa60


Set it upright so doesn't slide off the page.

I don't remember borrowing a classic car.  We sorta have one but is only 85.

It's more stable than the ones from the 50s and 60s.  I remember the ones we

had didn't corner that well and I was inexperienced.   Finn must have had his surgery,

hope he heals well and quickly.

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From: Cocoa60


I was there like all of us.


From: Kittyarnold


thrift shop was closed so just some errands today groceries...and yes to those bell bottoms...I already had 5 kids when I wore them....LOL  today is cloudy and some downpours....a long dark day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Early 70s, junior high, cpo jackets, bell bottoms, for me.  Just started

dating.  I learned some things well and found my wife.  Other things, not so much.  Didn't

think I had to train my mind and learn thinking processes.  So put my family and myself

through some pain before I even got started. 

I go to ham radio type thrift sales, that's about it.  I stopped going grocery shopping with

my wife for now because I grab lots of things that aren't good for me and Diabetes.  To me

I still eat many things I shouldn't but to many I'm on a strict diet. 

We got the rain also.  Today is another rainy day but not as rainy as yesterday.  Supposed to

be colder after Monday but according to the 10 day forecast it will get warmer again, back up

to the 50s and sunny.  I see by the night time cameras we have water droplets from fog outside

right now.  We did see the sunset on the horizon just before the day ended.

I wired up the LED strip on my bike for running lights and brake lights.  The LEDs are much

brighter than the original tail light from 1982.  Noticed it was mounted on the trunk so it was

aimed upward some so I loosened it and put a spacer under the top to aim straight back.  Think

not very many more trips to the farm on the bike.  Hope to have the Monte Carlo SS for one

more trip before the insurance runs out and roads are salted.

Sounds like Finn had his second surgery.  Hope he isn't in to much pain tonight.  Surgery seems

to keep getting better but doesn't seem so when it's someone you love.  Then we wish it to be

like Star Trek, done without any cutting at all.  Just hope he is sleeping comfortably tonight.

Enjoy the day.



From: Kittyarnold


hope all is well with everyone our sun shines but it is cold have a good day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  47 here, a warm morning compared to the rest of the week but

I see it's supposed to go back into the daytime 50s next week.  My wife is going to a

retirement party in PA Saturday so I will wait until then to go help on the farm.  Still

haven't finished up that tractor repair, got side tracked into other jobs. 

We went trick or treating with our grandkids last eve, was fun.  Even our 18 year old

granddaughter dressed up and came but didn't go up to doors.  Reminds us of going

when she was little 10 or 15 years ago.  We used to get them here but stopped coming

in the 80s. 

I went out to finalize getting some warranty parts for the Subaru and stuff to change oil

in wife's car.  Don't know if it was a coincidence but cars stayed back about 30 yards instead

of 30 feet.  Hope it was the new light strip.  I would've done it a long time ago if I knew the effect.

Very dangerous to have tailgaters when on a bike.  One of the reasons you don't usually see

bikes going slow like many cars and trucks. 

Hope Finn is doing well, old pup to have surgery, also Susan who loves him.

Have a good day, supposed to get some sun today.


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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning...I didn't realize I never made it here yesterday.....but it just proves that we have been Not Smoking for so long (14yrs for me) that it is no longer on our minds....hope your day is awesome....