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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1790456 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Early 70s, junior high, cpo jackets, bell bottoms, for me.  Just started

dating.  I learned some things well and found my wife.  Other things, not so much.  Didn't

think I had to train my mind and learn thinking processes.  So put my family and myself

through some pain before I even got started. 

I go to ham radio type thrift sales, that's about it.  I stopped going grocery shopping with

my wife for now because I grab lots of things that aren't good for me and Diabetes.  To me

I still eat many things I shouldn't but to many I'm on a strict diet. 

We got the rain also.  Today is another rainy day but not as rainy as yesterday.  Supposed to

be colder after Monday but according to the 10 day forecast it will get warmer again, back up

to the 50s and sunny.  I see by the night time cameras we have water droplets from fog outside

right now.  We did see the sunset on the horizon just before the day ended.

I wired up the LED strip on my bike for running lights and brake lights.  The LEDs are much

brighter than the original tail light from 1982.  Noticed it was mounted on the trunk so it was

aimed upward some so I loosened it and put a spacer under the top to aim straight back.  Think

not very many more trips to the farm on the bike.  Hope to have the Monte Carlo SS for one

more trip before the insurance runs out and roads are salted.

Sounds like Finn had his second surgery.  Hope he isn't in to much pain tonight.  Surgery seems

to keep getting better but doesn't seem so when it's someone you love.  Then we wish it to be

like Star Trek, done without any cutting at all.  Just hope he is sleeping comfortably tonight.

Enjoy the day.



From: Kittyarnold


hope all is well with everyone our sun shines but it is cold have a good day


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  47 here, a warm morning compared to the rest of the week but

I see it's supposed to go back into the daytime 50s next week.  My wife is going to a

retirement party in PA Saturday so I will wait until then to go help on the farm.  Still

haven't finished up that tractor repair, got side tracked into other jobs. 

We went trick or treating with our grandkids last eve, was fun.  Even our 18 year old

granddaughter dressed up and came but didn't go up to doors.  Reminds us of going

when she was little 10 or 15 years ago.  We used to get them here but stopped coming

in the 80s. 

I went out to finalize getting some warranty parts for the Subaru and stuff to change oil

in wife's car.  Don't know if it was a coincidence but cars stayed back about 30 yards instead

of 30 feet.  Hope it was the new light strip.  I would've done it a long time ago if I knew the effect.

Very dangerous to have tailgaters when on a bike.  One of the reasons you don't usually see

bikes going slow like many cars and trucks. 

Hope Finn is doing well, old pup to have surgery, also Susan who loves him.

Have a good day, supposed to get some sun today.


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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning...I didn't realize I never made it here yesterday.....but it just proves that we have been Not Smoking for so long (14yrs for me) that it is no longer on our minds....hope your day is awesome....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  30 here this morn and I see snow on the radar, don't know

if it's hitting the ground but it's not far from here. 

I will probably go down to the farm to help out Saturday, wife is going near there

for a relative gathering.  Maybe finally finish the tractor if they don't catch me and

get me working on something else.

I have the oil and filter for my wife's car so maybe get that done today.  My sub frame

is supposed to get here today from southern California so I will get started on that soon.

Wife and I went to see where my daughter and her family goes for hikes yesterday.  An

old coworker of my wife's lives nearby so we visited her also, 84 and still doing very well.

She kept our dog while we were on vacation back in the 80s.  Dog's name was Mcgruff.

We still have a picture of Mcgruff in the living room.

We are coming up on 15 years of not smoking, so great to not have those in our lives.

Hope you and your family enjoy the day.


Winter coming again.


From: Kittyarnold


woke up to temps in the high 20's.....first frost....morning glories finally dead...really late...it was sunny and pretty tho....no mores fresh veggies....stay well everyone....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  27 here this morn.  Our Morning Glories were probably dead

yesterday.  I will throw the vines over the fence. 

Received the sub frame for the Baja yesterday.  Cleaned it up and put metal etching

on it, then painted it with POR15.  It's a paint people use to restore the underside of

classic cars.  It still had the original paint on it so the POR15 won't work as well but

still about the best I can do.  Have to put another coat on this morning. 

We had the two grandboys last eve for a while.  Had a spaghetti dinner. 

Heated seat was staying on in my wife's 2019 Toyota, dealer fixed it on warranty.  Was

a glitch in the computer so program had to be corrected.  That will be a pain to pay for

after the warranty is gone in about 4 months.  I remember the neighbor had same problem

with his cigarette lighter sockets but he had a relative that could fix the program.

We had sun for part of the day.

Enjoy the day Kitty.



From: Kittyarnold


it is only 28 here right now and the really heavy frost made the back yard look so white it almost could have been snow....just gazing out of the window and our beautiful hillside...still some orange left here and there but mostly leafless trees...no agenda for me except to replace the ice-cream I have one bowl (small) after supper....today I am determined to step away from the computer and play the piano...haven't done that in a long time....hope you day is wonderful... 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  26 this morn, lowest I've seen it this season.  I did throw the

dead morning glory vines over the fence.  Haven't seen Susan since she said rhe

was taking care of Finn 24/7, hope all is ok. 

I do eat ice cream occasionally but it's always bad for my glucose. 

I learned to play the trombone in grade school but I let it go.  Glad you can play the

piano, sounds relaxing. 

We have already seen snow here one morning, lake effect it is. 

I went out and bought some bolts for installing the sub frame yesterday and put on

the second coat of POR15 paint.  Today I will probably go out and look for 2 bolts I

didn't find.  Tomorrow will probably go down to the farm and help out.  My wife will

drop me off since she is going to a retirement party there.  If she didn't have relatives

there, don't know how I ever would have met her. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


a friend is coming to visit this morning...she usually stays for lunch...so that is ready....and nothing else on the agenda   talk to you all tomorrow....have a wonderful day