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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1770055 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Glad Finn is doing well.  I walked Brandy's sister, Dixie, and her friend

last 3 days.  Dixie has worse joint pains than Brandy did so she can only walk about a mile,
then I go back out for about 9 more miles with Charlotte. 

I have only one of the Corning percolators, the smaller one.  My sister is going to keep an eye

out for one of the standard ones at our parents house.  I'm very happy to have the smaller one

but it's probably from after my parents were divorced.  I remember my parents jumping up to

turn down the heat after the water was boiling so it didn't boil over and get coffee grounds in

the coffee.   I've gotten a reminder trying to make coffee with the one I have.  Takes a while to

get the water boiling to start the peculate.  I think old ones are still available but want one my

parents used. 

My Monte Carlo SS got it's last ride in August before the repairs from the blizzard and before

that started.

We did most of our floors in Laminate around 2011.  Look forward to leaving them as they are.

Have a good day.


Dixie and Charlotte on their walk 11/13/21.

Charlotte is young and all muscle.


From: Susan1206


Hi Miss Kitty, It's early....really early for me....awake at 5:30 a.m. and just tired of tossing and turning.  Watching the taping of the Adele show last evening and drinking coffee.  May go back to bed by 7:00 a.m.  LOL

We had our first snow yesterday.  The ground was warm so no accumulation but it certainly was a foreboding sign of things to come!

Son-in-law still not feeling well since his bout with Covid in October.  Has been tested now and has some residual lung problems.  Urge anyone lurking....to get your booster shots!  I will be happy when December 25th comes and the ninety days are up for me......  Too many large group gatherings are looming in November and December and it all makes me quite nervous!

So, will the two of you be headed to Florida this winter?  Spouse would like to go back to Siesta Key.  So far, no openings at any Inn....so I am not sure that is in the plans for us.

Looking for Allspice ~ it's nowhere to be found.  isn't it amazing what there is a shortage of...swim out to all of those container ships......

Well, that is my ramblings for this very early morning.  ((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Cute picture of the pups walking...I know that you miss yours.  Finn and I are slowly making it around our block.  Not sure how I measure that....guess I get in my car and drive it..... He's slow, but then so am I.  The Vet says to work on the muscle mass in the legs...so that we are trying to do.  Dislike the cold immensely....even broke out the winter coat last night.  Kudos to you for walking the miles that you walk.  I would make it about a mile or two!!

Posted to Miss Kitty that I can't find Allspice for my pumpkin bread.  I have a feeling this is going to be a different holiday....with shortages, shipping, etc.  Ordered some gifts for SIL at Duluth.  When I ordered online, I asked for them to be shipped to my home.  That wasn't going to happen, I guess because I live within a mile of a Duluth store.  I stopped Saturday and called the number for pick up.  No answer.  I called three numbers and all did not work... So, that means today, I get to go into a store (I don't particularly love) and pick up my packages....Ugh..... 

Maybe giving money to the older grands is a thought this year.  The youngest will turn four at the end of the month.  She went from princess stuff (Frozen movie) to Superheroes.  

Well, must get on with my day.  Cold outside, furnace on.  ((hugs))  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Have a coating of snow on the ground this morning.

Yes, still think of Brandy every day, such a good soul.  Remember when we

were walking sometimes she would turn away from her curiosity and smelling

to smile at me and wait for me to come up to her and pet her.  I have a 16 x 20

of her in the living room from Valentines Day of 2020 with her new toy.  Another

of her on the farm before it was sold, with my two grand boys.

We just spent the weekend up north with wife's parents.  That's where Brandy's

sister lives next door with her brother.  She just passed 9 years old.

Often this pc takes a long time to bring up a web page.  I bought a new modem

yesterday to try that but spent hours trying to get it working.  I will probably

return it today.  Maybe get a different one later.  I've been working on computer

equipment for decades like most people.  If it takes me hours, we don't really

want it in the house.  So I'm back on the old modem.

Glad Finn is doing well.  I had to wait to get Brandy in for the lump in her leg

that turned out to be cancerous.  I guess it was a tumor that went into the bone

and hereditary type so wouldn't work to cut her leg off.  Would just live on for

about 10 painful months.  She deserved so much better.

We have our grand boys last eve and this morn.  Granddaughter stopped by for

a few hours also.  She's 18 now and helped talk me into my last quit almost 15 years

ago.  The youngest boy and I troubleshot an electronics kit he built last time he was

here.  A little kit that makes your voice sound like a robot or one other sound.

We got it working so he's proud of himself.  Think was three open circuits we found.

He's new at soldering components into a circuit board so makes mistakes.

My Subaru Baja still needs a little work installing the new sub frame but doubt I will

work on it today.  Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be in the 50s but cold

today.  I have a Dr appt today and have to take care of our daughter's and our garbage.

Hope you find your spice and enjoy the day.


Brandy and grand boys at my dad's farm.

Brandy with her new toy, Valentines Day 2020.


From: Cocoa60


Sort of warm today, probably try to finish up Baja.

Amazon.com: 2006 Subaru Baja Reviews, Images, and Specs ...


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning  we are totally socked in with fog.....just starting to lift and the sun is barely visible shining on our hilltop...so pretty and unusual....having company for lunch today....looking forward to that....otherwise a simple day....the kind I like....don't do stress anymore if I can avoid it....have a good one....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We have a light coat of snow this morning.  Baja sub frame is

finished and it's out in the driveway.  I decided to try to find a day when wife's brother

can weld new frame rails in since he's done it many times and I've not done it once.

Our older grandson stayed over since Monday.  The rest of the family came over last eve

and we had pizza. 

Started raining earlier than predicted here yesterday but still warm so I continued to work

on the Subaru.  Was a light rain at first and much better than working in the cold.  I had to weld 

on the Baja a little Wednesday night, not easy because I haven't welded much since I raced a stock

car in the 80s.  Then got a coat of paint on the welded area Wednesday night and another coat

early Thursday morn.  Took the bike to get differential oil for Baja and then rode some of Brandy

and I old walking routes.  Not much bike riding weather left. 

Glad you had a relaxing day.  I should have a few of them now waiting for brother in law to have a

free day to help us. 

We have some sunny days in the forecast but they are cold days.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


we had some snow flurries...amounted to nothing...like the first one an after that it depends....simple day went to store because I wanted lobster tail for dinner....ended up with 4 tails....small but good....Brian wanted leftovers...he isn't as much of a fan as I am....hope your day was great....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  25 here this morn, cold.  We have a little snow on the ground, not really

covered.  We had chili for dinner.  I usually only have salad or a vegetable but did have some.

I've never had lobster. 

Finally got the new mailbox installed we got couple years ago.  Our old one started rusting out

and the door fell off, was probably 20 or 25 years old.  New one is vinyl or plastic. 

Our dryer was making lots of noise so wife did her laundry and I took the drum out.  The rear

bearing is shot so ordered a new one.  Ordered from a place in New York state so hope it's

here in a few days.  The last one worked without a sleeve between the shaft and socket.  This

one has a sleeve so maybe last longer. 

Wife's brother says he can fabricate and weld the frame rails into the Subaru around December 7.

So will be good to have it all ready for years to come.  I will probably coat them with paint before

we leave the north country.  He ha a heated shop so the paint will cure there.

Have a good day.


Deer outside our bay window in the dark.

Bluebird saying goodbye to his Summer home before trip south.


From: Cocoa60


Hi Susan.  Brandy's sister up north.  Dixie.