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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1788988 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  25 here this morn, cold.  We have a little snow on the ground, not really

covered.  We had chili for dinner.  I usually only have salad or a vegetable but did have some.

I've never had lobster. 

Finally got the new mailbox installed we got couple years ago.  Our old one started rusting out

and the door fell off, was probably 20 or 25 years old.  New one is vinyl or plastic. 

Our dryer was making lots of noise so wife did her laundry and I took the drum out.  The rear

bearing is shot so ordered a new one.  Ordered from a place in New York state so hope it's

here in a few days.  The last one worked without a sleeve between the shaft and socket.  This

one has a sleeve so maybe last longer. 

Wife's brother says he can fabricate and weld the frame rails into the Subaru around December 7.

So will be good to have it all ready for years to come.  I will probably coat them with paint before

we leave the north country.  He ha a heated shop so the paint will cure there.

Have a good day.


Deer outside our bay window in the dark.

Bluebird saying goodbye to his Summer home before trip south.


From: Cocoa60


Hi Susan.  Brandy's sister up north.  Dixie.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning...love the pictures...we have bluebirds all over the place..it doesn't seem like they are leaving....we are up to 33 and clear and sunny...one yellow tree left on the hillside for me to look at and when it is gone the trees will all  be bare...the snow should look pretty out there when it happens...looking forward to Thanksgiving with 22 members of our family. have a good one.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  I don't see our bluebirds anymore but they might still be around.

8 or 10 of them were hanging around the birdhouse for about a week.  Most likely they

were born there.  We did have cats so the birdhouse was outside the pool fence but they

are gone so I moved the house back inside last Spring. 

33 here this morn, little warmer.  I was outdoors a good part of yesterday and had to wear

insulated coveralls because I haven't adapted to the cold yet.

We probably have some leaves still on the trees.  We have a much smaller family, only about

half that many will be here for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our granddaughter called here yesterday

about ingredients for the apple pies she plans on baking. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


interesting to see that someone needs ingredients to an apple pie....I am down to apples, cinnamon, and sugar...sometimes a bit of butter...what else is there?...and now my bluebirds are no longer here.....sunny is shining and it is 42...going out with daughter in a bit to shop....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Pretty warm this morning, 37 degrees.  Granddaughter is baking

apple pies for the Thanksgiving dinner, never done it before.  I haven't either.  It's hard to

believe the little birds travel 1000, 2000, or more miles.  Then know to stay there until it

starts getting warm up here.  Was weird talking to a person in Australia on this forum.

She lived south of the equator so she talked about it being hot up north. 

Was unfortunate I ordered our dryer drum bearing on Friday night, wasn't thinking about

them being closed all weekend so the bearing should ship this morning.  I might have to

assemble the dryer so we can use it again before I repair it.

Haven't been down to the farm for two weeks.  My sister came back there with bronchitis,

don't want to bring that back here and spread it to everyone.  Tractor hydraulic pump drive

still isn't finished.  Supposed to check the alignment before putting the chain drive on but I

didn't so had to remove the chains which I did.  Still have to adjust the alignment and reinstall

the chains.

Hope your day goes well, all doing great here.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all , I expect everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving or travel for it...I am so grateful I don't do that anymore....our oldest daughter does it now....the sun is shining here but it is 26 degrees...all is well here and I hope it is for you....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  28 here this morn.  Have a skin Dr appt at 9 so set my alarm

to get up in time for exercise, breakfast, and shower.  Found out my glucose

was going way up after coffee, already without sugar for many years.  So this

morn I'm having coffee without cream to check if it's that.  Maybe I will go back

to milk and check if that is ok, if I find out it's the cream which I suspect.  I'm

running in the 120s before coffee, 180 to 200 after coffee and down around

100 to 120 after exercise.  I'm having to exercise very hard to get my glucose down.

Sabotaging my efforts by bumping numbers up before exercise and all day.  I drink

one caffeine coffee in the morning, then drink defaf after that.  Lots of time will grab

a cup of decaf instead of snacking on something.  Caffeine causes a body to resist the

insulin it creates to keep its own sugar down so I can't drink caffeine that much.

We have our two grand boys staying over until Thanksgiving day when my daughter

comes over.  Our granddaughter is baking pies for the dinner and is supposed to come

over this eve.

Put my old Subaru sub frame out by the road for the scrappers to pick up along with

the old pipe that held up our old mail box, and threw the old mail box  in with them. 

Ordered a new rear drum bearing for our dryer on Friday eve unfortunately.  So it shipped

late Monday and made it 20 miles down the road to Syracuse and left there last eve, hope

it finally makes it here today so I can reassemble the dryer and we can wash clothes.  It was

making a loud noise.  I wasn't thinking bout it being a regular business since most ebay sellers

are just a person in business for themselves but it's the type of product I'm buying.

Have a good day, we're all doing great here.


00 01 02 03 04 Subaru Legacy Rear Crossmember Sub Frame ...Subaru sub frame I put out for the scrappers.

Our Baja rides again.Amazon.com: 2006 Subaru Baja Reviews, Images, and Specs ...

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From: Kittyarnold


Good morning....coffee impacts your sugar without sugar....?  so much to watch out for....today is the day before....so we are going to daughters (this years hostess and chef)  to peel apples for the pies....the least we can do....we had to replace our microwave and Brian is getting the wall ready for installation....he will need some help cause it is heavy and I don't do heavy anymore....sunny and 23 degrees with a breeze so the wind chill is about 17....brrrr.....hope you day is a good one ....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Happy Thanksgiving.  It was the creamer we use causing my Glucose

to spike, so this morning I'm trying 2% milk.  Hope I can use it in my coffee.  Already did a

test before coffee. 

The dryer rear drum bearing came yesterday so I installed it and reassembled the dryer.

Ran three loads through it and seems to be working.  Glad with the expense of the Monte

Carlo SS body work and the Subaru Baja frame work, along with other stuff I've spent a lot

of money this Fall.

I've been watching those rubber heated mats for our main deck we use for an entrance way

and it's steps.  So they have a black Friday 15% off sale and got them for wife and I for Christmas.

Will make my wife very happy, she's always concerned about the ice and snow.  She has her own

bag of salt separate from our driveway salt to use out here on the deck and steps.  We have a wall

switch we did use for pool lights but they started leaking water out of the pool so sealed them off.

Now we use them for one of the sump pumps during rainy season.  I can use the switch for these

heated mats in the Winter. 

Have a good time at your Daughter's.