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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1822158 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, no Kitty again.  We miss you Kitty.  I didn't know I had that picture, have so many.

I will have to have that made into an 8x10 and frame it.  Think my wife is a little worried about my 8x10s

and 16x20s.  Latest is a 16x20 of Brandy with her Valentines gift in 2020, hung in the living room. 

Brandy, Feb 14th, 2020.

I've forgotten why you moved up north.  Oh, think it was the Cleveland clinic for you husband's health.  I

remember you letting your husband's Jeep go.  I told you to keep it, you can go into 4 wheel and out

while moving now.  Not like the old days when you had to stop and get out and take the front wheels

hubs out of 4 wheel, just before I was a teen so many years ago.  That must have been 2012 when you

got your Honda.  I have over 140k miles on my Subaru Baja I got beginning of 2007 when we stopped smoking.

  I've never had a Honda car but many motorcycles.  In fact, I have a Honda street bike, 750 cc, and a dirt bike,

350 cc, in the basement now.  The dirt bike has a minor problem with the carburetors, but the street bike has

an engine problem.   I've been stuck on my Suzuki GS1100GKs bikes for many years.

Yosmite National Park, California.

I will tell my wife your story, so sorry you lost your husband.  I can't even think about trying to live without my

wife.  I'm just the support for her life.  The world needs kind and understanding people like her, us technicians

are quite normal.  Though I run into many men who don't function well outside of their jobs.  It more than doubles

our income to keep things running, also to analyze and repair them after they break down.  

I rotate my Subaru Baja tires when I change the engine oil.  I have the bike and Monte Carlo SS to run during the

Spring, Summer, and Fall so I run Cooper Blizack tires on the Baja now, for snow.  Subaru have been all wheel

drive from way back before all the others. 

We are headed north for a couple days to visit my wife's family, also, Brandy's sister, Dixie, and her friend Charlotte.

That's how I keep my exercise up while we are north.  Dixie can only walk about one mile with her hips, then walk

Charlotte another 9 miles because she is solid muscle.  So I will be missing from the forum couple days.

Dixie and Charlotte.

You enjoy your weekend also Susan, you too Kitty.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning....I always check this site daily...my tummy is better...diverticulitis is not fun...so haven't done much....we have about 5 inches  of snow and the sun is shining but only 10 degrees so far....no agenda...too cold to go out for me.....hope all the car work will make a difference I know you enjoy it.....


From: Kittyarnold


hope everyone is okay.....staying quiet around here...don't know who the blank messages are from....any ideas??our ground is still covered in snow and the temp is still low....23 here at 9 ish......


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We're back from our trip to wife's parents.  They're getting weaker and more

confused.  Wife's mother will try to take more than one turn in a row at board games.  Wife's father

keeps at our grandson and me to hurry when it's his turn.  So, getting worse.  It's so sad, they've worked

their whole lives, mostly for others.  They helped us so much when we were young and their other children

also.  I'm sad where they are and sad we are headed there soon. 

Wife's brother had let my Monte Carlo sit with a dead battery.  I took it out and put it in father in laws wood

burning room until it thawed out, then charged it.  Got it in the car and started it and moved it.  Took over a

half hour to thaw the shifter out to get it into gear.  I took the battery back out and stored it in a heated room.

I could only walk the pups the short one mile walk all 3 days.  Weather was bad, especially up on their mountain.

They have a great view, just like at my daughter's house, but the wind comes with the great views.  In laws live

next door to State University of New York horse agriculture farm so many beautiful horses around them.  Students

learning to show them and take care of them.  Have an outdoor coral about 50 yards from their house where they

learn to jump and run around.  The pastures and barns go on about half a mile. 

Very cold today, will stay indoors except taking care of the garbage.

Glad you are feeling better, have a good day.


Granddaughter with a horse many years ago.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning very cold....7 degrees but clear and sunny.....I slept in today...just got up ....first cuppa....not much have to dos today....just a couple of errands...daughter made us an eggplant casserole for dinner...yum.....hope your day is peaceful....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Doing good here.  Didn't do much yesterday, spent lot of time on ham

radio talking to people around the world.  Woke at 2:30 Wednesday morning, so only 4 hours

sleep or so.  Didn't want to attempt any projects.  I'm trying to sleep without melatonin which

I've been using to sleep for years, probably over a decade.  The cold wave had left us before

yesterday morning but have another Friday night. 

Glad you're up here with your family but to bad it's so cold.  We might still try to build up the

horse farm for our families future but only 100 miles away.  The one daughter hopes to sell out

here and build a house on the farm.  Don't know if it will ever happen and if I will still be around

if it does.  Hope you enjoyed your casserole. 

One of our daughters is going to a dentist in NYC today so we have the grandboys and the

granddaughter hopes to make it here also.  The two dogs also.  What a beautiful day, we are

so blessed. 

I did order a large amplifier to aid in talking to my brother on vhf frequencies yesterday.  It was

designed for ham radio but ordered by a company and set for a custom frequency off our ham

band, so I will have to eliminate any filter they put in to keep signals out close or adjust it for my

frequency.  Another challenge for me.  But I paid one half to one third what normally would. 

Probably not a good day to make a decision without any sleep.

No cold wave here today, high of 38 with some sun. 

Have a good day.