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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1893384 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Susan.  We had ice covered tree branches in the sun most of the day,

I took a couple pictures with my Cannon camera but don't know how they will turn out.  We

have a lot of snow but inches melted in the rain before it turned into sleet and freezing rain,

then snow.  I had to use the weight of the tractor to push the bucket down into the inches of

icy snow we have.  I would point the front of the bucket down and then lift the front of the

tractor up with hydraulics.  I have no steering, of course, but would just drive down the driveway.

It worked and we have fairly good weather days coming, in the 30s, this coming week.

I don't know about our "head banger" Cardinal, I call him.  There's a female Cardinal nearby

many times when he is here.  Our neighbors immigrated from Russia also have a bird feeder.

Don't know of any other feeders in the area.

We did venture out and take our grandson home yesterday and paid my daughter for ordering

the control board for our refrigerator.  The little company in Indiana didn't get the board shipped

Friday, just a shipping label printed.  Will ship Monday, I guess.  It's through Amazon Prime, expedited,

but just shipping USPS. 

My wife and I looked at curtains for the sliding doors, want to replace the old blinds.  They are getting

dirty over many years. 

A pretty walk way Susan and lit well.  I would rather never have an HOA.  I change engines and such out

here.  Glad Finn's feet aren't getting burned in salt.

All of you have a great day.


Turkeys around our feeder last Winter.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie....we are having a rain/sleet 24 degree day....might clear later...no agenda as of yet....Brian is already working on the first floor putting trim around the windows....hope your day is great...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Snowing here at 3:30 AM but probably won't last long.  We have sorta

warm temps until Sunday and Monday.  That forecast could improve by Sunday. 

Our control circuit board came and I installed it.  Working good and all the food is back in the

freezer and frig.  Nice to have our food back in the kitchen.  I didn't notice my pears were in a

drawer outside so they froze and are ruined but a small thing.  Board cost about what the tax

would be on a new frig like ours.  Half of yesterday I was in the basement working on a radio

amplifier.   I did finish cleaning our bedding including the two bedspreads my mom made. 

Guess Brian and I are finding plenty to occupy our minds and hands and I always used to wonder

why I didn't get this or that project done during the Winter.  It's because I was busy every day.  We

can only do so much, we don't sit around all Winter waiting for warm weather.  I replaced all our windows

with Pella windows the Summer of 2019, also made all new trim boards and finished them.  Our old

windows and trim weren't much in a modular home but were fantastic for a family after we were wiped out

in the tornado of May, 3rd, 83.  The guy across the road wanted all our old windows and trim so I didn't have

pay to leave them at the land fill.  He's either using them for a greenhouse or selling them at the craft sales

they go to.  I think the windows were around $6000, the bay window was around $2800 but we love it.

I need to take care of everyone's garbage today but hope to get some time in analyzing the amplifier

sometime today. 

Have a good day


WR55X10416 - OEM Upgraded Replacement for General Electric Refrigerator Control BoardControl board for our frig-freezer.  Ours has a burn mark on it.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....cold and foggy here....maybe sleet not sure yet....hoping all is well.....I was lucky the sun is out not a cloud in the sky....not too cold either


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Glad you got some sunshine, always makes the day go better.

Supposed to be part sunny today and in the 40s here.  We might go somewhere today,

not sure yet.  Either to visit wife's parents or to the farm.

We had pizza with daughter and the grands last eve.  Granddaughter's boyfriend hit the

curb at an ATM on the way.  Lucky I had some body clips to reattach the lower piece of the

car body that broke off.  Gave all our grands a Valentine card even though they are getting

pretty old.  Wife made them some no-bake oatmeal cookies.  We didn't get them ice cream

because of the trouble with the frig-freezer we were having.

Still working on the amplifier that would make it easier to talk to my brother on ham radio.

Made some progress but still not working.

Have a great day Kitty and Brian.


Wife lines the pool fence with flowers in the Summer.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Some cold days but warmer days coming.  I will take care

of everyone's garbage today so I can go help on the farm tomorrow.  We have

appointments Wednesday and Thursday.  I need to be here Thursday for the

heavy rain along with the snow melt in case of the basement getting water.

Wife was looking for some shams for her new pillows and could only find them

on Amazon.  I have an account there so I ordered them for her.

Cold out so mostly working in the basement with my little heater.  Found a guy

that might be able to give me a little help on this other amplifier also.  Both amps

have serious problems.  Tracking them down isn't easy.  Put the one I just got on

hold until the guy in California can find some time. 

15 years is going by for lot's of things.  Cocoa born, got the Subaru Baja, we all stopped


Wishing you and Brian a good week.


Amp I'm working on these days.  Still to talk to brother on the farm.


From: Kittyarnold


Hello.....Hi.....Good morning.....Good afternoon.....I finally got on....busy days in spite of the cold....we are having a high of 27....and the sun shine....short dental appt.  and then groceries.....the snow is bright and so clean..family is all well....stay well....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We had the same weather, upper 40s today.  I have a dentist

appt Thursday, but a simple one also,  today we get my wife's car inspected. 

I woke in the middle of the night yesterday so I didn't get down to the farm, now it

will have to wait a couple days.  I took Melatonin for years to help me sleep and stopped

it a little while ago since I'm retired and have control of my days.  A little sleeplessness

once in a while but another med out of my life.  I did get some more sleep midmorning

so did get a little done later in the day.

Took a couple more steps in the troubleshooting of my amplifier.  Still not working but

always closer.  I'm so lucky to be able to live my life and have the family I have.

Talked to my brother on the radio briefly.  Will get down there to help them Friday or

Saturday probably.  I Will finish the hydraulic drive on that Allis Chalmers tractor pretty

soon, it's about done. 

You all have a great day.