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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1936244 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Was a very nice day here yesterday.  The three grandkids, two dogs,

and us two went down to Finch Hollow Game Preserve and walked where we could.  The

old bridge across the creek is washed out.  Most likely new people taking care of the park

since the bridge was built there.  I got a couple pictures here at the house.  I should've got

a couple at the park.  Our youngest grandson and I partially put together a transparent plastic

4 cylinder engine.  We will have to finish it next time.

A good part of today is supposed to be warm but cloudy.  Then some rain late afternoon.  I need

to go out and take care of garbage.  Hope my brother's local ride to Robert Packard Hospital comes

through Friday.  We're supposed to get a wintery mix that day.  It's about 7 hours of drive time for

me if the roads are good.

Glad we all got plenty of sunshine to enjoy the day.  Hope Susan and Jim are enjoying their vacation.

Have a great day today also.



From: Kittyarnold


we are supposed to get rain today starting around noon....Brian is taking advantage of the lack of rain to move the rocks he is using for the stone wall.....the rocks are close to our house and the wall is farther away...,later we will go to our daughters about wine time....we get to put our garbage in her drive so we don't pay...one bag a week....otherwise a quiet day for me again....like those days low stress.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We had good weather until the rain here also.  Stayed in the 50s all night.

Good thing, my daughter let me know her furnace failed late in the day.  I will head over there

this morning about the time she gets up.  I have experience changing the oil filter and nozzle

also bleeding air from the line years past so we should have it going quickly.  She was running

a small heater when I was over there earlier because she had the tank filled and it stirs up

sediment from the bottom of the tank.  We learned to do that about 20 years ago.

We're stocking up on what groceries and other stuff that we can in case the truckers strike gains

momentum.  Everything we eat and use comes in on trucks.  Think it starts next Monday.  I think

they have a right to strike but we still need to eat and stuff.  We will go out again Saturday and stock

up again.  We heard about it a few days ago but now it's on the news so lots of people will be stocking

up and stores will run out of things.

Glad Brian got some good weather to work on the wall.  I helped clear many fields of rocks when I was

young but never helped build a rock wall.  I saw many walls up north where people tried to settle and build

farms but the soil wouldn't support a farm up there.  So they just left or sold their land to the state and

now it's forest but the stone walls are still there.  I always feel bad for the families that did all the work

building those walls that go on for many miles.  They must have smashed their fingers a lot.  Was probably

200 years ago.

Supposed to drop into the 30s by 10 AM here so should have daughter's furnace going around then.

Hope you all have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


love the picture....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Picture my youngest grandson.  We had my daughter's furnace

running and all cleaned up before noon.  I have to pick up spare nozzles and oil filters

because we used the last ones.  She texted me it was still working good last night.  Sometimes

don't get all the air bleed out of the line and have to go back and do it again

We went to the restaurant where wife and daughter ate to look for the keys wife lost

Sunday but didn't find them so have to stop and get some made today.

Today we have to pick up prescriptions, stuff at Walmart, and get keys made.

Hope you and family are doing well.



From: Kittyarnold


good morning....love the picture....today I went for fasting blood work (just annual one).....so up at 6 and there at 7 and only now having my second cup of coffee.....no other agenda as of yet....yes I do live a rather boring life but it works for me...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  It's our snowy stormy morning.  My brother has an eye appointment in

Sayre, PA but he has a friend taking him from there.  It's 7 hours driving for me on dry roads,

would be 12 hours or more this morning. 

I have fasting blood work every 6 months, they make it 3 months if a diabetic gets to high A1C.

Have one in March but my blood work is so good I barely need the tests.  This is the last year I

won't have to pay anything, don't know if I will bother next year.  I test myself every morning

after exercise, so I know about where I am at Glucose.  I never get any surprises anymore.  I've

been at this for almost 9 years.

I do have my annual sonogram of my Aortic stent next month also.  That isn't just fasting, can't

even have a sip of water in the morning because of the air it puts in my stomach. 

We live our lives the way we want them.  I'm glad you and Brian are happy.  The pictures are my

grandsons in years past.  Before I know it they won't want to come over to their old gradparents

house with their mom, two are already teenagers.  The 13 year old boy still wants to go visit his

great grandparents when we go soon.  Even though they aren't always nice to them, he knows they're

getting very old and don't always mean what they say.  They have a lifetime of helping all their kids

and grandkids.

We went out in the car and picked up prescriptions and other stuff yesterday.  We had mushroom

cheeseburgers at a diner.  I can't do that very often but it's really nice to eat out with my wife, she's

so great.  I don't think my life would have been much without her.  We had pizza with daughter and

grands last eve, all three grands showed up again.  I had some pieces of sausage, no pizza, and gave

most of the sausage pieces to the dogs.

Supposed to snow until 11 AM this morning so doubt we will go anywhere, snow removal later on.

I think I've seen enough snow for this season.  I have another idea to try on my amplifier so I should

look into that during the storm. 

Have a great day there.



From: Kittyarnold


we won't be going anywhere today at least not now....sleet and some snow....very bad roads.....some of our towns are posting that they will open at noon....never heard that before....so making some homemade bread ....raisin to be exact....in the bread machine....hope your day is good....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Sounds like the same weather we had.  So I only did snow removal

yesterday.  Our vehicles didn't move either but are cleaned off ready to go.  We were lucky

the ice was on top of the snow, easier to clean up.

My mother in law makes homemade bread, only person I know that does besides you. 

I never got to working on that amplifier, besides the snow removal guess I'm tired of

working in the cold basement.

Wife cleaned house while I was out shoveling.  Maybe get to that amp today. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


I probably wouldn't bake bread if it wasn't done in the machine....it takes almost all day to do homemade from scratch...I might have already said my Mom used to make homemade bread from scratch and sold in a small local grocery store....she did that for a couple of years....we supplied 25 lb bags of flour every couple of weeks and got our bread for free...pretty nice and we were feeding 8 people daily....today the temp was 9 when I got up and it is clear and sunny...no demands on our time.....jigsaw puzzle is in the works.....hope your day is wonderful....and you too Susan....