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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2009168 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  69 here today so probably will hit 70 and beyond.   We tired the puppies

out yesterday and went out for stuff while they were sleeping in their kennel.  Had to pick up prescriptions

for one thing.  Much fewer prescriptions than I was getting but still a few.   Was nice weather out.  I have

to wear a baseball cap across the larger parking lots, to much sun for my head.  Always have to be thinking

of health like these precancerous spots I get.  Gone are the carefree days when health was in the back of

our minds. 

I only jogged 4.5 miles because usually I had to go to work afterwards.  When walking was 7 to 10 miles.  Much

harder to get the same exercise walking or riding bicycle.  I think when the pups are ready they will keep my

walking speed at a pretty good clip.  It quickly becomes one of the most important parts of my day and will risk

my life gladly to keep the dogs safe.  I can hardly wait to get going again, I miss Brandy and Cocoa every day.

I see people jogging on pavement and worse concrete and wonder how they get away with it or how long will

they get away with it.  Maybe some can get away with it indefinitely, I don't know.  The effort put forward to go

jogging really made me feel good for the day, lucky I'm retired so I have the time to walk more time now.  I have to

find my best route for walking along the roads with the least traffic and best shoulders.  Also have some trouble

the mall walkers that moved their walking out here after the virus and think they're still here.  They are a pain.

I will probably get started before daylight so that will eliminate the weaker people down the first road.  If I want

to use the bike and walking paths I have to drive to them, don't really want to use our vehicles that much and increase

the maintenance on them.

I replaced the 2 rectifier diodes in the amplifier I'm trying to get working.  After, I took some resistance measurements

to ground and they seemed way to low.  So wrote them down and sent them off to a friend in NJ with the same

amp.  Asked him to check them on his amp when he gets time.  I'm afraid to power mine up, it might not burn up

the same diodes next time.  Could take something out much more expensive.  These little one amp diodes are

worth about one dollar.  Much less if you buy a large amount of them.  So the amp is on hold briefly.

I know a lot of people that fish throw them back, I imagine lots throw them back in the city.  My mom used to take

us boys fishing when we were kids but I let it go after that.  Just memories now of all the trouble our mom went to

for us.  I do go hunting some years but it's tough to find a place.  The farm I try to go to now, the man says ok but if

the wife sees my Baja there, she leaves a note not to hunt there.  She only lets the next door neighbor hunt there.

Other places, it's hard to get in at all.

Wet snow storm still causing me work.  Next door neighbor cut his tree down that was damaged badly and wants me

to see if the neighbor across the road will take in the branches for his chipper for mulch and larger pieces to burn, already

cleaned his lawn up once with help of his daughter and the other neighbor, didn't really plan on cleaning it up again.  Also,

my daughter says she has branches to large to move so need to take the chain saw over there and cut them up.  Then drag

them away into the brush.  I'm still getting stuff ready to do the maintenance on daughter's mower for the season.  She has

almost 4 acres and much larger lawn than we do.

Have a great day all.  Nicer here today until the clouds move in late for the rain that's coming, late. 


Pax, the retired police dog my daughter had.  It's the anniversary of him dying today.  We never knew his birthday. 

I walked him most days at lunch time.  Always had to be kept on a leash because of liability papers daughter had to sign.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  I imagine Brian is busy outdoors with the Spring weather.

Have a great day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....raining  and 50 degrees already.....no agenda for us today....no outdoor stuff of course......our daughters DIL is having surgery for a brain tumor on her frontal lobe...they don't know if it is cancer or benign.....such scary stuff....and the wait is the worst part....will keep you posted....and she is only 30..... 


From: Anne2020


Hey there, just wanted to say that Albums are coming up big on the collectors circuit.  Some albums and album covers bring i some pretty big bucks depending on what you have and their condition.  Check out some sites before letting them go.  I wish I had hung onto my collection.  Some people prefer the albums. 



From: JavaNY


To an extent I think there is always some desire for retro things.  I notice that divey and old bars have become popular with the very young.  And my nieces frequently pull things from their grandmother's wardrobe to wear.

Be well all,


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Anne, Kitty, and all.  Starting to take the puppies for a walk around 5 AM.  Still have to put

in one hour on the elliptical to get my Glucose down around 100.  I have some albums from a store we have nearby,

also, a couple from my teen years.  My wife has a collection of 45s from the 70s.  She gave her brothers her albums

when we went into the Army and she thinks they sold them. 

Probably go cut up some branches at my daughter's today when taking care of garbage.  Still branches from wet snow

storm.  They're to big for them to take care of.

Taking down my last garage tent.  The tarp was ripping up.  Wait to see if daughter wants the frame for a greenhouse. 

It's bent a little from that 48" snowstorm we got Dec 2020. 

Have a good day all.  Our rain comes tonight into Wednesday morning.



From: Kittyarnold


that is it....I posted about my granddaughter in law having a brain tumor and surgery and she is only 30 and no one from here acknowledged it at all....so I will act like a spoil brat..and just leave or retire whatever you want to call it...it has been a bit more then 14 yrs....support was always here about life not just quitting smoking.......we must not be reading anymore....


From: Denim50



Hey Paul, 

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday. Big congratulations to you though on for months smoke free! tada That's wonderful and it's great to see you staying active on the forum. I hope you celebrated this terrific milestone. You have a lot to be proud of. Again, big congratulations on both staying strong in your quit and on your achievement. You're doing great and I wish you all the best as you keep moving forward. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


  • Edited May 3, 2022 8:22 pm  by  Denim50

From: Denim50


Hey Kitty, 

I'm sorry I missed your earlier post. I'm not saying this because of your decision to leave the forum, though that would be our loss. I'm saying it because I know someone who years ago had to have surgery on their skull and I also had a close friend who was diagnosed several years ago with brain cancer. Anything to do with the head like that can be scary and I do remember the fear, the worry, feeling somewhat helpless, and yet wanting to help, all the while hoping and praying that they would be okay and trying to lend strength and support, trying to be brave when I felt like falling apart because really they both do and don't go through it alone. Yes, it's them. Yes, it's their surgery, their health, but it's also difficult for those who love and care for them too. In that regard it effects everyone. Sending caring thoughts and good wishes to your granddaughter-in-law. Have they already performed the surgery? I hope everything goes good or went good with the surgery and that all will be well with her. She's so young but hopefully her youth will be a advantage and hopefully the tumor will be benign. Nonetheless, I know this must be so difficult for your grandson too, to have to see his wife to have go through all of that. Sending those same caring thoughts and good wishes to you and all of the family too. I hope you all get some good news. As for your leaving, I do hope you change your mind about that but even if you don't, I hope you still see this and know that you are being thought of. As to your comment about acting like a spoiled brat, no Ma'am you're not. You and your family are going through a lot right now and wanting or seeking a bit of support just means you're human and, again, I'm sorry that you didn't get any of that support here sooner. Hugs and best wishes. 

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: Kittyarnold


thank you so much....she had the surgery and the DR is talking about rehab and they are with it....so you are right they are young and they will fight thru it....and I am a bit calmer.....so will see about just checking in now and then.....