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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2296048 views.

From: JavaNY


Good morning, all. 

Enjoy your trip, Susan.

Yes, Ernie the concrete serves as a receptor for the heat. I go into the office on Thursdays, and it was stifling out yesterday. But it's summer so I can't complain. 


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning hope all have a wonderful day....from smoke free for 15 years....Kitty


From: Cocoa60


Congrats on 15 years Kitty!  An accomplishment.  The forum back then seems a world apart from now.

Nice Summer days.  Only 2 minutes before the alarm I woke this morn. 

Getting oil spots beneath my Baja in the driveway.  Tightened the oil filter and drain plug, hope the plug.

Had an oil drop on it.  I put a new ring gasket on it every time I change the oil so shouldn't leak but hope

that was it.

Went to Wegmans yesterday to get the ingredients to make a blueberry pie from some of the berries we

picked.  Stopped in to Penny's salon, wife wanted her hair trimmed.  I wandered around the mall.  Saw

a Chevy pick up with a snow plow at $54,995.  Price increase I guess.  Think lots of things will have to come

back down some if they want to get the sales volume they look for.  We haven't used any of our savings since

retirement and won't be taking any out until the market recovers.  Can make do with what we have.

We got the two tractors down to the lower place at my dad's farm and I used the brush hog to clear the area.

Brother got confused about the markers to bury his cats so he gave up and we didn't get that done.  The basement

was flooded in about 4 inches of water so good bet the water pump is running constantly.  I pulled the main

fuses out on the pole and tried to find stuff to step on to get across the basement to the beaker box.  Shut off

the 3 double 220 volt breakers and one single that went off the pump room.  Also went around and pulled the

plugs on freezers and frig, except the one they have the cats stored in.  Checked the light on that freezer after

putting the fuses back in on the pole.  So the cost and the danger should be taken care of.  I doubt the cats will

be taken care of as long as brother and his wife are alive.  Never thought I would be involved in a mess like that.

Gotta go walk the pups.  Have a great day all and congrats again Kitty, so glad you made it to 15!



From: JavaNY


Congrats Kitty. 

Good luck with the flood and your brother's mess, Ernie.  I guess it gets challenging over the years.

Have a great day everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  No rain this morn so should be able to walk the pups.  Saw a

morning with a chance of rain, Monday or Tuesday.  We're supposed to get an inch or two

of rain tomorrow.

Paul, you might not have been here when I started helping brother and his wife.  They

destroyed their residence having about 90 cats living with them.  They got most of them

rehomed after that but still have 16 or so.  So now have damaged dad and mom's old farm

house and the trailer beside it with these cats.  Brother didn't take care of his Diabetes for years

so he has a hard time walking and his sight isn't great.  His wife is almost unable to get out of bed. 

When trying to get the power off saw someone has broken in and dumped his totes and knocked

over a shelf unit, rest of the place is so bad don't think they even ventured into it.  Don't think there

was anything left worth taking but they might have found something.

Brother sold the barn side of the road, 83 acres.  I didn't find out until 3 days before the contract and

he wouldn't sell it to me because he had promised it to them couple years earlier without telling anyone.

So better part of my parents farm is gone. 

About 17 acres left from the farm.  Had hoped to change it into a small horse farm and maybe purchase

30 acres or so behind the farm where they haven't run a septic system through.  They ran a septic

system through parent's farm before he sold it so it's worth about twice what brother sold it for and the

neighbor that bought it isn't dumb, not selling it for what they bought it for.  Daughter was going to move

and build a house there and I was going to rebuild the two upper residences but probably would be to far

into the future.  I will be to old to do all of that.  Would have to build a horse barn also.  The lower residence

brother and his wife ruined is to far gone to rebuild.  I hate to do anything there.

I have a transducer that I could have measured the AC current at their old place but would have taken all

day.  Would have to be in the flooded basement with the power on, just impossible and dangerous.  Brother

isn't capable of making decisions and thinking logically. 

I can't imagine living in NY City.  I've only been a brief visitor there though.  A coworker many years ago was

Christmas shopping there and someone broke his car trunk open and took all the gifts.  Also, a different

time someone on the street wanted his camera at knife point.  He gave it to them and they stabbed him

anyway.  Don't remember what part of the city, was decades ago he told me about that stuff.  Think he had

a relative there.  I know from tv shows that some parts of the city are worse than others. 

Oh, almost forgot.  Today would've been my parent's anniversary from 1946.  My dad met my mom in 1945

the day he got home from ww2.  He was searching for his brother that also just got back from the war.  I hadn't

known what tough lives they had.  Pieced it all together later on.

Have a great day all, great weather.


Double wedding, mom and dad on right, his brother and wife on left.  1946.


From: JavaNY


Sad to hear that story, Ernie. As the old saying goes, you can choose your friends but not your family. 

My great-grandfather bought 86 acres in Ulster Country, NY around 1905. He built a stone cabin on it. They lived in Brooklyn and his children went upstate every summer. Same with his grandchildren. When my grandfather died, my father's cousin bought it. Lived there for 60 years. Some family members are buried on the land, and she tended to their graves. She died a few years ago at 97. She didn't want it sold to anyone outside the family so willed it to all of my great-grandfather's descendants. There are 47 of us, what a pain to figure out what to do with it. My first cousins are up there, so they have more of an attachment to the land. More distant cousins are in California & Texas, and they don't care, prefer we sell it.  It's not a farm, just trees and deer.

NYC safety and cleanliness was probably at a low point in the 1970s and early 80s. We had 3 good mayors from '77 to '13 and things got much better. It's declined since then. Still NYC is safer than most large US cities. And as you say, it depends on the neighborhood.

There was a miniseries on ESPN 15 years ago 'The Bronx is Burning'. The main story was the Yankees '77 season, but it was about the '77 mayoral race, the 'Son of Sam' serial killer, a power blackout and lootings that followed. It's a pretty good perspective of what NYC was like back then. If it's on TV or streaming, I recommend it to everyone. Though maybe being from here made more of an impression on me.

Best in the new week everyone,



From: Cocoa60


Morning Paul and everyone.  Started raining before I got up so no walk for the pups, supposed to rain

lots today.  inch or two, guess we do have a deficit.  Looks like a real hot week coming, 90 or above.  Your

cousin was smart to my way of thinking, our farm is gone the second generation, less than 10 years after

my dad died.  Someone convinced dad to change his will and that the two that lived on the property would

care for it the best.  Turns out those two were the ones that never separated themselves from parents and

ventured out on their own, which is necessary.  Now the prettiest part of the farm is gone to people good

at talking my brother and his wife up and shooting them a few deer.  A huge profit, around 200k for their

effort.  To me, they got a priceless piece of property, if I had more than 3 days I might have convinced brother

not to let it go.  To me, all that's necessary is for some of your relatives to live there and pay the tax on it.

I can't walk on dad's farm without getting permission from the enemy, don't think they would let me.  They

never had garage sales at their farm down the road but do all the time at dad's.  Also, told brother and his

wife they were going to raise beef cattle there but instead it's used to grow corn for ethanol for gasoline so

thousand gallons of weed killer is sprayed on it every year.  I was there once when they were spraying and they

had wife and kids around the tank where they went back to refill the sprayer, couldn't believe it.

I couldn't bid higher than the outer party, payments would already be $950 a month and would've had to start

taking money from our savings to make that. 

I guess the mayor is like the governor to the people in the city.  I don't think much of mayors because I don't live

in town.  Sounds like they don't stay in office long.  I grew up on dad's farm so feel some attachment to it still.  Did

have to separate ourselves from the farm for decades because of relatives that were not good elements to have

around a family, so that didn't help.

I barely remember that blackout.  We had a smaller one somewhere around 2000, caused by the power authorities

or something like that.  I had started working for a utility company so heard about it for a while. was widespread.

Getting small tasks done here last few days.  Had bought an air filter cartridge for the Subaru last year and changed

it yesterday.  See some ground lug terminals under the filter had corroded so sprayed them and coated them.  Baja

doesn't get that many miles since we retired so stuff like that doesn't go bad as quick. 

No real plans for today either.  Have some projects waiting and some unfinished ones so could get busy on one.

Enjoy the day.


Subaru Baja bought 15 years ago when some of us stopped smoking. 


From: tonypfan


I just want to know how to post a message to this senior group?  I am brand new.  I see a reply button but no button for a new message.  Can you help me, please.  Thank you.  Anthony


From: Denim50


Hey Anthony, 

Welcome to the forum. 

I'm happy to help. If you want to post a new message that isn't a reply, just click the Reply button, when the window opens to type your message look at the top of the message box, you'll see it reads To and has a space with the person's name already provided that you're replying too, simply change that name to ALL and your message will no longer post as a reply but as a new message. If I can help with anything else please let me know. 

Have you already quit or have you set a quit date? We're happy to have you joining us on the forum and I look forward to hearing from you again soon. 

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: candrew



I want to welcome you to the forum. This place will be your best effort to really get serious about smoking. We have all been where you are today. Quitting smoking is probably one of the most difficult things that I have dealt with my entire life. And I am forever grateful that I found this place when I did.

You have made an important decision to take this first step. Congratulations! It is well worth the effort; you will find genuine and caring people here. We all started in the same place as you. Tired of being a slave to nicotine, life is so much better without worrying about your next cigarette, your health, your pocketbook and most importantly your self-worth.

You are worthy of this change; I only hope you stay with this forum. Post often, don't feel embarrassed if you falter. I have been on this venue for over 4 years, and I can't tell you how many times I failed only to pick myself up and keep going. Everyone has been there for me when I was ready to give it up. It's a wonderful place! Take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Feel free to contact me. I love to support our newbies. It empowers me to help because it keeps me on the right track with my struggle to stay smoke free. It will be one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It has been for me. 

I won't say good luck because it takes much more than luck to pull this off. 

Good day (and many more)


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