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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1938012 views.

From: JavaNY


Good morning, Susan,

All is good in NY. Yesterday's rain cooled it off a bit. I was at the Yanks-Mets game Tuesday & Wednesday. Yanks lost both but it was fun. Meeting my niece for lunch later.  She's going to a concert with friends in the city, some band I never heard of :)

Yes, Ernie, supposedly no carbon monoxide with vaping; and whatever burns is at a lower temperature than tobacco. I still carry an e-cigarette, though they may be a bit different from a vapor. It has no nicotine, the ingredients listed are Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, & Vanillin.  I think all 3 are used in various foods. I'm sure it's harmful in its own way, but cigarettes have 4,000 ingredients. 

Have a great day everyone,


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From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Nice that you enjoy baseball and that you saw the games.  I believe our Indians (Guardians) are doing well.  I don't follow baseball nearly as much as I do football!  We went to a Indians game last year and it was nice but very hot sitting in he sun on a hot day in Cleveland.  Many of us still refer to the team as the Indians and wear Chief Wahoo on our clothes......maybe a protest of sorts...not sure.  Everything has to be so p.c. in the world we now live in.......enough said about that.

I am sure the e-ciggie is far less harmful than the real.  I have taken to CBD gummies for sleeping but now I'm not so sure.  The container says THC and that may be an issue....  Guess I'll have to consult one of my Cleveland Clinic Drs. and see what they say.  Considering the ENT is the gal who removed my sleeping pills, what can they say?  We may all in our own way, be addicted to something.....

A beautiful day here.  Finn is out on the patio with me and we are watching our feathered friends, including the yellow goldfinch who love their feeder, a robin eating grape jelly and the gazillion little sparrows at the feeder.  It is my enjoyment.

Have a nice week-end.  Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie,

What a great picture of the pups poolside.  These are your new family members, right?  Wow, Finn would be in heaven if he could swim each day.   Since the episode of the second ACL when he stumbled on the rocks of Lake Erie, I have not taken him in.  It would be such good therapy too.  At the end of the season, our Avon Lake pool opens it up to doggies...I haven't done that for several years but I may this year.  It's rather a free for all.....but you can be in the pool if you choose.  He would probably love it!

It is cool here also and I love it.  Low humidity and clear air!  Wish I could capture this all year long.  My daughter and family are in Anna Marie, Florida and she says it is very HOT there.  She came down with COVID before she left.   She's the one who is a kindergarten teacher and has never been stricken with it.......  Like the President, she has a terrible cold......unlike the President, she did not take the viral shot that they offer.

The changes on the bike have made a difference in my ability to ride.  We have had two 30-45 minute rides each evening around 8:00 p.m.  The perfect time throughout our neighborhood.

I must get busy.  My flowers need tending to....... I need to use a bit of Miracle Grow to the annuals.

Enjoy the week-end.



From: Susan1206


Good morning, Miss Kitty ~

Sitting on the patio with Finn on this picture perfect day.  Watching the birds at our feeders gives me great enjoyment.  Now, I truly know the meaning of "pecking order" and the blue jays are quite nasty!  Our orioles have left us.....migrating north for the summer.  Perhaps they will return in the Fall as they head south.  We have a robin who still enjoys the grape jelly at the oriole feeder and a few finch too.  Jim decided he wanted a finch feeder so now that has been added to the mix.

How have you been?  Are you still doing any painting?  I tell myself that I will go back to my seaglass jewelry making and then it all seems like such a huge effort.  I have enough seaglass accumulated for a lifetime.....the drilling is difficult and the wrapping too.  I cancelled an appt. with a Dr. for the swollen joints....because I am not sure they can do anything about the osteoarthritis in my hands.  One joint in particular is very hurtful.  Ah.....getting older is not or sissies.

Carry on....each in our own way....  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Cool morning here at 55 before it drops to 53 or so.  Yesterday was our cool day

before it builds up to the heat wave at the end of the week.  I used it to work at the farm.  Got a ham

radio set up in brothers car.  Mainly I climbed up and cut branches down the were rubbing against

the roof of the two story garage.  Took about 50 pulls to get his chain saw started after sitting unused

for years, wore me down just doing that.  Didn't get back home in time to exercise so the branches

are it.  Was a nice bike ride down and back, bike ran better than last time but still stumbled a bit.  I went

across the road to the garage sale of the new owners of most of the farm.  Saw and put my hand on the

stack of glass blocks they got from tearing down the wall by dad's silow.  Separated the cow pasture

from the entrance to the silage.  Think I was about 5 years old when he built the glass wall.

I remember the cig chemicals.  399 put in by the tobacco companies ammonia and arsenic amoung

them.  Then they morph into 4000 chemicals when the cig fire hits them.

Hope you enjoy the bike rides Susan.  Warm evenings the rest of this week.  Glad the modification to

your bicycle worked. 

I stopped feeding the birds during the Summer because of the chipmunk families.  They multiply and

dig and chew through lots of places to hide and build their nests.  Eat lots too.  I miss the birds, will be

back in the Winter when I fill the feeders.

Dad's farm in the 50s

Dad's farm in the 80s.


From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all....totally fogged in this morning....99 degree humidity.....and only 68 degrees......I miss all of our friends and I'm not sure we are helping anyone...but we love you all....


From: JavaNY


Good morning. 

Listening to fellow quitters having similar experiences helps. The information on the forum helps. But everyone needs to want to quit.  Nobody else can do it for them.

Similar weather in NYC. Cool when I went for a walk at 7, but warmer when I returned.


From: JavaNY


GM Susan,

I follow the Giants but haven't been to a game in 20 years. I've always been a bigger baseball fan, the only sport I ever played in a league. I occasionally get tickets from our auditors and Yankee Stadium is a 35–40-minute train ride away. I never get Giants tickets and The Meadowlands (or whatever it is called now) is a pain to get to. Need a car and an awful mess to leave after the game. Best to have a post game tailgate until the traffic dies down.


Were the pictures of your Dad's farm taken from a plane?

Enjoy the day all.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Kitty, and everyone.  Last cool morn before the heat at 58.  Yeah, someone with

a plane just has a camera running constantly and then tries to sell the photos to the property owners.

So most farmers love their farms and the flyers know that.  I have one picture from even earlier, think

there's a copy of it on this PC, before the big white silow was built.  The silow is still there.  There's a ladder

built on the outer side but I've never climbed it.  I have climbed up some on the ladder where the doors are

to unload the silage on the inner side towards the barn.  I'm very sad that part of the farm is lost.  I tried to

purchase it from my brother but I didn't find out about it until 3 days before the contract was to be signed

and the neighbors had been snowing my brother and his wife for years.  Told them lots of stories, likely most

untrue and shot a few deer for them.  So brother promised it to them couple years earlier long before the other

brother had died and they could sell it.  I couldn't offer more than the $167k selling price, already would have

messed up our insurance and finances for those three years after the sale.  But those 83 acres and the barn

were priceless to me.  I was 2 months old when we moved there in beginning 1955.  I might be able to rescue

the last 12 or 17  acres, two deeds on what's left.  Not certain yet and I might be to old to build it back up for

the next generations.

Vacuumed the pool yesterday and will change the DE in the filter today.  I've caught 2 of the visiting bull frogs

and transplanted them to a pond a mile away.  They drive our pups nuts, they bark like crazy and never stop.

Pool is fenced in and that's where we let the dogs out to go to the bathroom , then we clean it up.  So they're

out there often. 

Good work not smoking Paul, a terrible part of my life that I'm glad is in the past.  At least most of it, still most

likely carrying some damage from it.

Have a great day all, stay cool.


Farm earlier in the 50s.  The field behind the house isn't bulldozed yet.  The white silow isn't built yet.  Looks like someone in the garden on the left.