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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1969895 views.

From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty,

Your note reminded me of my parent's white cabinets (1960 era).  The ciggie smoke from my Dad and the gas stove left them quite yellow and difficult to keep clean.  Ugh.

Wish my Father would have not smoked all of those years...I'm sure being in WW II did not help.

A cool and lovely day here,  We have had quite a project going on......purchasing a king size bed and cleaning!

((hugs))  Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Yes, near misses with deer on the highway is not a fun thing.  I am very mindful at dusk to be alert.

Big project the last week ~ purchased a king size mattress, platform bed.  We moved all of the furniture out of the master bedroom and into the living room....No small feat for two seniors.  Then, of course, mattress pad, new sheets, new quilt, yada yada.

I was fortunate to sell the beautiful burnished iron bed on Marketplace (Facebook).  The gal venmo'd me a deposit.  Now....she needs to come and pick it up!!! 

All good.  I'm going to take a walk and try to walk a little each day to keep the weight off......  Eating salmon and veggies........little or no carbs.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  I'm glad to be not smoking also Kitty, was a terrible addition.  So hard to stop.

I have a hard time trying not to eat so I can keep my glucose down but easier than stopping the

poison smoke.  Now people worry me with vaping.  A little better, i think, without the carbon

monoxide but I remember the large tobacco companies buying out the vape companies when

they were young years ago.  Now I wonder if their chemical engineers have found the right mix

of chemicals to keep people addicted in vape.  No matter how damaging the chemicals.  I know

several people close to me that have switched from cigs to vape hoping it was less damaging. 

They still have nicotine, of course, insect killer.  I don't know if they're getting away with additives

like arsenic and ammonia like with cigs. 

Wasn't a near miss really Susan, was light hit.  Almost a catastrophe with that deer.  Hit my left foot

out there on the highway peg at 65 mph.  Thanks to him lunging forward to keep from being killed,

neither of us died.  Saw his rear legs go straight out just at the impact.  If alive, I most likely would be

recovering for a very long time.  I did have time to let off the gas but doubt the RPM dropped much

before the impact.  I've always been worried about a deer coming out with no time to respond.  Happened

to me in my first car driving to high school one morning.  Killed the deer that morning.  He impacted

the corner of the car closest to the bushes he came out of.  So close that I didn't see him come out, same

as this time. 

Changing mattress and box springs is expensive.  Did it with my California king some years back without

replacing the bed.  Now the world has used a virus to increase the prices on everything, a price jump

instead of a gradual rise.  People are jumping on board even to sell used stuff.  Wouldn't buy used bedding

though, anyway.  A used bed maybe. 

Diet is in my life every day.  Never any bread, hardly ever any meat.  I manage to keep my weight around

150 but I need to be in the 140s.  Very hard not to eat a snack when hungry.  Not just weight for me, it's staying

alive and not letting diabetes get the best of me like I've seen with others.  I see no one trying to control their

diabetes the way it was meant to be, with diet and exercise.  I can only read about it.  All the diabetics I know

use meds or insulin, no diet or exercise at all.  Playing along with doctors that won't tell people the real way,

they even discourage it, because it would take away a huge part of their business. I guess.  Not just with diabetes

but many diseases.  Also, many people would seek out a new doctor if they had to do anything harder than take pills. 

Have seen it myself.  So many diabetics are 100 or so pounds overweight.  Diabetics left unchecked leads into other

diseases too, besides all the complications of diabetes. 

Received the new exhaust for the Baja.  Decided to paint it with POR15, try to inhibit rust a little longer.  Have the harder

part of the old exhaust off the Baja already.  New parts are hanging with paint curing.  Tricky to paint with POR15, have to

use solvent to get it off your skin before it dries or stuck wit it for a week or two.  Have learned to come in and look int the

mirror right after I'm done using it.  I use long rubber gloves on my hands.  I once had to go to a memorial service with black

hands.  smile

Remember my little granddaughter.  Now helping her with college tuition and books.  joy

Take care all, last heat wave of the Summer maybe. 



From: JavaNY


Good morning, everyone

Yes, Ernie doctors tend to push medication. My sister is a nutritionist. She's convinced there's a dietary solution for most illness. Sometimes it is too late, but it never hurts.

I don't think I could be a teacher, Susan. My nephew teaches at a HS. He graduated two years ago and lucked out in the sense that so many teachers did not want to return due to COVID. He taught outside of Philly the last two years. The tenured teachers are returning so he will start in Bangor, PA in September. Looks nice, I'll need to head out there some time.

Nice weather here this morning. Enjoy the day.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Quiet morning at 58.  Had our grandsons birthday party last

eve.  Was nice to see everyone but our pups are still pups and didn't settle down.  Have

our other grandsons birthday soon, then our granddaughters in October. 

It pains me to see diabetics act like eating is a celebration like a smoker takes to his enemy,

cigs and the chemicals in them.  So I've been there and shouldn't be to critical.  Just like a

smoker they think there's nothing wrong with it.

So set up my granddaughter's student account for me to pay for her books.  Most students

still stand in those long lines to the bookstore like we did 40 years ago, can't believe they're

still doing that.  200 or so people waiting to buy this semesters books, so line doesn't move

very quickly.  Granddaughter will be able to order her books online but still has to pick them

up at the campus, probably not to bad if she gets it done before the semester starts.  At least

they have that alternative, only change in 40 years.  My card is on her student account also,

guess that's a change also, students cant go out on the town with someone's credit card.

Hard for me to believe society would be moving so slow, we went from nobody carrying a

telephone to almost everyone really carrying a radio that uses repeaters in that time.  Ham

radio was doing that in the 80s, could even dial into the phone network back then. 

I feel bad for teachers having to work for 24% less than other fields with similar education,

spending their own money for supplies, and all the other that goes with it.  Disrespect from

students and parents.  One of my hs classmates daughters became a teacher but changed

over to teaching preschoolers in the last few years.  Now my granddaughter is heading into

education.  I wouldn't have been able to handle all the kids.  Glad your nephew caught a break

Paul.  Seems like I remember they have to have at least a masters degree to teach as a career.

Lot of years to train.  We lived outside Fort Dix, about 50 miles from Phila for years. 

Was great weather Paul.  I was happy to see my grandchildren get together for the eve.  Been

a couple months since they were together I think.  They were able to sit by the pool and talk for

a while, besides the birthday celebration. 

Put second coat of rustproof paint on the exhaust parts, should get them all installed today.

Have a good day all.


Grands 5 years ago.


From: JavaNY


Glad you were able to enjoy time with your family, Ernie. I'm surprised students are still standing in line. I pass by some college bookstores, and they look like they are mostly selling clothing. Though I don't go in so I don't know. I also thought many students would just download the books. 

Nice weather here also. Enjoy the day everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  61 here this morn, I'm going to be sad to see the warm weather fade to cold soon.

I love Fall but it goes by quickly. 

The book stores would only be overcrowded for a few days at the beginning of the semester, easily

missed if you aren't there every day.  Only a pain if you live it. 

Installed the cat back exhaust on the Baja yesterday.  Decided to use the spring bolts on the back

of the catalytic, don't know why they're a real pain to install.  Hope the rust proof paint gains me

a couple extra years.  Hurt my knee on that job somehow.  Painful and hot this morning.

We got a little rain yesterday.  Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be rainy here, we are 3 to 6

inches deficient in rain.  Guess it's a long ways from being a drought.  I noticed that people who

don't mow lawns get worried much more about brown grass.  smile 

The pups were energetic yesterday, got my wife upset a few times.

Have a great day all.  Unless one gets cancelled we have two wedding in the next 30 days, unusual,

we often go 10 years without attending a wedding.  I'm happy and hopeful for the couples.  It's the bride

that's  our relatives.  Granddaughter and niece.  


Grandsons and Brandy years ago.

Grandson and the granddaughter planning on marriage soon.


From: Kittyarnold


Hope all is well...it is here...


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Warm here this morn at 64.  Guess I twisted a knee working on the Baja.  Hurt all

day yesterday and worse now, burning too.  I'm using pain lotion and ice but only helps a little.  Didn't

get much done yesterday.  Got some groceries we needed.  Getting regular groceries today anyway.

Pulled my old rotor cable out everywhere and rolled it up.  Started putting terminals on the new cable.

Talked to my brother on the radio for a while. 

Hope everyone is doing well, glad you guys are Kitty.



From: JavaNY


I hope you feel better, Ernie. Maybe try alternating the ice with heat.

Enjoy the day everyone.