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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1970409 views.

From: Kittyarnold


Happy smoke free October....fall is always followed by winter....not bad unless you have to go out....


From: Susan1206


I much prefer Fall over the ice and snow In the Winter!  Have you heard how Your home fared in the storm?  All so very sad!

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From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Cloudy days here but not raining and no hurricane winds.  Was strange how

the switch was thrown between Summer and Fall but may get warm again.  Our furnace has come

on a few nights.  Purposely turned it on the first night to make sure was working right.  Thursday is

supposed to be around 72 but just the one day here.

Didn't get much done yesterday.  Talked to the guy on the radio that I was supposed to meet at the

hamfest.  We didn't manage to find each other.

We never have to go out in snowstorms anymore.  Get stuff before the storm if we need anything.

Last job I had they didn't care if you were late digging yourself out anyway.

Hope everyone is doing well.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

I'm hoping the presentation will be only two hours long.  I have NO idea what I was thinking when they called about adding15,000 points to my Hilton card.  Have no idea why I agreed to such a thing.....but it is over and done and it will be a short but nice get away.  We have each been to HHI (in our previous lives) so we are familiar.  Summertime is brutal down there....so many people.  It will be nice just to have the island quiet.  We will probably do Coligny shopping and Sea Pines.

Lovely outside.  Just finished hours of Fall gardening chores.  I hate to do it but far better than to leave it until Spring.



From: JavaNY


I hope you enjoy the trip, Susan. A good change of pace.

Ernie, your comments reminded me that every time there is a storm the news shows long lines of people buying shovels, salt, etc.  I never understood why people living in a house don't have a shovel. 

A rainy few day but not like the people suffering down south are getting. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  All chilly mornings now, hard to believe they're back already.  I don't

know why the people wouldn't have shovels.  My daughter has bought me several different types of

snow shovels and  still have a metal one I bought when the kids were young.  I can use it to shovel

water out of the basement entrance when we get rain coming in from the south.  Also have small

round pointed shovels for digging.  We are caught without salt sometimes, right now we have 2 bags

in the basement.  I see your city is getting heavy rain while we are getting light rain and clouds.  I thought

Ian would just creep through but we're getting rain from it this morning for 3-4 hours.  Can't believe it's

still here.  Think they said today will be the end of it.  I had looked forward to mon-wed being sunny days.

I did go to the farm Friday, best weather day back then, was still a little chilly ride in the morning even

with leathers.  We got the trailer loaded up with garbage after getting the trailer hooked up to the pick up

and the lights working.  Made it to the land fill and back, have a busted tail light and I don't think it's registered

or inspected so didn't dally around town with trailer.  I pulled up behind a cop at the stop light.

Got his rider mower fixed, one side of the mowing deck had come unhooked, took me about 1.5 hours to get it

lined up and get the u bolt into it.  Probably an easier way but I've never worked on that type mower before.

Got a few other things done before I headed back here.  Some things he could do.  When my sister is there he

gets a couple things done, either showing off or afraid to do things when alone, don't know which.  I know it would

do his body and mind wonders to get out and do a small task every day.

Yes, I'm glad we didn't get the full brunt of the hurricane Paul or even drowned in it's rain if this high pressure hadn't

moved in just before it got here.  Three days of heavy rain.

Susan, I don't think the time share spew will be much.  You've been through a lot and you have a strong mind.  Will be

like getting groceries for you, just routine.

Have great day all.


Cake made for Cocoa and me in years past, aren't I lucky.

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From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie and gang,

Just completed about three hours plus of Fall gardening chores.  It's not my favorite thing to do but necessary and certainly better than waiting until Spring to cut things back.  Has anyone ever grown Sweet Annie?   Mine is everywhere this year....a fragrant small yellow flower.

Just opened the computer to pay bills and here is my message from yesterday.  Yikes.  Computer not even shut down last night.

Enjoy the day.  Sunny here!


From: Susan1206


Loved the picture of your birthday cake, Ernie.  Lots of thought and love went into that!  Do you have a birthday coming up soon?

Enjoy the smoke free day everyone!



From: JavaNY


I never heard of Sweet Annie. Had to look it up. We had a small garden when I was growing up, I dabbled with vegetables.

Judge finally hit 62. I think the pitcher grooved it for him. I guess he deserves it. I don't think the media did him any favors my cutting to every at bat the last two weeks and asking him how much he's thinking about it.

Still raining here. Should end late tomorrow. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  I also don't know the flower.  We didn't dabble in vegetables, our family was large

and our garden was hugh.  A lot of work to take care of it and harvest.  I've had no urge to have one since, will just

get them at Wegmans.  A part of my younger years I have a tough time being sentimental about. 

I didn't understand the judge very good.  After reading it closely guessing it has something to do with baseball.  At

first thought the Pontiac GTO Judge was 62 years old.  My brother in law has a GTO he's waiting on the paper work

on in a divorce but it's spoken for.  With tuition, eye surgery, and the market crash I can't afford any luxuries anyway.

I still have the Mont Carlo SS to maintain, Mont Carlo Sport Coupe to build, and my Baja is over 15 years old.  I need

to coat the rear of the chassis with POR 15 paint next couple days while it's warm, with two coats.  The undercoating

brother in law put on it after welding the frame rails in is gone, lasted one Winter.  I'm not certain about coating the rest,

probably at least one coat.  The salt and their chemical spray are like acid to a car.  We are usually stocked pretty good

before a storm but eventually head out. 

Was in JC Penny's with wife and saw a jean jacket on sale, finally picked it up.  Also, got a credit card there so about 70%

off.  Went back and got two pair of Levi jeans for the Winter.  Jeans I have are thin, great for the Summer.  Ironic, only

reason I remember having a jean jacket when I was a teen is my dad making me take it off to eat every time we sat down

to eat dinner.  Often in those years my parents were separated so it was just him and me.  It's still a little hard for me to

understand why he cared.  Something to do with his past I'm guessing.  They aren't much different than a shirt.  Maybe it

needed washed and I, a stupid teen boy, didn't realize it.  I wouldn't even remember siting down to those meals if it weren't

for that.  Probably many days I got wrapped up in riding dirt bikes and stuff with friends I didn't make it back for dinner.

I was the youngest, perfect match for my wife, the oldest.  I read later in life.

Cocoa and I's birthdays are coming up in Winter.  Cocoa had such an influence on my life, will never forget her. 

Enjoy the day all, effects of Ian are supposed to move out to sea today.


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