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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2011080 views.

From: JavaNY


I never heard of Sweet Annie. Had to look it up. We had a small garden when I was growing up, I dabbled with vegetables.

Judge finally hit 62. I think the pitcher grooved it for him. I guess he deserves it. I don't think the media did him any favors my cutting to every at bat the last two weeks and asking him how much he's thinking about it.

Still raining here. Should end late tomorrow. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  I also don't know the flower.  We didn't dabble in vegetables, our family was large

and our garden was hugh.  A lot of work to take care of it and harvest.  I've had no urge to have one since, will just

get them at Wegmans.  A part of my younger years I have a tough time being sentimental about. 

I didn't understand the judge very good.  After reading it closely guessing it has something to do with baseball.  At

first thought the Pontiac GTO Judge was 62 years old.  My brother in law has a GTO he's waiting on the paper work

on in a divorce but it's spoken for.  With tuition, eye surgery, and the market crash I can't afford any luxuries anyway.

I still have the Mont Carlo SS to maintain, Mont Carlo Sport Coupe to build, and my Baja is over 15 years old.  I need

to coat the rear of the chassis with POR 15 paint next couple days while it's warm, with two coats.  The undercoating

brother in law put on it after welding the frame rails in is gone, lasted one Winter.  I'm not certain about coating the rest,

probably at least one coat.  The salt and their chemical spray are like acid to a car.  We are usually stocked pretty good

before a storm but eventually head out. 

Was in JC Penny's with wife and saw a jean jacket on sale, finally picked it up.  Also, got a credit card there so about 70%

off.  Went back and got two pair of Levi jeans for the Winter.  Jeans I have are thin, great for the Summer.  Ironic, only

reason I remember having a jean jacket when I was a teen is my dad making me take it off to eat every time we sat down

to eat dinner.  Often in those years my parents were separated so it was just him and me.  It's still a little hard for me to

understand why he cared.  Something to do with his past I'm guessing.  They aren't much different than a shirt.  Maybe it

needed washed and I, a stupid teen boy, didn't realize it.  I wouldn't even remember siting down to those meals if it weren't

for that.  Probably many days I got wrapped up in riding dirt bikes and stuff with friends I didn't make it back for dinner.

I was the youngest, perfect match for my wife, the oldest.  I read later in life.

Cocoa and I's birthdays are coming up in Winter.  Cocoa had such an influence on my life, will never forget her. 

Enjoy the day all, effects of Ian are supposed to move out to sea today.


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From: JavaNY


Good morning, all.

Yes, Ernie, I meant Aaron Judge broke the American League single season HR record with 62. The major league record if the players who used steroids aren't counted.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  Saw the baseball record later on the news.  I don't follow sports much.  Used

to follow motorsports some.  Now I just watch a race here and there.  All the drivers and owners I

watched have retired.

With the cold weather closing in I finally got to painting the underside of the Subaru Baja, mostly

the back half where we replaced the rear subframe and welded in frame rails last Fall.  Just had

brother in law spray it with undercoating since the Baja was 70 miles from home and weather was

getting cool then also.  Had to clean it with grease / oil remover, then spray it with metal etch, then

put the POR15 on with a brush this time.  Doesn't work as well when I spray it.  Biggest problem is,

have to get it off your skin with solvent fast or stuck with it for about a month.  Skin doesn't like the

solvent.  Have that coat finished, not sure if I will apply a second coat today.  Second coat is easy.

We aren't getting our birthday parties in this year, wife is busy with her eye surgeries and decorating

the house for Fall. 

Hope all are doing well.  Ian finally moved out, saw NYC still getting rain late Wednesday but hope it's

moved away from there by now.  Looks like the next hurricane went directly west and won't bother us

in the north. 



From: JavaNY


Nice weather today in NYC. Enjoy the day everyone.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and everyone.  Glad Ian moved out to give you a nice day in the city. 

The new low has moved in here already for Friday, temperature already dropping before

daybreak.  To bad Ian stuck around and made those 3 days cloudy and some rain.  At least

we weren't flooded. 

Coated the hood of the Monte Carlo SS with POR 15 urethane yesterday.  Try to keep it from

cracking any worse during the Winter.  Also coated a dog statue we have, was going to put it

up where all my friends are buried.  Coated an old bicycle we have, planned on putting it out

front with the sled I have out there.  Had some extra that I mixed so used it on the bucket and

shovel on the backhoe. 

Think I saw Kitty post on facebook with a picture of Sanibel Island damage.

Have a great day all.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning all.....we have had our first frost....woke up to 32 degrees this soon to be sunny day.....hope your smoke free day is wonderful....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Hope you didn't lose plants.  Have a good day.  Think came close here.

Wife moved her mums inside.



From: Kittyarnold


we did lose plants but it is time....Brian planted  lots of daffodils....should be pretty in the spring....hope your day is wonderful....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  42 here this morn, warmer.  Seems to me plants start dying

if we get night after night in the 30s even if it doesn't freeze.  Ours aren't dying but they

don't look as good as they did.  Morning Glories are poisonous to dogs and our pups chew

on everything so we had to pull them earlier. 

Did the 2nd coat underneath the Baja of POR15 paint yesterday in this sorta warm weather

so it should have dried and should cure better today.  Put another coat of clear POR15 on the

Monte Carlo hood.  Used the left over for the door jams of the Baja and the bucket of the backhoe.

Wife's parents are supposed to stop by foe few hours today.  Wife is afraid of them being around

the pups very long.  They are to old to put up with them very long.  Pups get very excited around

people or other animals they aren't used to, for a while, then they calm down. 

Paid for wife's eye surgeries yesterday, first eye is next Tuesday.  I will be happy when she can see

again.  We've been working on this for a year.  She got cataracts early and one ear is going deaf also.

Sad she has to go through this and so early.

Have a great day.