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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2008675 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Hope you didn't lose plants.  Have a good day.  Think came close here.

Wife moved her mums inside.



From: Kittyarnold


we did lose plants but it is time....Brian planted  lots of daffodils....should be pretty in the spring....hope your day is wonderful....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and all.  42 here this morn, warmer.  Seems to me plants start dying

if we get night after night in the 30s even if it doesn't freeze.  Ours aren't dying but they

don't look as good as they did.  Morning Glories are poisonous to dogs and our pups chew

on everything so we had to pull them earlier. 

Did the 2nd coat underneath the Baja of POR15 paint yesterday in this sorta warm weather

so it should have dried and should cure better today.  Put another coat of clear POR15 on the

Monte Carlo hood.  Used the left over for the door jams of the Baja and the bucket of the backhoe.

Wife's parents are supposed to stop by foe few hours today.  Wife is afraid of them being around

the pups very long.  They are to old to put up with them very long.  Pups get very excited around

people or other animals they aren't used to, for a while, then they calm down. 

Paid for wife's eye surgeries yesterday, first eye is next Tuesday.  I will be happy when she can see

again.  We've been working on this for a year.  She got cataracts early and one ear is going deaf also.

Sad she has to go through this and so early.

Have a great day.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all.

Had some Australian friends visiting and showing them around the city the past 5 days.  Real nice weather for it.  Enjoy the day.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  We had Australians on this forum couple times.  Was strange to hear them talk

about being warm in the north and cold in the south, being on the other side of the equator.  They

have bad wild fires down there same as our west. 

We had the short visit with wife's parents, pups went ballistic.  I took them up on the hill for a walk.

Finished up the Baja and took it down off the jack stands.  Reminds me of younger days back on the

farm.  We put our cars up on milk cans in the barn to work on them, a lifetime ago.  Had a clamp

disappear off a cv boot but a hose clamp was hitting the exhaust when it spun around so had to get

cv boot clamps that have a lower profile and crimped it with wire cutters. 

Our 2 nice weather days gone, rain and cold here now.  Fall sure came down fast and hard.  I was lucky

to get a couple days almost good for paint curing.  I mixed way to much paint but it was just a little scoop

I used, just didn't take much paint for the jobs, except for the underside of the rear of the Baja, that took

quite a bit and I just worked my way forward with left over. 

Enjoy the day, stay dry.


CV Boot Clamp Stainless Steel - Universal - Fits 45-120MMCV boot clamp.


From: Kittyarnold


Good afternoon on this beautiful sunny day......cooler a high of 67 but still lovely......


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Susan must be on her vacation, hope she didn't mind the timeshare spew.

I went for a bike ride yesterday after doing some painting, while it can still cure.  We're supposed

to get another good day today, good for paint curing from yesterday.  When I walk the dogs in the

woods, the leaves are falling like snowflakes.

Rode my bike on some of the same dirt roads that I rode on when I was 14 - 16 years old.  I  remember

leaves flying up around me.  The roads have homes on them now so not so many leaves in the roads.

Also, had a little Honda 100cc back then.  Now a 1100 cc Suzuki and can't go flying down dirt roads.

Would slide in the gravel and lose control.  Was so nice to get a beautiful day.

I'm certain Brian is trying to finish up some tasks or projects before Winter, wish him success.

Have a great day all.



From: Kittyarnold


our colorful hill has peaked but is still colorful and it is colder but still pleasant.....Brian will always have a project during any kind of weather.....today is his birthday and I didn't even get out to buy him a card....he doesn't care....he doesn't get into all the folderol but I love it.....LOL have a wonderful day


From: JavaNY


Yes, Kitty the trees still look nice. I'm going to Beacon Hill, about 200 miles north of NYC on Saturday. Nice views all around, though a long slog up.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Paul.  32 here this morn.  I looked out on the deck for the mums but not there.

Must be here in the house somewhere, from wife bringing them in last night.  Her eye surgery at 6:30

this fine morn.  She is very nervous but she will be so happy to get this out of the way and done.  So

will I be so happy for her.  She is getting the laser surgery in both eyes and the enhanced vivid lens.

I've been so lucky to have her for a wife.

Happy birthday to Brian.  I remember him working at the store on Sanibel Island until he reached 65.

The two of you cleaning up after storms.  Palm branches but you called them something unusual to me. 

Paul, glad you're getting out to the country to enjoy the Fall foliage.  Fall came down fast and will be gone

soon.  Hope Winter isn't so intense.  I mulched the lawn leaves today and pushed them to the road bank

with the rider mower.  Think we are 175 miles from your city.  Know a guy that works there online some

of the time but drives down there every other week or so for a few days.  Saturday is 65 and sunny here

so you should have a great time.  Sunday is nice here also.  We have 3 cold days getting there though.

I might go to the PA farm to cut that hugh tree this weekend, nit sure yet.  I got the 8200 pound test rope.

150 feet, might be able to double it.  Tree is very big around with very large branches.  Don't know why

it was planted so close to the house and basement.  The branches touching the roof have to be 30 inches

around.  I don't have the equipment to remove them without destroying the roof.  The roots have to be

up against the basement wall anyway.  The trunk has to be at least 20 feet around.  I got my brother's saw

working after it sat for 5 to 10 years and will take my saw also.  Costs thousands to hire someone to do it

for you, probably very expensive insurance, like roofing companies.  Somehow some get away not having

insurance but wouldn't get a lot of jobs from people that check.  They would be able to bid much lower.

I enjoyed riding my bike around the country a few days ago.

Enjoy the day all.