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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2012305 views.

From: JavaNY


Good morning, all. My company had our holiday dinner last night, so happy for the mild temperature. Saw some colleagues I have not seen in 3 years. 

Enjoy the day.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Chilly 23 degrees here.  Supposed to be another fairly decent sunny day here.

Think it only made it to 39 yesterday but I got warm outside working on the Baja.  Did the south

side towards the sun, then turned the car around so the other side was in the sun.  Finished it

in one afternoon, didn't think I would. 

Keep us informed on the mood light.  Nice to feel Summer in the Winter.  I haven't been in Winter

sports since I was a kid.  Yes, the pups and I both have December birthdays, had Cocoa's name with

mine on the cake, now Chloe and Belle.  Ironic, wife talked about doing another Snoopy cake this

year.  That one was years ago. 

My mom went to work in the 60s.  Probably $1.10 an hour then I think.  She was a cook.  She had

a hugh strawberry patch on the farm before that.  They were very good, she kept it going while working

into the 70s. 

I hope that fixed the rear of the Baja.  Probably shouldn't have a second car retired but don't like taking

our primary car out right after a snow storm.  Plus I'm still going down to the farm for a day every two or

three weeks.  Can carry things in the Baja that won't fit in a SUV, not often we need that but sometimes.

Now I need to try to find some used tires or bargain new ones in case the camber is still out and wears the

outer tread first again.  I only keep liability insurance on it for the past 13 years or so, $96 every 6 months.

Paul, we only had a department dinner and our manager had to spring for it.  Think the last few years, it

disappeared, the Christmas dinner that is.  Last manager we had was very rude, not a good human at all.

Nice you got to see lost colleagues, 3 years goes by quickly, didn't seem like it when it was our complete

tour in the Army.  Wife hadn't gotten her drivers license yet so made it tough at home sometimes, especially

when I went on a field trip or went on alert.  In my career, the first part, was in defense electronics, fighter

jets and bombers. F15 Eagle, B1B bomber, Stealth, Black Hawk, and others.  Then worked on RTUs in the utility

company here in central NY, control boards.  When I tested going into college the advisor said I should think

about going into social service.  I think he was right but my family was all about technicians and hands on, so

I seemed to have a one track mind towards that.  My brother in northern NY is still an electronics technician at

80 but because he didn't manage to get a pension for retirement.  He analyzes things like video games, juke boxes,

etc... and repairs.  He was in Kodak for a while but they had layoffs all the time.  I sometimes see ex coworkers but

from IBM Federal Systems I don't recognize some and some are gone.  Bought out by Lockheed Martin.

Was glad to get the parts and finish the work on the Baja.  Saw in tracking the one part got to Binghamton Friday morning

and still had to make it to my little town, other made it to Syracuse Friday morning, both made it here before noon.   Got

oxy acetylene torch out to heat a nut on one side.  I was very lucky to get good weather for that job.  Think I kept better

track of our vehicle when we were younger and that's all we had. 

Susan, so many try to trick you or outright cheat you when working on your stuff.  I guess many learn early in their business

from customers that want something for nothing and tough to survive in a small business.  Our vehicles and appliances, smaller

stuff break down constantly.  Right off I remember our freezer / refrigerator losing a relay and few years later the whole contol

board burned up.  Rear bearing on the dryer, year or two earlier had to replace that and the plastic holder they use in the front

with it's felt strip I guess is a front bearing.  Goes on and on, washer we got this time is a Speed Queen, $850 and later $900 but

isn't breaking down.  Has an agitator and it's timer is mechanical so doesn't have to be reset all the time the way our GE did. 

Glad everyone is doing well. More sun today. 


My ham radio station in the mid 70s. our daughter way back then, Army days.


From: Cocoa60


Snowing here now Susan, 2-3 inches forecast.  Don't know if it will still be around for

Christmas.  Glad I got outdoor lights up yesterday.  Only put up the 3 LED strings my

wife just bought.



From: Susan1206


How lovely you have snow!  It’s cold here, but no snow forecast.  I just did a brisk walk-about with Finn. Mass soon and a theatre production, Elf, that Jim’s granddaughter is in.

Enjoy the day everyone! 


From: JavaNY


We are supposed to get rain soon. 

Jogged a 5K in Brooklyn yesterday. Somewhat cold at 6AM, but if I wear too many layers, I get hot when moving. The hot chocolate afterwards was popular.  Some people ran in Santa or elf attire.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and Paul.  We did get inches of snow.  30 out right now.  Next couple mornings

are to cold for the pups anyway.  I used to go out no matter what the temp but probably shouldn't have.

dogs have no shoes.  You were lucky to have your run before the deep freeze Paul, down close to or at

10 next couple mornings.  30 is ok for me to jog.  Dogs can't go out this morning because of all the salt.

If they were older they would stay on the shoulders with me but they are still acting like puppies, go all

over the place.  Cocoa or Brandy would usually stay over on the fresh snow with me, if I was walking or

jogging there.  At least in their dog years, can't really remember their puppy years that well.  I tried the

5k thing and I was to slow but glad you could make it Paul.  Hot chocolate sounds great.

I got a cold Saturday, thought I was just tired.  Haven't had a cold since before that virus started.  Already

I feel better and I have to stop jogging for 3 days because of salt and freezing frigid temps.  Play watching

Jim's granddaughter sounds fantastic.  I used to see my granddaughter in violin concerts, was so proud of

her.  I rarely see her now with her college and working.  Sometimes she answers my texts but I understand

if she can't.  I used to work, go to college, and we had one daughter when we started and two when we finished.

Wife went through the Army years and college years with me.  Glad you got a walk in with Finn Susan.  Our friends

lives go by so fast. 

Hope you all have a great day.  Think Paul and Kitty probably got snow from this front but not sure.  They have the

ocean warming over there almost 200 miles eat of us.  Also we get some lake effect snow from the great lakes here.


Think a concert our granddaughter was in, can't see well.


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Great picture of the 5K race.  My how I envy you, an x-smoker who can jog five miles!  Kudos to you.

I heard the weatherman say that this has been a month of cloudy days ~ THAT is no exaggeration.  The storm from the Midwest may bring us some snow by the end of the week and that would be nice.

Most of the Christmas shopping is now finished ~ A few spices from Penzy's and I will be finished.  That will be on-line.  Now for the gift wrapping that is not my favorite task.

Will you be spending Christmas with family?   We will trek over to a Lodge at Geneva on the Lake with my youngest daughter, SIL and granddaughter on the 23rd.  Back home for a Christmas Eve gathering with Jim's family and Christmas Day with my entire family.  

On we go ......  



From: Susan1206


Dear Ernie, Paul and Kitty,

Yes, the play was very cute ... the Herdman Family performing the Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  The length (one hour) was quite tolerable and it was fun to see his seven year old granddaughter perform with the group.   We thought she was in the play "Elf" and much to our surprise it was a children's performance in the small theatre that we saw....not Elf!

You are jogging too?  Wow.  you and Paul.  I'm envious of you both.  Ex-smokers who jog.  What did I do wrong?  I'm not sure I ever jogged but in my defense, I am an up-and-about person who rarely sits down.  The Fitbit often reads well over 5,000 steps.  Not sure if that is outstanding but it is better than being a couch potato.  

Enjoy the day.  Snow here by the end of the week ~ would be nice to have a white Christmas.  


PS.  I just read where walking 5000 steps is the equivalent of around 8 km.  An hour and 40 minutes of walking for the average person.....  Wonder...is that in addition to your regular walking doing chores, etc. around the house.  I'll have to check up on that.  I know my son-in-law does well over 10,000 a day but he's younger...a lot!

Hi to Kitty ~ missing in action?   I miss your posts!


From: JavaNY


Hello everyone,

No snow in NYC.  A friend in CT said they had 4 inches. I don't think anything is forecasted here. Lows are only around 30 next few days.

5 kilometers, Susan, so 3.1 miles. But that's a start. My doc says everyone should have 20 minutes daily of moderate intense exercise. Not necessarily jogging but brisk walking or bicycling. Had to describe 'moderate intense'.  On a Fitbit that might be the cardio zone, but I don't really know.

I guess city dogs get acclimated to people early, Ernie. There are often people walking dogs or running with their dogs unleashed on the paths I go on, and the dogs generally ignore everyone else. Most don't even chase the squirrels though they probably stay away from the dogs.