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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1974831 views.

From: JavaNY


The best in 2023 everyone. 


From: Cocoa60


Happy New Year all


From: Kittyarnold


Hope everyone enjoyed a safe and smoke free New Year celebration....happy 2023


From: Susan1206


Same to you, Paul.   Wish I could say it was a balmy 80 degree day and sunny.   That would be more like an April Fool's Day posting.

January 2nd ~ it will be good to get things back to normal.   Taking some of the Christmas decor down.


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From: Susan1206


Happy New Year Kitty ~ or should I say, Happy January 2nd, 2023.

Taking down a bit of the Christmas decor ~ it is much more fun to put up....

Hope you and Brian had a lovely holiday.



From: Susan1206


Loved the picture of the farm.  Happy New Year.  Trying to learn the new I-Pad.  Will take a bit of coordinating with the phone and outdated computer.  We must keep up with new technology.  LOL



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Kitty, Paul, and all.  35 here, warm for January morning. 

Still working on Baja bearing and steering knuckle.  The bearing race had broken.

I'm lucky the wheel didn't lock up or come off.  The bolt that clamps the ball joint

into the steering knuckle broke while I tried to remove it so now trying to get the

broken bolt out with torch and easy out.

Brother got out of hospital when his blood pressure dropped.  Our sister is with

him for now. 

I've never used an I-pad, sounds like an Apple product.  I've stuck with DOS so far.

We've taken down some of our decorations.  Labeling our LED lights.  Soon you

won't be able to give away bulb type lights, take to much power for the new electric


Happy to be alive and fairly healthy for the beginning of 2023.  I remember taking out

a life insurance policy in 1973 that matured in 2020, was hard for me to imagine 2020

ever coming about.  I cashed in that policy eventually to pay college tuition.  Now 2023

and still alive though many are gone.

Enjoy a super day all. 



From: JavaNY


Good to hear about your brother, Ernie.

Supposed to be a high of 62 tomorrow. That's not normal. 

And in 1973, 2020 was supposed to have flying cars. Though apart from that, I guess much of the computer and medical expectations came true. 


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  52 here before dawn, supposed to go up a little more.  Not 62 here,

part of that is the ocean.  I would like to be done with tires on the road but my old vehicles wouldn't

do the cruising above the ground anyway.  I'm still burning gasoline.  grinning  Would be nice if we had a

cure for all cancer and almost anything could be cured or fixed with a handheld scanner type device

like Dr McCoy had on Star Trek.  Especially cancer that attacks younger people.  What medical has evolved

to is amazing though, takes a lot of learning.  Much higher skill than I was capable of.  I remember a plastic

computer type device that did 1's and 0's back in the 60s, I didn't understand it at all.  Learned binary arithmatic

and all that later, now I've forgotten much of it.  Almost everyone carrying computers and a radio phone, I never

could have imagined.  Small two way walkie talkie's seemed amazing to me when I was young, advertised in

magazines like Field and Stream for hunters.  Like magic. 

I got the broken bolt out of the Baja steering knuckle so don't have to buy one of those.  Phoned Auto Zone and

have purchased a ball joint with a lifetime warranty so don't have to buy one of those.  Just remains to take the

knuckle to a shop with a hydraulic press and have the wheel bearing pressed into the knuckle and reassemble

the left front of the Baja.  Will stop at Lowes and buy a new bolt for the knuckle and get a nut for the end because

I've damaged the threads getting the old bolt out. 

Brother says it's dangerous for him to be alone if he keeps getting these dizzy  high blood pressure periods of time.

My sister is the only person that could live in the cat urine smell for any length of time.  She works in a cat rescue

clinic as a volunteer.  Sort of like Kitty did at that animal rescue in Florida.  I can sleep upstairs in the Summer with

the door closed so the smell of cat urine can't get to me or the noise of cats moving during the night.  If I get woke

over and over I can't get back to sleep.  Sister goes to Florida during the Winter to live with her son down there.  I can

stay in the smell for a couple hours to work if I have to.  For people with a normal sense of smell, like my wife, would

have to replace the flooring, inner walls, ceiling, and insulation.   Also, seal the wall structure with a sealant.  Much of

the floor boards under the flooring would need to be replaced, it's over 120 years old anyway.

I'm grateful for the warm weather to work on my Baja once again, it's as old as our quits.

Enjoy the day all.


Dad's farm in the 80s.

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