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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1971351 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  24 here this morn, a little cool.  I'm very grateful for the warm Winter

afternoons.  Managed to get my Subaru front steering / suspension together.  Have worked

on cars out there in snow storms in past Winters. 

I'm certain you have gotten used to your i-pad now Susan.  I saw one of those on one of the

shopping channels in the last couple days.  It's been so long since I looked at lap tops that

I don't know how well they compare.  Everything would have moved forward in memory and

speed.  My daughter got me a memory stick for Christmas that holds a terabyte.  Hard to

believe.  I remember when a 4 kilobyte memory chip was expensive. 

Hope you are all enjoying the new year 2023. 



From: Susan1206


Good morning Ernie and all who reads here ~

We spent most of the week-end taking the lights off the pre lit tree that quit working.  Not a job for the faint hearted.  Two pair of pliers and so much flocking and lights everywhere.  I am sure it will be worth it but it took hours upon hours.  The swag is down from the stairway.  

We have been blessed with somewhat warmer temperatures and no snow.  That’s fine with me ~ we had enough cold and snow over Christmas to last me all winter.

I am still feeding the birds but only once a day. We witnessed robins the other day.  Silly robins….came back too early.   Discount Drug Mart seems to be out of their brand of bird feed.

Anyone have any New Year resolutions?  Mine is to be healthier, of course.  My Fitbit is back on….calculating my steps….vowing to ride the exercise bike every day for 30 minutes, limit carbs and wine drinking…..Inquire about a sleep study……

Happy New Year 2023.    Susan

  • Edited January 9, 2023 10:12 am  by  Susan1206

From: JavaNY


Good evening, everyone,

Decent winter weather here. Can't complain for January. 

I use an iPad for Red Cross. I don't really like it. I guess it's what you grow up with. I watch my nieces & nephew type so nimbly on a phone. But I'm sure I could still beat them on a typewriter. 

Be well,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  A little warmer this morn at 32.  With jogging we get

heated up pretty fast outdoors.  I still exercise 3 hours a day but it wasn't near that before

I knew I had Diabetes.  From 1978 to 2001 I didn't exercise at all.  I didn't make any resolutions,

seems like we are always trying to improve. 

I'm sad for the Robins, hope they don;t die up here in the cold.  Seems like it will get frigid again.

Haven't seen any around here.  Every time I tell my wife to tell her mom we saw a Robin, she has

already seen one, in the Spring that is.  Now I joke with my wife in the middle of Winter to tell her

mom we just saw one, she doesn't do it though. 

Have to take care of everyone's garbage today, so probably put off going to the wheel alignment

shop until tomorrow.  I don't look forward to seeing them again.  The guy was trying to sell me new

tires even though it chewed up those tires in 1800 miles.  Not until I'm sure the defect is fixed.

When I was growing up an I-pad would have been impossible.  A much simpler computer would

take up a who;e room and generate lots of heat.  Amazing how far things have come.  Everyone

is carrying around a pretty good computer in their phones and most of them are inexpensive.

Have a great day all.



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie, Paul, Kitty and ALL,

A balmy 35 degrees here by the shore of Lake Erie.  Again, as always, mostly cloudy and snow expected.  I took Finn for a long walk yesterday and he seemed to enjoy it.  Off and on the Deramaxx (rx) as I have read that it can result in liver problems.  I guess it’s a choice….but I’ve really cut back on it and see little difference in how he gets up and down.  I do know that the hardwood floors have not been of help to him!

Yes, I am adjusting to the keyboard and touch.  It is different than the large computer that I used for so many years.  My son-in-law informed me that I-Pads and I phones do not need any anti virus program.  Guess I will have to do research on that.  The Norton cost per year is a bit hefty.

I received notification that my drivers license expired on my birthday.  Yikes…. Guess I need to renew that today (you have six months before you would have to test out).  I also have a placard since the femur break for handicap parking that must be renewed.  Ah….the joys of it all.   Have a good Tuesday.  Georgia just blew away TCU….happy that it wasn’t OSU.   Susan


From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

The keyboard the kids bought me is smaller than I previously used.  Just a flash from the past.  In high school, I was on an IBM Selectric typewriter and typed 100 wpm.   Highly doubt with arthritis in my fingers that I could get up to 80 wpm.  I would joke that it was one of the very few God given talents I was graced with.

Seems like it is clean out week for many of our neighbors here…..We have bulk pick up on certain days of the month…. Interesting what people trash…….these days.   

Carry on…..as they say…. No snow here so that is a good thing.



From: JavaNY


Yes, Ernie, they say a smart phone has more computing power than the Apollo mission that went to the moon. Hard to imagine. 

I took typing in JHS, Susan. I don't recall what I typed, probably not very fast. It was required at the time. 

No resolutions for me other than to keep last year's to not smoke.

Too many items end up in the landfill. I took 5 old pairs of sneakers to a Nike for recycling last year. They take any brand and have a process that breaks them down.  The resultant Nike Grind is used for running tracks, playgrounds, and similar things. Otherwise rubber takes 80+ years to decompose.  


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul, Susan, and all.  Was about 28 here this morn so not to bad.  Glad Finn

enjoyed his long walk.  The pups and I are going 4.5 miles these days.  They are about 13 months

old.  Spilled a whole cup of coffee on myself, chair, and floor this morning so had to clean all that

up and still make my 4:00 with the pups.  Didn't get on PC much until now, 7:30.  Liver is important,

can't stay alive without it and we only have one, like a heart, brain, and such.  Our pups can jump up

on the furniture.  We have a dog mat for dogs that can't jump up.  Couldn't put it in the pups kennel

because they would chew it up.  They have a thick blanket folded over and over in their kennel.

I have a virus protection included with my internet, not the best one but seems to work most of the

time.  My brother just lost his PC to the people that disconnect your hard drive from Windows unless

you give them some money.  Think you can reload Windows to correct it but my brother gives up

easily and bought a new PC.  He tried to set it up himself and failed so by the time he got someone

there to help him he had forgotten the user id's and passwords he used which made it much harder

for the guy trying to help him, took 8 hours. 

Good thing the DMV sends out those notices Susan.  Lot of people would see that as a chance to keep

an older person like us off the road.  Having to retest would give them an easy path.  DMV gave us a

hard time getting veterans put on my license and both of us getting the enhanced real id or something

like that.  Was supposed to have it to board a jet by now but saw they postponed it for another year.  We

don't know where our grandkids might end up and what trouble they might need our help with, in a hurry.

I also took typing in 9th grade, unusual, surprised to see Paul did  also.  I was the only boy in the class, not

that a 9th grade boy minds that, just a little unusual. 

I use my jogging shoes for walking after jogging for a long time.  I jog in them way longer than they recommend. 

6 months think it is.  My jogging is slow and I use Brooks running shoes, jogging socks, and now I wrap the ball

of my foot in elastic bandage.  Afraid of bruising one again if that's what grounded me for 6 years.  My numbers

were good today glucose 102 and weight 144.7 lbs.  Hopefully more days I can contribute to my family and have a

life.  Instead of being a ball and chain for them, not being able to walk, see, or think rationally.  My regulators don't

work though.  If I had the test strips to check after eating, would see very high numbers.  My prescription is only

for one test a day so I do it after fasting all night and exercising, before breakfast.  They say I can't get a prescription

for more test strips because my glucose numbers aren't that high.  The time I take it is the most meaningful to me

and to the doctor. 

I need to go back to the alignment shop with my Baja again today.  Fixed the front end steering / suspension so they

can check the rear alignment.

Enjoy the day all.  Above average but still Winter days. 



From: bessert



I can not believe you still post in the forum. God bless you! Give Finn a hug for me. kissing_heart