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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2087586 views.

From: Kittyarnold


thanks hon.....just kind of stunned and unable to take it in.....


From: Cocoa60


Very shocking to read Kitty.  Hope this just goes by and you are and feel the same.  Have heard of people

having one and just go on like it was an illness they had.  Guess the specialist will have some life and med

instructions for you.  Brian will be helping.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, Kitty, and all.  47 here this morn, unbelievable this time of the morning

in February.  Like this but feel sorry for California.  Can't help thinking the shoe will be on our feet in

the future.  Maybe not us but our region with our children or grands. 

The car looks fantastic Susan, looks like a two seat.  Must feel like a roadster.  Mine is a muscle car and

that's what it feels and sounds like.  Think a roadster has a certain sound also.  The SS seats 5 people but

it's rare anyone rides with me in it.  The exhaust hits on my daughter's steep driveway so don't take it over

there anymore.  The rear of the exhaust has to be brazed back on if it breaks instead of just a hanger.

Happy birthday to Jim.

I'm getting my transceiver radio cleaned up, taking pictures, to get ready to sell.  I don't like sales much.  Will

be glad when it's over. 

My brother up north in NY had to have his doxin dog put to sleep.  Was almost 17 years old.  Liver gave out,

he said.

I think you can change the sign in on PC's when first setting them up, more difficult later on to keep someone

else from changing it. 

Paul, I have 3 sheets of paper front and back of passwords and user IDs.  Many are outdated though.  Some

of the more important ones I don't store on the PC.  I'm afraid they will be easier to hack if stored in memory.

Susan, that's great you have steps for Finn to climb up into the Honda.  Don't have that with any of our vehicles.

Got my Subaru Baja back January 07 when the Chantix thread was started for us stop smoking people.  Went

through all the Winters, many years of working daily.  Major surgery for me to keep it going.  But if I talk to car

people what I did was standard.  A new experience for me to change the rear subframe and have frame rails

welded in.  Think the Baja was down over a month. 

Gotta get ready for our run soon.

Have a great day all.



From: JavaNY


Follow the medical advice and be well Kitty. 



From: JavaNY


Good morning,

Yes, Ernie, the weather is a bit scary. Enjoyable, but it may not be in the future.  

Susan, you can probably authentication in the settings /name/security menu.  Everything takes getting used to, but I'd prefer not to use an iPad. In part because it is small and in part because it's Apple. Everyone should have multiple authentications for any financial sites, but I don't think it's needed to access an iPad. Fingerprint should be enough. 

I have a race on Sunday.  Weather should be nice.

Enjoy the day everyone. 


From: Susan1206


Dear Kitty ~

Hoping that today is a good day for you.  We are leaving in a week for Florida.  We have reservations in AnnaMarie for a change.  It will be nice to explore a new area.  Still flying into Tampa.  Frontier has changed our flights two times from a.m. to p.m.  Grrr.

Thinking of you ~



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie ~

Just a short note here on this Friday afternoon.  Sunny, but cold.

Yes, the car is a two seater and a stick shift.  I went for a brief ride this past week but it will most likely be far more fun with the top down.  It’s a stick shift so he will not have to worry about me even remotely wanting to drive it!

Several emails back and forth to Frontier Airlines have occupied the last two days.  We were scheduled for a departure a.m. and then the airlines changed it to a 9:30 p.m. deparure and then a 10:15 p.m. departure.  To add insult to injury, they have charged a $98.00 change fee because that is far too late for us to get into Tampa and get the car and drive up to our place.  Ugh.  I so dislike these issues!  We are at THEIR mercy.

Have a nice week-end.  I guess I will be dog sitting my granddaughter’s six month old golden doodle.  Not sure how Finn is going to feel about the whole idea of a rowdy puppy.  We shall see.  Pictures to follow.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

I hope it is nice weather for you on Sunday and you enjoy the race.  Just think how much better your lungs must feel now that you have quit the ciggies.   I admire you for running……something I most likely could not do now.  

Finn is resting up as I am watching my granddaughter’s puppy this week-end while they travel to Atlanta.  We will see how that works out!

Enjoy the rest of Friday.  When I worked, I always loved when that last bell would ring at 3:00 p.m.  School was out and I had the week-end to regroup!



From: Kittyarnold


thank you and will/am doing what I am told to do......


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and Kitty.  Little cooler here this fine morn at 22.  Much less

wind than yesterday morn. 

Susan, surprised you rode in the roadster.  Wife rode in the SS once but won't again.  She

rode in it before the new engine, new steering gear box and many other things.  Much smoother

than it was.  Only standards I drive are my bikes and riding mower.  Mower is a 96, A craftsman

just before they cheapened down.  My 67 Pontiac Le mans was a standard but it's gone.  Had a

455 cubic inch engine, tons of torque but heavy. 

I haven't flown since 2012, for work.  Most likely use all our vehicles for a vacation when we go

these days, no hurry, we're both retired and want to see the scenery.  Sounds like a lot of trouble

with the airlines, seems like they have gone the way of the gas stations.  Hope Finn is doing ok with

the little lap dog.  My brother had to put his little Doxin to sleep at almost 17 years old, this past week.

I'm cleaning up that ham radio to sell it still, I don't work lots of hours on it.  I'm starting to cover all the

components in my station when not in use.  Dust collects over the years and hard to clean off.  Not good

for the interior of the components either.  At least I don't have a herd of cats in the house like my brother.

Cat urine, hair and vomit all over his stuff.  He's had electronics damaged beyond repair by the cats not

being taken care of and just too many of them. 

Today is sunny and in the 40s, same as tomorrow, can't believe it.  We escaped Winter.  smile  Think it's

Thursday that's a little rainy but up near 60. 

Paul, seems like if we get the brunt of climate change, your area will be on the front lines.  Can always move

but we know how that goes.  People don't want to leave their homes and their home town, careers.  We are

only 175 miles away from the ocean here.  Guess your race is today, good luck in it.  I can't come close to that.

I'de be lucky to get in a 15 minute mile on my best day. 

Have a great day all, great weather all over the northeast.