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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2161049 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  63 here this morn and looks like the rain will hold off until 9, so we

get to walk.  After 9, looks like rain most of the day.  Will try to fit some work between the rain


Got the new geometry installed and adjusted for the most part on the SS.  It's not perfect and some

parts don't fit at all.  I didn't see how they were going to do it short of magic but they're the only show

in town for my pro flo 1 fuel injection system.  Glad I didn't buy a transmission from them, don't deliver

what they promise.  So starting to wrap up many details surrounding the main problem.  Should be finished

sometime soon unless more unforeseen problems.  I will be glad to be monitoring the transmission pressure

and temperature from now on.  Wife and I need a vacation.  smile  Between these projects, the dogs being sick,

granddaughters college problems, and one of our daughters having problems, we are drained.

I haven't been in a bar for a long time but dogs are accepted more and more, notice because I'm one of the

humans that love them, right up there with human children. 

Speaking of vacations, Susan must be gone to Colorado or getting ready.  Safe and happy I hope. 

We didn't get Belle's test results until Monday, not sure why.  She is much happier and seems much better.  Was

concerned we would never see that again and still can't relax to much.

Much cooler days but now rain.  Think still heat waves across the country.  Supposed to be above average temps

here second half of September but that might not be that high.

Enjoy the day, glad to be fairly healthy and going along.



From: JavaNY


GM Ernie,

I was out around 8:00 and it was nice, but I was caught in some thunderstorms. Dripping wet now, so time for a shower.

Peace to all,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Completely rained out this morn, been raining for hours and forecast to be

for hours more.  Elliptical for me this morn.  Rain on and off until late Wednesday. 

Yesterday worked on SS.  Got the transmission cooling fan override switch mounted and wired up.  Also

mounted and wired up a LED to indicate when the fan is on weather by the switch or thermostat.  Then

wired up the transmission temperature sensor to it's gauge.  Still have to wire up the power sources to

the pressure and temperature gauges. 

Was a little girl on one of the neighboring farms when I was growing up, 7 years younger than me.  She

just died from MS.  Last time I saw her was in the 70s helping her dad on his cattle truck.  Actually saw

her and her husband at a distance later, both driving their tractors.  They bought a farm that I had worked

on when I was young.  They both had other jobs besides the farm.  I see she had a daughter and grandkids. 

Was always happy when I saw her.  Sad, she had a beautiful life other than the MS.

Hope it doesn't rain during the day so I can get more done.

Have a great day all.  I was out when it started raining yesterday but got stuff covered and taken care of and

didn't really get wet.



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Just a short “hi” and much to do.  Packing….can’t find my glasses (always a problem) getting Finn’s travel bag ready for boarding ~ something I don’t like to do!

Keep the faith ~ I will hopefully enjoy the plane ride and Denver



From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Praying for good news for Miss Belle.  I know how I worry about Finn.

Packing his gear now for boarding at 4:30 pm.  Keep the Faith.  I will return next Saturday.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan and all.  I also hate to see Finn boarded, probably couldn't get along with our

energetic pups, but wish we could watch Finn for you.  I love him after all these years.  Hope you

enjoy your vacation and Finn enjoys his time. 

Spent some time trying to find a fitting to adjust the float bowls in my bike or find my old one, because

it felt like rain and have to get out lots of equipment to work on SS.  Didn't find a fitting or my old one

from years past.  Hope it's in my tool cabinet at my daughters because I will be there today anyway.

Worked on gauge wiring again yesterday and still have some to go. 

Took our dogs for a walk up the mountain later in the day yesterday since our morning got rained out.

Will be ok today but tomorrow morning looks like another washout. 

Having trouble with my brother again.  Sending money to his internet girlfriends again, until he doesn't

have money to live on.  I can't give him money because the scammers are a bottomless pit.

Have a great day all.  Looks like a mostly dry day here.  Think the SS is nearing completion after three months.



From: Susan1206


Thanks for the cute pic.  Hope Finn will be okay.  away we go… pic of Airplane

  • Edited September 12, 2023 7:54 am  by  Susan1206

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Good luck on the vacation Susan.  We could use one.  With the TV

burning up, SS transmission burning up, paying granddaughter's tuition, and helping our separated

daughter, not much more money to spend this year even if we didn't have these rowdy dogs.  Our one

daughter shows 1/3 of her brain is a dark shadow on a MRI since her stroke, doesn't always say the right

thing for the situation.  And I still feel sorry for myself sometimes. 

I finished the gauge wiring and installed the radiator on the SS.  Just have to get the transmission oil pan

torqued on with the shifter linkage mounted on it's side, then start filling the transmission with it's 11

quarts of fluid and break in with the rear wheel of the ground.  Hard to believe it's finally here.  Glad I

have the pressure gauge so I'm monitoring the inside of the trans.  Was so in the dark before.

Grandkids and daughter came over yesterday afternoon.  Had a birthday party for wife and used the pool

for maybe last warm day of the year. 

We plan on a trip to wife's parents while I can stay outdoors with our dogs most of the day, weather wise.

They moved a prefab garage away from the road back in the back of the house yesterday.  Sure looked

out of place where it was.  I wondered how they got a permit to do that, glad it's moved. 

Have a great day all.  We're getting rained out on our walk this morn but I will take the dogs up on the mountain

later this morn after it stops.


Cocoa and Brandy from years past.


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul and all.  Susan gone to Colorado, hope a good time.  Cooler morn here at 50.

The Monte Carlo SS is back on the ground and seems all good.  Some of the pressures seem out

of whack to me but first I ever had a trans pressure gauge.  Very happy it's all working, SS missed

the who;e Summer but still have the Fall and I've learned lots. 

Belle seems good and her last Dr appt is today.  Was one irregularity in her last test and retesting

to double check.  All the other irregularities is back right.  So glad, was really worried we would never

get her back, so was wife and Chloe.  Days are cooler now and most likely won't get hot again, we're

supposed to get 5 days without rain.

Have a great day.



From: JavaNY


Yes, Ernie, we are done with the heat until next year. Hopefully it stays nice for a while. Did the vet say what Belle had, some type of virus? 

A few people I work with tested positive for COVID. Relatively minor for both.

Enjoy the day all,