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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2160223 views.

From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

A gray overcast sky and cool temperature.  Hoped we may have done our once a year golf game, but it’s not a golf day!

Guess it’s a football kind of weekend. Ohio State and now the Cleveland Browns.  

Finn enjoying being home. He spends most of the day sleeping.  I take him for a walk three times a day!

So sad about scammers and people being preyed upon. 



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and all.  Raining here this morn, looks like we're washed out for our walk and I woke

early.  Only sports I ever watch are mainly auto racing, motorcycle racing, and maybe some horse racing.  I've played

miniature golf but never the long haul game.  I jogged for around 16 years after the turn of the century but not at any

speed since Army training, then we went out every other morning and ran in formation, and practiced drill and ceramony

every other morning.  Our first sergeant had a hugh family and had one of those VW vans of the 70s.  He's the one that

led the jogging and drill practice.  Great you do volunteer work Paul. 

Glad you are enjoying time with Finn Susan.  I enjoy the time with our Chloe and Belle.  I miss our pups from the past

terribly, especially Cocoa and Brandy.  We just had another raid here on a rescue shelter that was treating animals badly.

They had to wait a couple weeks for better proof to go in, so couldn't go in in early September after the original complaint.

Scammers were bad enough before they had artificial inelegance, now a machine can come up with the most profitable

response in milliseconds.  Machine would have to delay it's response time in order to be believable.  Would be able to pick

up the phone and place a voice call at any time and can learn with each voice or texting conversation what's best to say to

get the best response from the victim.  With each victim it keeps learning and doing it's task better and can juggle many victims

faster than a person could imagine.  My sister thinks the many pictures prove it's a real person but it doesn't.  They can get

hundreds of still pictures from a video or hack into someones storage in the cloud.  If they want they can use the same pictures

over and over for endless number of victims.  My brother said fake wedding vows with the fake girl, just a person or program

that knows this is the best way for a victim to give up everything it owns.  Some day society will have a solution to stop it.

Monte Carlo SS worked well on it's maiden trip down south to the farm.  Think the fins in the transmission cooler are much

hotter than the oil inside it.  I have the gauge sensor in the oil but the fan sensor is in the fins of the cooler coils.  When I have

the fan set to come on at 130 degrees, it comes on when the oil is in the 90 degree area.  Hard to put the fan sensor in the oil,

it would restrict the flow of oil unless I put another T in the line and routed oil out into a short piece of hose.  Lot of pressure in

these lines, every route is another potential leak.  200 to 300 PSI at maximum. ... Love having a good transmission and also the

stereo I installed before I lost the transmission.  Think I finished the stereo after the trans went out.  Fixed some other small

problems in the car also. 

I'm sure Finn loves these walks with you Susan, he would be very happy to have you back. 

Volunteer 5k's much easier with clear lungs.

Have a great day all.  Think after some scattered showers we have about 7 days rain free forecast.  Have had rain and clouds for

2 days.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, Susan, Ernie, and all.

A shame about your brother, Ernie. There is generally nothing law enforcement can do. The servers and scammers are overseas. Other than the FBI, no city has the resources to investigate. I guess you and your sister can go to court to declare him incompetent to manage his affairs, but I imagine that takes a while.  Or you could cut his internet cable. 

In the past, I would get many fake credit card applications made in my name. The banks were pretty good at detecting them, but it was still a pain. I put freezes on my account at the 3 credit agencies and that stopped. Nobody can apply for credit in my name unless I unfreeze it.   

I came down with a sore throat and cold. Maybe from standing in the rain. 

Enjoy the day,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Our rainy period supposed to come to an end this morning.  Doesn't look like our walk will be a wash out.

Yeah, I've seen the TV shows on scammers that got much more than they are from brother.  Seems like people can't save them.

The victim finds another way every time someone tries to help.  Neither my sister or me wants to give up our lives to stabilize

his life when he doesn't want it done.  Sister actually thinks there's something to it.  With the vows they took online and both

promising to be monogamous.  My other brother and I don't even think it's a girl.  These days it might be AI that handles many

of these scams at the same time.  He has dish now.  He would focus everything on getting it working and he mostly uses his

cell phone.  I would like to rebuild my parents farm house after he's done with it but seems unlikely now.  My daughter and I

wanted to make a small horse farm of it but only 12 acres left and that will most likely be gone. 

I only ever had someone charge some web page work to a credit card for $10, probably just a ping to get more soon after.  I

was lucky that I noticed it quickly and the card was cancelled right away, was a long time ago.  My sister lives around 50-60 miles

away and I live around 100 miles away.

Sorry you got sick and to do charity work.  I usually have on a rain coat in the rain, to work, but not jogging.  I used to get soaked

on my bike sometimes, no fun at all.  Even if I had rain gear, usually soaked before I would get it on.  Would hope it was a light

passing shower or ride out of it. 

Trying to figure out the cooler, cooling fan, and trans temp gauge in the SS.  With Celsius and Fahrenheit.  I only ever had to work

with Celsius on the temperature chambers for black box testing for the different military jets, B1B bomber, F15 Fighter, Black hawk,

and so on.  Never had to convert back and forth.  Glad to have the stereo I put in after so many years of no music.

Dug a ditch behind the pool fence to drain the area, with a shovel.  The backhoe would sink back there and little room between the

fence and bank.  Just in time for days of rain. 

Hope you get over the cold soon, supposed to get sunny again this afternoon and stay sunny for 7 days or so.  I started working on

closing the pool before pine needles fall and cause algae. 



From: Susan1206


Hi Paul,

Hope you are safe and out of harm’s way from the rains we saw on the Nightly News.  Susan 


From: JavaNY


Thanks, Susan. All good.

I had my 2nd annual CT lung scan for ex-smokers today at 4:00. Left my apt at 1ish, 2 hours to get up there on the subway. Normally it would be 30 minutes. I didn't see any floods, but it's in the Carnegie Hill neighborhood, which is very hilly, so maybe the water drains better. But I saw pictures of the subways, airports, and streets, what a mess. My building seems fine. 

I just received the results, nothing awful. No nodules, no emphysema, minimal calcification. Some of it might as well be written in Latin :), so I guess my doc will explain it to me.  




From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, and everyone.  We didn't even get the predicted rain here yesterday.  Got some drizzle

before daylight and some sprinkles late morning.  We also, saw the flooding, remnants of the hurricane again.

Going to a ham radio flea market, hamfest, with grandson today.  Was our granddaughter in years past and before

that, our daughters. 

Fixed an outdoor circuit yesterday.  Took care of some branches I cut from the pine trees that overhung the pool and

some crowding another tree in the back lawn.  Finished taking care of everything from closing the pool, just in time for

80 degree weather.

Glad you avoided the flooding Paul.  Our health org doesn't do the lung scanning of ex-smokers.  Don't know, maybe

I should ask about it.  I already have the ultrasound of my aorta artery annually, of the stent.  Sounds good, your results.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, Susan, Ernie, 

Some thunderstorms the next 4-5 days but should be better. Guess this is bad for restaurants and shopping. 

Enjoy the weekend,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning all.  Didn't sleep well and finally got up.  54 here, maybe an early indian summer, 82 today, think

they said.  Glad it's dry for a while, got an extension pipe on one of the drains so it's closer to the road ditch.

Still have to pack it down some, waiting for it to dry a little first.  The ground there wasn't completely dry, tread

of the tractor tires sunk into the ground.

Worked on a leak on the Monte Carlo SS a little, looks like I need a new speedometer cable. 

Leaves are changing here, very pretty in some areas, others haven't changed that much.  Not at our peak yet.

Rode my bike up north to walk Brandy's sister, Dixie, and her friend, Charlotte.  Dixie is almost 11 years old and

only goes about a mile.  Charlotte is only around 5 but turns around much earlier than we used to go.  She rarely

gets to walk since both of her humans run businesses.  Bike seems to be back to it's normal after replacing the rear

driven gear and replacing the Orings that leaked gas.  Was dangerous leaking gas on the exhaust when it got bad. 

We got the pool closed and covered for the year.

Lots of damage near you Paul, up towards 9 inches of rain in the worst hit, will take a while to fix that.  One area after

another now. 

Still seeing Kitty on facebook here and there.

Have a good day all.


Granddaughter's birthday party this week, leaving her teen years behind.


From: JavaNY


It was sunny and dry here also, Ernie. It seems Brooklyn & Queens got the worst of the floods. Once the rain stopped, I didn't see any water. Flood damage is not included in normal insurance, so people not in flood zones may not have it. It will take a while to fix.

Enjoy the day, everyone.