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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2291814 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Paul, Jerthie, and all.  We had our great weather day yesterday, rain starts around 11 AM

today and continues for the rest of the day.  Got some stuff done outdoors yesterday, moved stuff over from the

SS to the Baja since the SS is off the road and will be using the Baja for everything until Spring.  Put the bike in the

basement yesterday also.  This morn will probably put the heated mats out on the deck and steps.

I was just thinking how great and powerful PCs are now and I'm having trouble now.  When I reply to a post the program

resets to the main page of the forum.  I have to reply to an older post to actually get a reply window.

Susan, I'm glad Finn has stabilized for now.  I know how important it is to you to enjoy these times with him. 

Wife and I were sick for a while.  Don't know if it was the virus or not.  If it was, wasn't worth worrying about.  Was like the

flu.  Hope your family gets over it soon.

Jerthie hope new job will help you stay calm and leave the lozenges behind.  After I quit my wife went to vaping and is stuck

there.  Instead of using them to step down to quitting.  She did try using Chaniix years ago, didn't work for some reason.

I will probably go down to the farm soon.  Dryer has quit but brother probably won't even buy the parts after I analyze it. 

He sends enough money to the scammer to buy 4 or 5 dryers a month.  Soon the taxes will be past due and he will lose

the farm.  Won't be putting our families money into the farm as long as he owns it. 

Hope you are over your cold Paul.  I know it's no fun.  At least you had a fun trip to sisters I think it was.  I try to get down

to the farm when my sister isn't there because she believes my brother and his internet scam is a real relationship.  She

started cooking him a meatloaf to eat all week until she returns because he sends all his money to the scammer and doesn't

have money left to eat.  It's a lose lose situation.  Sister doesn't see if you are in a relationship and sending money it's a scam,

defines itself.

Hope you are all doing well this morn.  Don't know when we will have our Thanksgiving, not this weekend looks like.



From: JavaNY


Good morning, all,

It's been decent weather the last two days, rain coming in the afternoon. I still am congested, but it's not very bad. 

Headed to the dentist so he can look at a tooth that was extracted a few weeks ago. I wasn't going to replace it, but it feels funny, so I may anyone. I'll see what insurance pays. 

A shame about your brother, Ernie. So many people fall for scams. I read about some, and they seem ridiculous, but unfortunately a common thing. 

Be well everyone,



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Paul.  It's rainy here but not raining at the moment.  Hope we get to walk in an hour or so.

I have all but one of my top teeth bone so the plate is called a partial because there's one tooth. One of my

daughters has some implant teeth, the other needed some thing to keep her teeth from hitting each other

wrong and destroying each other, cost 11k.

Saw a picture of Finn coming up to this page.  Such a great dog.

Yeah, the scammers know exactly what they're are doing and prey on some peoples weak areas.  Brother ost

his wife around last Christmas.  Another brother lost his wife the same week but he's stronger even though

he's over 10 years older.  I have no idea what to do.  It's coming to a dead end because he didn't pay his property

taxes and I'm sure he has no intention of doing it.  Don't think he realizes if he goes to a home they aren't going 

to let him talk to the scammer on the phone all the time and send money to them.

Think we got all rainy days until it turns colder.  ...but will enjoy them.

Think wife and one daughter going to a play tonight so I might not go to the farm today.  No emergency there so

no use putting the dogs in their crate all that time. 

Enjoy the day all.



From: Jerthie123


Hello Ernie, hello all....

Ernie, sounds like you have a lot going on. I wish you all the best with your dental work. So sad to hear about your brother's losses, saying good bye to our loved ones is very sad. God bless you stay well!

Weather here in Mississauga has been cold and wet, not fun at all. Thank you for your wishes for me to get over the lozenges. I have been able to cut down to 8 a day down from 16 a day. The magic will happen for me when it does!

I am getting over a bad cough and cold, slowly my spirits are lifting. My sis has invited me and my mom to enjoy some window shopping at our local mall, we can look at all the Christmas decor, listen to carols and have tea and pastry. I feel well enough to do that, but not much more.

Yesterday was my birthday. Grateful to be 52 and overall very healthy! Have a great day everyone!!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Jerthie and all.  I get more trouble with replying to posts on here.  When I hit reply the thread just resets

to the beginning years ago.  I drank caffeine on my trip to the farm to keep from falling asleep and it's gotten me up in

the middle of my night.  Will get a nap after I walk the dogs.  We have rain early this morn so I need to get them out soon

anyway.  Can't go after daylight, lots of traffic and our dogs will go out into the road for many reasons.

Figured out the part brothers dryer needs at the farm.  Have to order it from here.  He always gets viruses on his PCs.  Has

a couple sitting around from virus damage and knocking them down on the floor. 

I can't read your post from were the reply finally worked Jerthie.  Guess you have a cold and it's getting better.  Wife and I

just had same thing, seemed like the flu, lasted a few weeks.  Wife sick for a couple weeks after I could function.  Good thing.

we have things to do here to maintain our lives.  Like garbage piling up and other stuff.

Guess you're going shopping.  I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet and don't have an idea what to buy.  I think a lot of the

people need the cup holder adapters that hold a cell phone and can still put a mug in them.

We didn't have our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend so maybe next.  Have to coordinate with our college granddaughter.  She

is the busiest.  Wife is up to cooking the dinner.  I will help but I'm really not that much help.

Will keep wishing you luck with the lozenges Jerthie.  Doesn't mean I'm pushing you, just wish you the best. 

Paul has a cold also, hope he is better.

enjoy the day all.



From: Cocoa60


Hope Kitty and Finn are doing well and comfortable today.

Corning Glass museum


From: JavaNY


Pretty pictures, Ernie. I was in Corning many years ago.

Enjoy a smoke free day everyone. 


From: Susan1206


Hi Jerthie,

Happy Birthday to you!  Fifty sounds quite young to me and a perfect time to quit smoking!

Today, I celebrate mine.  We are both Sagittarians!

Off to to do some shopping!  We are very PROUD of you!!!



From: Susan1206


I love the trees!  I assume the top picture is made of glass!  Beautiful!  

Here is mine!  Getting ready for the holiday seems like more and more work as the years go by.  I still love to see it all… once it is done!  Lol. 


From: Susan1206


Same to you, Paul!  The month of December passes by so quickly. NYC must be beautiful!


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