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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2291816 views.

From: Jerthie123


Thank you Susan! Happy birthday to you as well!

Hope you had a good time shopping, and maybe even treated yourself to something special.

Hope you are also enjoying this Advent / Christmas season. I am cutting down on the lozenges, but am not at a clean quit. Yet.

I hope Finn is doing okay! I hope he feels comfort and peace, hope he is not in any type of pain. Take good care, and God bless!


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan, Jerthie, Paul, and all.  Cold 25 here.  We got the pups thick coats so probably make it

out to walk.  They already had sweaters for sorta cold mornings.  It's so great to see Finn, love him so much.

Paul, I think your NYC Christmas tree came from a few miles from here, in Vestal.  We lived in Vestal a couple

years when we first moved here.  Was a rough time with no money and me trying to start going to college and

working, both full time.  I had just finished 3 years in the Army but was still rough.  Probably worse for wife.  She

had no car and I was gone all the time I wasn't sleeping.  Or studying.  I had such a hard time with prep Physics

and college math.  I had to crash through walls in my brain not to fail out.  That continued on for years after we

moved where we are now.

The Corning trees are both glass.  My dad worked his whole life in Corning Glass.  I have a picture of him working

in a case with all his awards for decades of time there.  My mom worked harder with all us kids that didn't realize

how hard our parents were working.  She got no awards for all her work, just memories in my mind.  Dad had a farm

to tend to when not at work.

Happy birthday to Jerthie and Susan.  Mine is coming up soon.  Wonder how many more wife and I have.  Lost 2 of

my sister in laws last Christmas.  Parents have been gone a long time.  Brother on the farm is half nuts.  Glad to have

our older brother here in NY just finished hunting with his son and he's in his 80s, still working at his own business.

Trying to have our Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.  Hard to schedule with everyone's lives.  Almost clashing with


Have a great day all.


Brandy with a Christmas toy. 2017


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Love the pup’s Christmas toy!  Finn chews everything up…. And destuffs them. Had a big problem last Christmas, so only Kong indestructible toys!

A grocery store kind of day. Friends coming Sunday night.  Celebrating my birthday with my family on Friday night!  

Cloudy here and cold. Snow maybe this weekend!!



From: Susan1206


Hi Jerthie,

Thanks for asking, Finn is doing well.  I think the liver detox pills are working. He has lost weight, down to about two cups of kibble a day.  That would be expected. 

We took him for our Christmas photo that I will post here soon.

I am happy you are doing so well and not smoking!

Do you live in Canada?  What Province?  

Have a great smoke free day!   Susan 


From: Susan1206


Hi Ms. Kitty,

I have not seen you post recently. How are you doing?  Did you and Brian put up a tree?  All is ok here…. Tree is up and wreaths on the outside windows…. Shopping still to be completed… more difficult each year.  

Love and hugs, Susan


From: Jerthie123


Hi Susan,

It is sad to see our pets age, I know. It is as intimate as seeing our parents age, especially with dogs. I never had a dog, but I know a lot of people who have dogs, and they say that watching their dogs age and get sick is a sad thing.

I live in Mississauga, Ontario. It is a suburb just outside of Toronto. Yes, smoke free, but not lozenge free... Yet.

I have been busying myself with looking for a new job, but I am also enjoying some holiday cheer! I hope you are keeping well.


From: Jerthie123


Thank you for the birthday wishes Ernie!

Getting older is sad, but at times it is also a lot of fun, when you roll with the punches.... Accept the wrinkles, the achy joints, the ailments here and there. Whoops. I don't intend to make getting old all bad, what I would like to bring across, is that we CAN make getting older fun, just through our acceptance, a sense of humour and by keeping a light heart.

Hope you have a good day Ernie!


From: JavaNY


As long as we are relatively healthy, getting old is better than the alternative, Jerthie.

The city does look nice all decorated, Susan. I went to my office today and the streets were pretty crowded. December is the prime tourist time. 

Yes, Ernie, the tree came from Vestal. I read an article on the family that donated it. I think the family will miss it, seems to belong where it was.

Be well everyone. 



From: Susan1206


Hi Jerthie,

We visited Toronto a few times ~ my cousin lived there many years ago and we saw Phantom of the Opera (again years ago).  We caught a rapid train back in the day and it whisked us to the city of Montreal.  Canada is  quite lovely.

Yes.  I treasure each and every day.  He has perked up quite a bit being on the liver detox rx drug.  We will see.  We vacation the beginning of March in Florida and I can’t even think of boarding him.

All is well here.  A very warm day.  The girls and SILS are taking us to a nice restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  

Carry on….as you are doing so well!   Susan


From: Susan1206


Dear Paul,

Yes, indeed I would miss that beautiful tree had I owned it.  I am a bit of a “tree hugger….lover of animals.  Hate that we humans destroy so much.

My leftover Halloween pumpkin has come to bare times…..would love to know who gnaws at it during the night but it is near gone.  Finn is on the patio…a 60 degree day here.  Yes, I would love to have this all winter long.

Enjoy the week-end.  Susan