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Fighting February MustQuiteers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/2/18 by slowblumer; 353036 views.


Ah! melburn! Haha I think everyone from melbourne hates the mispronunciation.....

Coolio I'm in Seattle - just wrapping up my Saturday evening. Tough night - I've been really (really) wanting to smoke one lately.

got home safe - nite



From: Cazza2468


Yes ST

i know how your feeling. I have been feeling the same way. I thought I would be a lot better by now. We just have to keep on going


I keep beating myself up - I can't believe that I did this to myself. There is no reason I should be going thru this.... again. my own dumb self - made a bad decision to smoke 

hope you have a great day


Thanks Caz,

I found it, bit of action here to

Kind regards


Thanks Anita,

Have a great smoke free day

Kind regards


Neats (1146)

From: Neats (1146)


Hi Anthony, 

It is good to see you back thumbsup


Neats (1146)

From: Neats (1146)


Hi Lily, 

Your doing great!

In a few days it will be one whole month since you quit. Do read as much as you can about nicotine addiction and keep posting. 

keep hanging in there. 

Anita 16/1/16


From: slowblumer


Hi Lilly,

Welcome to the forum and to the Fighting February MustQuiteers 2018 quit buddy group.

Congrats on quitting smoking.   You will have a month free of cigarettes coming up and that is huge, so make yourself comfortable.  Read as much as you can on nicotine addiction.  The more you know, the better your chance of kicking nicotine addiction. 

first few months of smoking cessation Benefits

Your Quit Smoking Toolbox

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Suzy

Thought I'd come here to answer your post in the Welcome thread.

Hope you had a great night with your non-smoking friends.  I think their reaction to us quitting depends on whether people have ever smoked and quit or never smoked at all.  Also, if they did smoke, how tough their own quit had been.  I used to get really mad when people told me that they had just 'woken up one morning and decided not to smoke again and that was it'.  Especially when I was suffering so very much.  It didn't seem fair.  However, I do think that our memories are wonderfully equipped to forget pain and, as the months and years roll by, when we look back on the early days of our quit, its easy to forget how bad it was.  That's another reason I love this forum because it really does keep my quit green.  Reading what others are currently going through reminds me, in no uncertain terms, just what I went through too.

We went out for a meal last night to a new Gastrobar in a village about half an hour away.  It was opened by two gay Spanish guys - one had worked for Bloombergs in London and the other had been a lawyer.  They met in a coffee house in London and decided to move back to Spain and live the simple life.  After a while, they got bored (they're only in their early forties) and Carlos (the lawyer), who had always loved cooking, decided they should open a very small restaurant.  So, that's what they've done and it's truly wonderful.  They made us feel like we were long lost friends so the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed and the food was perfect.  It was a lovely night.  I don't think I'll ever stop enjoying being able to sit for hours in a bar/restaurant without having to keep running outside for a fix.  I didn't see a single person smoking last night, either, which is great.

I've never seen the painting 'Guernica' but do, of course, know the horrendous thing which happened there in the Spanish Civil War.  I think that Picasso was born in Malaga or, at least, lived there.  Some friends of ours, who visit regularly, just love his art (I have to say that I don't, though) and they always spend time in Malaga where there is a museum dedicated to him and his work.  On one visit here, they fell in love with a stray kitten who was hanging around our land.  He was pure black and had no tail.  I had named him 'Chas' after Charles Bronson in 'Death Wish' as he had no fear of our dogs or anything at all.  So, after they returned to London, Gel and Rob rang me and asked me to get his vaccinations etc. done and a passport.  They paid for everything and then we took him to Malaga Airport where he flew - alone in a cat basket - to Gatwick.  They met him there and he now lives happily with them in Isleworth and is probably the most spoiled cat in England.  We're staying with them for a few days on our visit so will see him again.  Oh, goodness, do I waffle - the point of this story is that they re-named him 'Ruiz' which was Picasso's middle name.  Bit more up-market than 'Chas', eh?

Anyway, keep doing what you're doing and do keep in touch with the few of you still here.  It's a small group but I feel that you're all helping each other well. 

Have a great Sunday.  (It does get better!)

SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Sorry you are so angry and think you did not get any responses. I received a post from you and responded as soon as I got it I thought your post was venting but did not take it as a cry out for help - am sorry if I did not help.

Also, at times there are delays in notifications to people.

Do hope you will give the forum another chance either now or down the road. 

Hope you can continue your new smoke free life...sue quit 3/17/2016