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March Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 3/30/18 by slowblumer; 494297 views.

One that sticks in my head is watching old "I Love Lucy" episodes where Lucy and Ricky are always smoking (and drinking).  Kind of cracks me up how glamorous it all was in the 50's.  Now they put pics of throat cancer tumors and other horrendous smoking effects on the packs in the UK.  The US needs to start doing stuff like that.  How can you smoke with that image staring you in the face?  I really started noticing the advertising gimmicks in the US since I've quit.  Well, they had me spending my hard earn money slowly killing myself for 35 years.  It must work!


From: ColoradoMike


Yes, we do have the same quit date!

It has been an interesting and challenging journey that has become who I am....a non smoker and I like that!!

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My March Warriors Roommates,

Wow I'm really struggling today!  I don't even know why...no specific triggers.  I honestly think today has been the hardest day in my 3+ weeks of my quit that I came as close as possible to thinking about smoking.  I, of course, smacked myself in the face and said "YOU IDIOT!  WTF are you thinking?!?!"  But it's still lingering there.  It's only 7pm and I'm honestly thinking about just going to bed to put myself out of my misery and hope tomorrow will be better.  In my mind I was so past this and confident in my quit (dummy me) and here it sneaks up on me.  I honestly feel like I can't even think straight.  Like someone said in another post somewhere, I really wish there was "something" that could give us that "satisfied feeling" (the withdrawal release) that we instantly got from smoking.  Wouldn't that be great if chocolate could do that?  or even ice cream?  I feel like that's what I'm missing today...that instant relaxing feeling that smoking gave us from our withdrawal.  

I will get through this even if I just have to go to bed.  I just needed to vent a bit.  I know this is a journey and takes time and everything else....maybe I just need something to keep me busy.  I HATE this roller coaster.


Quit 3/9/18 muscle

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Since we're kinda a family now, I'd like to share a little more.  I know people are fearful of sharing stuff online so please don't do so if you don't feel comfortable.  I need to just type tonight and share some of my thoughts. It will keep me busy if nothing else (please forgive any rambling)....

I'm a MWF (lol) age 52 from Conneaut, Ohio.  It's a rural suburb about 1 1/2 hours east of Cleveland and 1 mile west from the Pennsylvania border.  I work full-time as a IT professional in a different suburb of Cleveland for a property maintenance company.  Prior to that I worked for an international law firm as an IT Manager for 21 years before they did workforce cutbacks.  Try finding a six-figure job at 50+ years of age so I was unemployed for 15 months.  I started smoking when I was 13 years old (thanks to my cousin).  I'm in my 3rd marriage to a retired cop (my dad is retired Cleveland police and my 2nd husband is still a Cleveland police) and I have a 22-year old daughter (who is brilliant) and going to college to be a neuro-biologist (never smoked).  She's the one that gets on my case all the time and I don't blame her.

This is my 5 or 6th time trying to quit.  I never made it more than 6 months (not even sure what happened).  I really want to get to know all of our March family because I feel like I can count on you when I need you.

Sorry this is random.  I think I just needed to keep typing to keep me in line tonight.


From: slowblumer


Hi Cindi,

You sure had 'one of those days' in your quit.  It is a roller coaster ride.  Some days you will feel like you 'got this' and then the next day will be awful.  But you are doing the right thing by coming here and venting and venting.  There is something about posting to get it all out and you are doing it.  

I am retired from IT and know what you mean about trying to get another job as I am a bit older than you.  I am in Maryland.

You are almost at one month smoke free-look how far you have come.

'Each time you navigate your way through stress smoke-free, choosing options other than smoking to deal with your tension, you’re reprogramming old habits and responses. Give yourself time and smoking will lose its power to attract, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Remember, cravings to smoke are not commands. They’re only thoughts. You don’t have to act on them.

Don’t let hard times reawaken the addict within. Honor the precious gift that life is by doing all you can to nurture your own'.


From: Kusho50


I REALLY hope you made it thru this.  I constantly use the just go to sleep method.  But I have quit my job and am on vacation till I move so I can afford to just go to sleep at any time of the day.  Anyway good luck and keep at it.

Hi Tom,

I made it through.  I actually felt better when I hit the Post button.  Hopefully today will be better.  Yesterday was terrible.


Quit 3/9/18

Thanks Marge.  Yeah it sure was.  Hopefully today will be better.  I have every one of the "flu" symptoms listed in that article...LOL.  Figures.  Except insomnia...I could sleep all the time now.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.


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Where is everyone???  Hope I didn't scare anyone away.  Marilyn, Marge, Tom, Mike, Becka, Claire, Denim?  Having a rough couple days and just need to see posts from you guys seeing how you're doing.


From: slowblumer


Hi Cindi,

You didn't scare anyone away.  We all know quitting is hard so stay here and post.  Also feel free to post in the different threads.                   

Tell yourself, “I can do it. Smoking is not an option.”

Think of the reasons you wanted to quit, make a list to review during times of stress.

Think of how much progress you have made so far.

Tell yourself that smoking will not solve the problem.

Think about what smoking does to your health.