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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 345994 views.

From: slowblumer


Greetings Smoke Free Warriors 2018 Group!

Welcome to your kickoff buddy group thread! This is a place for you to continue to get quit help, information and just hang out and get to know one another.

As we like to say around here, an educated quit is a successful quit - so keep reading and absorb everything you can on this site, the forum and elsewhere around the web. Arm yourself with knowledge and it will help you start the work of changing your relationship with your old smoking habit. Once you do that, you are on your way.

Settle in and get comfortable. This is your home base, but as always, the entire forum is here for you. ;-)

((((( Smoke Free Warriors 2018)))))

Hugs to all of you.

modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Congratulations to the July group!  Sorry if I get confused with the March Warriors and post random thoughts here.  wink  I just see "Warriors" and there I go.


From: pattyhowz


Hi Marge

Its feels good to have our new home with our new name. I got on early this morning for strength but so far it’s been a long day with doctors. Found out that I will be having back surgery on 8/17 - just after I celebrate one month free of cigarettes. Now I have extra incentive because they say you heal better if you don’t smoke.

Hope you have a wonderful smokefree day!


Quit July 13, 2018


From: slowblumer


Hi Patty,

You are the first Smoke Free Warrior to arrive.  I hope more arrive to keep you company.  Here's your own relaxation room.

I am sorry you have to have surgery but so glad you are smoke free for it.   You will not have all that worry of how to get to a cigarette.    Super proud of you.

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Congratulations on your new forum home. You have a great bunch of fellow July quitters and I am glad to be quitting with all of you. Best of luck and I hope you collectively share your strength with each other to battle this addiction.

I am sorry to hear about the back surgery, but at least you don't have to fret about "what will you do in the hospital or surgery center without being able to smoke?"

We are doing this!!

Hi Patty,

Sorry to hear that you need surgery on your back, trust that the surgery goes well, and that you have a swift recovery.

The new home is great, I just scraped in quitting on the 31st, the champix  must be working well already because I have not experienced major cravings yet, but I am not even through the first day so deep breaths.

Guard your precious quit

Kind regards



From: Michel05


Hi Anthony and Patty and all July quitters! Welcome to your new home and know we're all around you cheering you on and reaching out with all the support and education available. Here's to all of us and our successes one day at a time!


Quit 1 June 2018


  • Edited July 31, 2018 5:23 pm  by  Michel05

Congratulations Michele

2 Months quit wow eight whole weeks and then some, you must feel proud of your achievements.

Kind regards


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From: Nyerkes6588


I find it weird how my urges come and go. The weirdest things remind me of cigarettes. Its weird to think ill never smoke again in my life, i can't even say i won't because that might not be true. I hope it is and I know it'll be hard to turn them down if someone offers. My co workers are all really helpful in not letting me come outside and watching me if i do go outside so i dont smoke. 

This forum is pretty awesome. Lets me know I'm not the only one!


From: ExPipe


Patty -

Best of luck on your upcoming surgery.  Hope your recovery goes well and you get pain free.  I have had two back surgeries and am glad I had them.  Ruptured disks don’t really heal on their own.  You should be just fine with your quit going into surgery and will definitely heal faster as a non smoker.