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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 200445 views.
JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



I am thinking you just passed the two year mark on the 3rd. Congratulations on that! Hope you are well in the middle of the pandemic stuff.


From: lori1531


Hey JR! 

You are so sweet to remember my special day! On the 3rd I was thinking about how so totally addicted I was to cigarettes 2 years ago and how they ran my life. What a wonderful feeling of freedom it is not to think about smoking most of the time, when before I thought about smoking ALL OF THE TIME. 

Hope you are doing well and staying well. Let me know what’s going on with you. 

All of my kids are at home now and we are trying to live a normal life and not get covid! We haven’t eaten inside a restaurant yet but have eaten out side and picked up takeout. Lots of picnics too! I go into stores but always wear a mask. Try to keep clean hands as well. In our county there’s a mandatory face mask ordinance now. 

Take care! 


JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



Glad to hear you and your family are well during this pandemic. I wish our county or even our state would make masks mandatory. There are just too many people in my area who won’t wear them and our cases are beginning to skyrocket quickly now.

I’ve been working on more quilts since I’m spending all of my off time at home. Really moving along on the quilts... not much chance I’ll ever freeze to death! Lol

Also, I’ve recently ordered several pieces of Dave’s pottery. His artwork really amazes me. I have another order on the way from him and am like a kid waiting on Christmas. 

Wow, just think about this... in less than six months now you will be half way to getting wings. Once we reached that one year mark it seems like time is flying by.

Please continue to stay safe and congratulations again on your two year anniversary.

To Lori and all Smoke free Warriors 2018:

BIG Congrats on our 2 year anniversary. My anniversary will be on July 29 and I plan to write a message on here. I hardly ever think of smoking now and am so Thankful and Ecstatic that I no longer smoke. I would hate to be a smoker during this pandemic and smoking would put us more at risk to catch 'Rona. I LOVE my freedom and having my life back from smoking. 

Hope to hear from more of you guys soon. Our Governor mandated masks here (VA) in May but stores don't enforce or say anything to folks who don't and refuse to wear them. I live in a very rural area and know 2 local people who died from Covid this month. It is a KILLER but folks will not wear a mask for political and other asinine reasons...which I do not understand. Wearing masks is our new normal and we better do it if we want to come out of this crisis. I now refuse to shop or do business at places that do not enforce the mask mandate (except one grocery store as I have to buy food for Dad). Wish I lived in an area where we could have food delivered.  We barely have wifi for internet and cable tv. 

Still smoke-free and trying to keep 'Rona away.  Hope everyone staying safe.


Smoke-Free since 29 July 2018....How Sweet it is sunflower

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)



I’ve been thinking about you this week. In just a few more days you will be at the two-year mark and that is a huge success. At this point the chances that you will never smoke again are supposed to be 80% however I think it is at least 100% for you!

I have also been wearing my mask and goggles whenever I go out into public anywhere and just can’t understand why people will not wear their mask. Glad to hear you are staying safe.

Hey JR,

Always happy to hear from you. Seems most of the July 2018 peeps do not come back here often anymore (Most stopped before they got to the Clubhouse and really went lights out once they entered the Clubhouse). I enjoyed & needed the comaraderie when  we were on that initial Quit rollercoaster and fighting HARD on the battlefield to remain quit. Who would have thought those were the good ol' days??!! Our Quit buddies were so wonderful and supportive. And now this pandemic, lockdowns, violence in the streets and life turned upside down. The best thing about this year is that we don't have to worry about cigs and smoking. So Happy and Proud to be a ex-smoker. Wish I could make quilts like you. Would give me something to do while at home alone all day when not sitting with Dad. I got 5 more masks in the mail yesterday that I had ordered from Etsy. I'm sure we will be wearing masks at least for another year...at minimum.cold_sweat New World Order for sure. At least we can find toilet paper now. I just heard that the new shortage is aluminum cans so some peeps fav beer or soft drinks may not be available. This does not affect me one bit as I don't drink sodas or beer. Peeps that do better hoard now.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Hope you doing ok. I am still retired and sit/take care of Dad 2 days per week (14 hrs each day). Don't do much besides one trip to grocery store weekly for food to cook for Dad. Most restaurants and churches still not open here...even the fast food restaurants only do drive thru even though they could open the dining rooms inside if they follow stringent health guidelines and social distancing. I HATE/ABHOR going thru drive thru. I always ate inside...hate eating in car and the food would be cold if taken home. I miss going out to eat but really afraid to go inside to dine inside restaurants that are open. I have eaten inside 2 restaurants since things opened back up...one time for my birthday. As long as staff wear masks and they seat customers apart but it still makes me uneasy because I have to take my mask off. Trying to stay safe. 

Sending Good vibes your way.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Hi folks from the great summer of 2018. I know we have all gone dark from this forum from time to time, but I never feel missed when I check back in. I have to admit, I am laid up on my couch with a torn achilles with my laptop handy, so I though I would check in.

Even through these crazy times, shoulder and achilles surgery, it is great not to have to smoke. I can't even imagine what habits I would have to re-learn just to manage a nicotine addiction - there were so many. At least I can breathe deep and often. While I was rehabbing my shoulder, I was walking a lot, but will now be on crutches for a couple weeks, then in a boot for another two months. I will have to get some activity some how. We'll see what rehab has in strore.

I hope all is well in you respective lands. These are crazy times and we are on a new learning curve.  I think about this forum and our travels often. Stay save, breathe well and give a shout out when you can.

Hey Brian,

Always happy to hear from you. So now you have had another surgery?! Wow...don't you have better things to do during the lockdown and pandemic? Isn't that enough for you?stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I am SO Happy to not be a smoker during this time. Such a wonderful feeling and one less worry and hassle to deal with during these stressful times. 

Take it easy and rehab well. I will be celebrating (virtually of course) my 2 yr anniversary of quitting this week. It is truly hard to believe that going thru quitting in 2018 were the good ol' days. New World Order now. Our groups are so QUIET and mostly DESERTED now. I am now back encouraging some of the newbies that really need the support. Trying to be there for them as you and others were there for us. Thanks again for being such a wonderful support...when we needed it most. I still feel so much JOY and FREEDOM in my life due to quitting smoking. It's a Wonderful Life (except for the pandemic at this time).

Not fighting on the battlefield like I used to. I think I am a retired Warrior now. Nick is gone from my life forever. Still have my armor on but not on the battlefield anymore since Nick surrendered to me. 

Take care and warm wishes. Please stay safe and take care of yourself.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone doing ok. I am here standing proud today that I made it to my 2nd anniversary of quitting smoking. I last smoked on 29 July 2018. I had anxiety, joy, and anticipation about doing this but I knew it was something I was going to do. I had been smoking for 42 years and was finally ready to stop because I did not want to smoke and smell like stinky cigs any longer. I was also fearful for my health due to smoking for 42 yrs. It never bothered me before as I rationalized that I was a light smoker: half a pack a day. As long as you do things in moderation, it can't be too bad can it? While reviewing my life and making serious decisions about Medicare, etc. and realized I had been smoking for 42 years, I actually became frightened. Even though I was a light smoker, I had smoked for 42 years (VERY scary thought). No more excuses or rationalizations about continuing smoking. I did research about the best ways to quit smoking now in the social media age and decided to do an online support group which I found here in Delphi forums. This was the 2nd best decision after deciding to stop smoking. Made some great online quitters from all over the world and the support & caring was immeasurable. Made it thru with the support and camaraderie of my July Smoke Free Warriors, the mods, March 2018 Warriors, and of course my best comrade Molly from August group. She became an honorary Smoke Free Warrior as her group disappeared or at least were not verbal online. What a rollercoaster ride. We had to fight hard, had to have armor on and we remained on the battlefield until we weakened and finally subdued our enemy. It was so much more easier to get thru with my fellow warriors having my back. We followed our war plan and did not underestimate our enemy. He tricked so many and refused to leave us alone. He was a formidable foe but my Warrior squad was up to the challenge. We refused to lose and never gave up. We remained passionate, determined, committed, steadfast, TENACIOUS. brave...and patient. It was a marathon, not a sprint. It was a war, not just a battle. We had to be in it for the long haul to make it. We had to be in our armor and stay on the battlefield to FIGHT at a moment's notice. We took it one day at a time and let the days add up. We proudly displayed our stars and quit dates...we deserved and had earned them. We finally made it to the clubhouse after earning our hard-earned KEY. It was wonderful to arrive at the beautiful Clubhouse...we sure deserved a break and reward for all our hard work and effort.

And life goes on. Smoking is almost forgotten...it is something that we used to do. Glad to have been on this fulfilling journey with some wonderful folks. Hope everyone is doing ok and will do something even if it is small to honor another year of not smoking.  I still feel the Freedom, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Satisfaction that comes with stopping smoking. It was a hard fought for Freedom. And we did it.

Here's to another smoke-free year. Happy Trails my Friends.


Freedom and Smoke-free since 29 July 2018...How Sweet it is!sunflower

JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


hey Gloria,

Congratulations on Two years quit! You have really done a great job on the battlefield for yourself and the rest of us too. I hope you were able to celebrate today. 
It really is wonderful to be free from that addictive drug. I ave been having some light cravings lately. Not strong ones thankfully and I am not planning to jump back on the nicotine merry go round at all, but it has been shocking to have cravings this far in.