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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 287274 views.


Hello Jr, Denim & others. Happy September!! And Fall is here!! I started double masking again Aug 4 due to the Delta variant even though I am fully vaccinated (Moderna).  I even started wearing masks outside at my bible study (One vaccinated lady was exposed to covid at a funeral where only 2 people wore masks inside). Some people who were fully vaccinated caught the delta variant and got sick, Our vaccinated Bible study partner got sick but denied testing positive for covid even though her vaccinated stepsons who went to funeral with her DID get sick and tested pos for covid. So I am back in pandemic mode: double masking inside and when in close proximity outside & only going to inside places of necessity. I was pissed as I thought we were thru this mess. I had to get used to double masking again, no social gatherings & no dining inside restaurants AGAIN. I have now accepted that we may have to stay in pandemic mode until 2023...or longer. I am not gonna get a booster shot yet but will consider it after one year just like the annual flu shot.

My oldest little doggie (the cranky old male chihuahua) finally got so sick with his congestive heart failure that the meds didn;t help and he was suffering. Had him euthanized on Sept 5. Glad& Thankful I still have my sweet 6 Y O chiweenie Dolly. We doing ok missing that bossy noisy chihuahua. Had to change my daily doggie routines so Dolly will remain happy and confident. I know she is grieving and missing her "Boss." She got her bed back now. I take her riding everyday and give her lots of cuddles and playtime. She goes walking with me now  as well. She had separation anxiety before I got the older dog. I try not to leave her alone now and I am home everyday anyway. We doing ok. We grieving together. I don;t plan to get another dog but who knows. 

I plan to go Vegan next year JR...no more meat for me. I am on twitter everyday and always read about (and SEE) the inhumane treatment of factory farming that our meat industry has become. I am totally against animal slaughter and am an animal rights advocate. I feel SO convicted and sad when I eat meat for awhile now. So I am going totally vegan in Jan---no meat, dairy, eggs etc. It's time!! So no more homemade ice cream or deviled eggs (my FAVs!!!) come Jan. I challenge anyone who loves animals to join me in becoming vegan. It will be a totally different lifestyle for me as I grew up on a farm and always knew my meat by name!! Had no control then but past time to follow my beliefs now. I am as committed to this as quitting smoking. I will start meatless Mondays in Oct to try to figure how what I can eat. My older Sis is vegan for health reasons so she is a big support. I have to come up with some recipes for meals I can eat. Will not do more cooking...need some easy meals. I am low carb due to diabetes. I have time to research and plan for my new life in Jan.

I am also helping my older brother buy/find his first home. He has to move out of Dad's home and was gonna get an apt. He is a veteran and I asked him if he had thought about using his VA benefits to buy a home. He said he never thought about it but is now excited about the possibility of owning his first home. Told him he could get a home and own it vs. paying rent. He has been pre-approved now to get a VA home loan with $0 down. He was sad & upset to have to move out of our family home but is now excited with his new road ahead. I told him he would LOVE having his own place (Spot!). So I am busy finding homes he might like. He did not know house pymts could be less than rent. Glad to help him.

Looking forward to my niece's wedding Oct 15 on the beach in Virginia Beach, VA. She got engaged last yr during the pandemic and thought she put it off until the pandemic would be over but here we are. It is outside and will just be a small reception in a big warehouse open building. We are SO happy that they can have a wedding with family and friends. We will be wearing masks of course.

I will be staying at VA Beach oceanfront during the wedding. I will be alone but looking forward to being rejuvenated and enjoying the ocean to lift my pandemic spirit. So looking forward to this trip, even though alone.

Still kicking Cig butt!!! Thankful, Joyful and blessed.   


Nicotine & smoke-free since 30 Jul 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflowersunflowersunflower


From: CindiS319


Hi Gloria,

So good to hear from you.  Wow you have a lot going on.  It's really nice that you could help and guide your brother.  The wedding and the stay at VA Beach sounds wonderful!  It's been a long time since I've stepped on an ocean beach.  Sorry to hear about your doggie.  I know how hard that is.  We just discovered a big lump on my older dog's shoulder (she's 10 1/2) and surgery would be like $1200.  We had it biopsied but it was inconclusive so we're just going to keep an eye on it to see if it grows any bigger or starts to bother her.  

Yes this pandemic can end anytime now and that would be great.  The only good thing I see that has come from it for me is I've been working from home and I love it.  My commute is 1.5 hours each way so it is awesome that I can work from my home office.  I actually think I'm more productive and less stressed.

Congratulations on your decision to go vegan.  That's a great choice but one I don't think I could make.  I have quite a few friends that are vegan and they say they feel so much healthier too.  Maybe some day....

Take care and enjoy your time at VA Beach!  Stay SAFE and HEALTHY too!!

BMann (bmann018)

From: BMann (bmann018)


Hey all,

I was replying to a cc post from Cindi and Denim and thought about all the other fine ex-smokers I love from this site. We just don't get a chance to connect as much these days, but I skim your posts and think about the contacts we all made and how truly concerned and affected we remain by each others' troubles and victories. It is tough getting older, even smoke free, but at least we do not have to pay the $10 for smokes each day.

Things going well here in Oregon. No close fires this year and it is raining again, so danger is past. We have been kayaking a lot this summer around the region. I have lived here 40+ years and never took advantage of all the rivers and lakes here. We had such a hot and dry summer, the weather was always good to get out on the water and and explore, (explore for older people).  I sure want to be able to travel the country soon, but I have to stay close since my wife still works and pays the bills.

Lori, I sure hope you are feeling better. I only know a few folks who are recovering and for a couple it has been a long haul. We are vaccinated, but still avoid large crowds, in an unmasked setting. I am happy we can officiate football games without a mask, hard enough for a 64 year old to move up and down the field with the kids. 

Molly, Gloria and JR, I would love to hear how you are doing and what projects you all have going on.

Don't know what else to say, but would love to hear back from all of you and hopefully make a better effort to stay in touch. I feel bad getting too busy to say hey to folks who helped save my life during 2018 - our great getting up morning of quitting smoking. We represent the 2% who are succeeding at remaining quit for over 2 years and should be very proud of our success - we expended the blood sweat and tears to free ourselves of that addiction. Sometimes I think, why me, but then rejoice "Why not Me!!"

Stay strong and we will talk again soon.


From: Denim50



Hey JR, 

Congratulations on three years smoke free! I hope you celebrate and have a wonderful day. These milestones truly are amazing from where we all started. Over 1/2 way to exchanging those keys for wings. Hope to see you post here again soon. Have a great week. 


JR (DPartonFan)

From: JR (DPartonFan)


Gloria and Denim,

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply to your post! I was supposed to have had 7 days off last week and had planned to reply then but my off days shrank really fast! We have so many employees who are getting exposed to Covid and our medical department is making them quarantine for several days so I keep getting called in to work to cover their shifts. I had to cram 7 days worth of things to get done into one day. 
I did manage to do a bridge prep to replace a missing tooth and then took my car in for service and scheduled surgery for trigger finger next Thursday. Getting all that done in a single day was exhausting. Now I am back to work on my regularly scheduled night shifts. 

I was planning to quilt a scrappy quilt but never even got started on it because of working so much overtime. That frustrated me because I was planning to have been sleeping under that quilt this week. 

Gloria- I am so sorry to hear that your doggie is gone. Is that the one you named Cowboy? Glad Dolly is doing ok though. 

I had gone back to wearing masks again in July because so many vaccinated people in our area have been getting Covid. I agree with your assessment that we may be in this through 2023. I hope not- but it sure isn’t looking promising in my opinion.

Has your brother been able to find a place yet? Hopefully the VA will be able to help him get something.

I went to Virginia Beach with my Aunt and Uncle in 2007. I loved it there. There were lots of people fishing off of the pier and they were catching fish like crazy. I asked a dude what kind of fish they were catching and I think he said they were called sun fish.


Thanks for the congratulations. I can’t believe three years have gone by now considering how slowly it all started. So with all of this cardiac stuff I really think  if I had kept smoking I probably wouldn’t be here today. So glad I was able to kick the addiction and I know it was only because of the great support and encouragement all of my smoking buddies gave me.

Guess I’d better sign off for now. I am still at work and getting ready to finish up my shift. I’ll try my best not to wait so long to reply next time even if it’s just to say I’m working and will get back to you.

Hope you both are having a good weekend.

CC to Denim50