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Smoke Free Warriors 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/18 by slowblumer; 345218 views.

Hello Cindi, Denim etal

Happy 2023 everyone!! I was on Twitter today and just responded to a female who is trying to quit smoking. She had not smoked in 24 hrs and was having a difficult time. I responded to her tweet and encouraged her to keep fighting, take one day at a time, drinks lots of ice water and NEVER Surrender. Made me think of this forum and what we were going thru in 2018-19. So I decided to post a msg here.

I totally don't think about smoking anymore but sometimes a little whisper thought about a cig will come out of the Blue. And I think "As if." Lol. Nicodemon doesn't want to go there with me!! He knows I will kick his butt.sunglasses

I made my BIG move to Virginia Beach area. Waiting on spring and summer to enjoy the beach life & activities. We had a record temp of 81 degrees yesterday; looking forward to more of this. I am still joyous to have moved here. Life is Good!!

We will be getting our wings this year. I also have a milestone birthday June 29. Will definitely celebrate my birthday & Wings in July this summer. Hope more quit buddies come back for the celebration this year.

Love to all.

Gloria J - Quit since July 2018 - How Sweet it is!!sunflowersunflowersunflowersunflower

CC to Denim50Molly010

Congratulations on your move!  Yes I was just thinking about our 5 years coming up.  I've referred a lot of people to our forum but don't think they come here.  Congratulations on your move!!!  VA Beach is beautiful!!  Glad you checked in and hope to see you soon!  


From: Molly010


Hello Gloria and fellow non-smokers!

I can't believe we will reach 5 years this year.  When I first started that first week felt like years.  Now look where we are!  

Congratulations on your move!  Would love to live by the beach as well.  I am already searching for beach places to live when I retire, which won't be for over a decade, but I can dream! 

Been working and planning a trip to Italy with a friend of mine later in the year.  I downloaded one of the non-smoking apps and saw that I saved over 10k over these last 4 years and have been wanting to go for years now and was saving up for it.  Very excited about it.  Just have to renew my passport.  

Cindi you must have gained your wings since you posted!  Congratulations to you.  I will have to find the post in your group!