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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 246398 views.

From: awaken1961


sorry I am late, but congratulations on being one year smoke free, awesome job !!!


From: Mrissa


Glad to see everyone is celebrating!!! Just stopped by to say hello and I hope everyone is doing welltada

I was sick for about 3 weeks.... still getting over the lingering cough and post nasal drip. 

I can't believe I used to smoke through flus and colds in the past. 

I definitely have a renewed appreciation for my health now that I've stopped smoking. I think my self care has increased to very healthy places.

My aunt in law has just started the patch and I'm proud and happy to encourage her along. 

The last few months of my quit I just didn't want to think about quitting anymore and get on with thinking about other things.

I guess it makes sense because quitting was so mentally demanding as well as emotionally.

I'm glad to be in the peaceful place now where it's not a constant battle.  .. it's truly beyond what I could imagine.

The old smoker me seems like a totally different person I don't really know!

It's nothing but a good thing and a little hard to explain... but I am just glad to be here with you all crossing the 1 year line!

Vic, Wuffie, Gloria... cc too


From: Vic091718


Hey there. I hope you’re all better. Have some chicken .  Been in 6 states last 2 months designing new restaurants.  All is good. I hope the same for everyone.  Cheers

Go Nats!  Go Pats!

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From: Mrissa


Hey you are a chef and designer... that's great! a multi talent! 

I think we are all going to have to eat dinner at 1 of your restaurants sometime.

Thanks for the soup. I'm feeling much better!


From: Denim50



Hey September Ash-Kickers 2018, 

Congratulations to all of you on thirteen months this month. A month beyond that anticipated one year celebration and moving on toward year two. So cool. Hugs and congrats to each of you.  



From: Denim50


Hey Wuffie, 

     Thank you for your kind words about Gloria and I but I want you to know that to you’re gold too, around the forum and to us, as a quit buddy and as a friend. Thank you, and if you’ve not yet been reminded today, you are awesome!  Congrats on that thirteen month milestone.  



From: Wuffie34


Thank you Denim!! 


From: Molly010


Hi Mrissa,

It's amazing what we used to do as smokers.  Like you I continued to smoke through colds and the flu.  It's also amazing the difference one year makes.  I hardly think about smoking at all anymore and when I do, it's a just a passing moment.  My boyfriend and I went to see Van Morrison recently and I watched as the smokers were trying to get their smokes in before the concert started.  The smoking areas were very limited and I felt sorry for them.  That would have been me just over a year ago.  And I would have had to find a place to smoke between the opening act and the concert.  Then I would have been dying to smoke about half-way through the concert.

They say only 7% of people who quit smoking will make it to one year.  I do not know the percentage for relapse after one year, but we are certainly the exception and it is a good place to be.  Glad you made it with us.  Thank you for your support and hope you are feeling better!


From: Mrissa


Hey Molly,

It really is incredible how different and incredible life is without cigarettes. The enjoyment and pleasure in activities is unencumbered now. My husband and I rode mountain bikes for 3 hours today. I never once thought of smoking. The times have grown few and far between that I have any smoking thoughts. I LONGED to live days with this freedom.  Now I do!!

It's so precious. I can't ever imagine going back to smoking. I will stay vigilant with the understanding that it would only take 1 puff to be back to where I never want to go again. N.O.P.E will be a life choice daily.

I'm so happy for you and your freedom. Especially at the concerts that you enjoy! I remember how you shared the smoking  trigger of going to concerts.... now you are free and unencumbered to enjoy concerts!!

How awesome!!

I'm so happy relaxed to be in that number with you and all our quit buddies who have passed a year and more

Let's keep going !! .... I like those beautiful wings that fivers have....  I would like to get a pair 


From: Mrissa


Thank you Denim!! 

I hope you have an awesome weeksunflower