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September Ash-Kickers 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 10/1/18 by ModSue (VentasSue); 335766 views.

From: Nanp123


Thank you! 4 years is very exciting & I am so happy I quit! Never thought I’d say that!!!  Hope you are all well. Next year (5 years) I will be cruising the Panama Canal - so excited for that bucket list trip. This group got me through a difficult time. The support & education about quitting & all the physical changes that occur, helped me be successful! According to my smoke app, I have not smoked 29,028.5 cigarettes! OMG!!! Congratulations to all us Ash Kickers!  Love, Nancy


From: RoberTu


Yes time goes by so quickly.

It makes such an enormous difference to focus on your health.  Smoking is bad and I am glad to have escaped its clutches.

I have been reading some great books on nutrition, and it is so interesting to see the modern science overturning popular beliefs

Same with climate change, constant new thinking emerging about building a healthy planet.


From: Vic091718


Hi all.  A happy 4 years is here!!!!!  Thanks to sweet Denim for all her coordinating skills!  Denim you are a fantastic friend!  I hope your health is back to 100%  Cheersand a warm homemade for you!  We need Mrissa - she has the blueprints for the cool wings.  All is good here. Playing a lot of golf n doing weekend trips for fun.  Hopefully a cruise in March. Nancy - send a suggestion.  Take care all.  Congrats on 4 years!  Thank you all for helping all of us get this done!  

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