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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 378096 views.

From: Sooz007


Honestly JoJo you must be the most energetic person I know!!  I love it!  You are totally insane (or totally sane depending on your viewpoint like in Alice in Wonderland), manic, passionate, violently loyal (just ask Angelina) and I love you for all of it!

How nice is our new home - I got us a lovely rug and some lamps, so let's get comfy.  Who put the case of champagne in the fridge, let's all go and have a celebratory drink.  We survived long enough to get the keys to our proper home!

Sooz :)


From: JoJoMn


Ms. Connery, we do NOT get KEYS until we have lived (survived snd flourished) for a year. The soonest any keys will be distributed is AUHUST 1, 2016. Except you, you get a key to the back door first - you sneaky person!

Gotta run - Thursday afternoons is day of data entry at our parish office.

Haven't even had my second cuppa.

Champagne should be prperly chilled by time I get back. NO MESSES. NEW HOUSE - NEW RULES. Let s keep the noise down to a dull roar, K?

I can just imagine the scene when I get back: gadzillion posts and no way to respond properly. Everythin willy-nilly!  

See ya, pretty lady.


Jo *

~ August Champions 2015 ~ Quit August 1, 2015


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Hi, everyone!

I see we have a new home base. I love the name. It is fitting. This is an excellent group.

There were a few people who posted to me yesterday and last night. I was busy and by the time I had a free moment for the forum, I was so tired I couldn't focus my eyes. So, I went to bed.

I'm still quit and that is the important thing. Everybody is doing an outstanding job!


Quit 8/25/15

One week, one day, 16 hours, 57 minutes and 54 seconds. 174 cigarettes not smoked, saving $47.19. Life saved: 14 hours, 30 minutes.


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From: youdi


Passed the first stress test... I had a tiff with my wife over the phone (major trigger).... was able to resist... confused that I should be sad about the tiff or happy about resisting the trigger...grinning ... I'll kiss and makeup after going to home anyways... 




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From: Jenavieve03


Awesome job youdi! This is one of my triggers as well, when my husband and I have a rough day I used to smoke A LOT, sometimes chain smoke if it was a bad fight ... AMF is right though .. what did it change? NOTHING ... did the cigarette cause us to make up ... NOPE! great great job!!!



From: Sooz007


Wow well done youdi. Our partners have the most power over our emotions so well done in staying strong. Keep leading the way!! :)

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From: Corrado79


We have a home!! I think the name is very fitting.

I must say. I hate this suffering. That's the only way to describe it. I'm not romancing the cigarette but it is very difficult for me. I have been trying to quit for YEARS and it's just annoying! Can't stand it. Anyway. That's my rant for the day. How is everyone else? Hope everyone is having a better moment than I am.  


From: JoJoMn


Hello, Corrado. You have been doing well.

And yes...it is hard. But COPD and cancer treatments are harder. They are physically excrutiating and psychologically taxing.

By comparison...

Withdrawal is the ONLY part of our quit that has physically taxing.  For 3 days on average. Football players go through a lot more in two-a-days before the season starts.

The rest is mostly between the ears.  The mental withdrawal.  The combating the Junkie Thinking. Our minds are conditioned to recognize a certain level of nicotine in our systems as optimal.  And to send us a signal to light up. That signal is a crave.  It also knows, from the past, that within a certain period of time,  the hit of nicotine will come - so it only lasts for a few moments. If not satified, another crave is sent.  If we cave, it cements: yep, that worked. And we continually have trained our brain to give us the command to maintain the nicotine level. Over and over and over. Day after day after day. Year after year after year. Sad: crave. Happy: crave. Hungry;: crave. Satisfied: crave. Because those activities/emotions in the past have been signals that the nicotine level will go up. 

NOW...we are trying to live WITHOUT feeding our bodies nicotine. And our brain only knows to crave - measure nicotine level - crave if level is low --- crave if we are fulll - crave if we are stressed - litierally ad nauseum.  And we are in mental withdrawal. Trying to teach this extremely powerful muscle - our brains - to think differently than we have taught it for years to think the Junkie Thoughts. We are fighting ourselves. Our will against the addiction. 

THAT is quitting in a nutshell. 

I taught my brain. Now it wants what I taught it to want. And I am upset because it does what I taught it.

WHICH is the work we do.

By the way: a crave goes away whether we cave or don't. We are not in ONE continuous crave. We are in intermittent mental craves. Which is why the FIVE D'S work. The secret to quitting.

D 1:  DISTRACT. Do something else to occupy the brain.  Take a walk. A puzzle. A movie. A scream. Jumping jacks. Whatever.  

D 2: DRINK WATER. Ice cold is best.  Occupies the hand, the mouth, hydrates our bodies (most smokers are usually slightly dehydrated), cleanses the body from impurities.  It will also make you go to the bathroom more often - lol - side effect.

D 3: DELAY.  Wait.  One common use here: post a HELP needed post, WAIT for 3 replies. 

D 4: DEEP BREATHS. Most smokers hold their breaths all the time. Just watch your own breathing - how much you hold it. Smoking is breathing in and out - junk but air too. SO... Slowly breathe in thru your mouth...deeply...hold a few seconds...exhale very slowly...repeat...repeat...as often as necessary.

D 5. DISCUSS. Your support network. Tell your friends, family that are supportive what you are going thru. And come here and post.

Common things that help in more than one of the above: plastic straw used as fake cigs. Mints. Gum drops. Stress balls. 

And educate yourself. 

Best to you.

Jo *


From: grannieA


Hi Corrado,

How well I remember that feeling early in the quit. Like I was suffering. I guess I was because it sure felt like it to me. But I will tell you that early on, the thought of having a cigarette absolutely consumed me. If I woke up in the middle of the night I thought of how I used to smoke but now I don't.

Thought of cigarettes filtered into everything I did all day long. 

Believe it or not somewhere along the way my brain spent more time thinking about other things. Each day that goes by your mind will fill up with other thoughts. Cigarettes will not consume every waking moment of your day. And I don't mean craving a cigarette. But it was the constant thought that I smoked before and now I don't. It was really hard to give up. I really loved that first cigarette in the morning with coffee. Now I have my coffee without a  smoke and really don't think much about it. . 

These constant thoughts will go away in time. In will happen for you......

You're doing great in your quit!