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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 266417 views.

From: Sooz007


Hello there my sweet friend, it's lovely to hear from you.  It's been busy but thankfully starting to slow a little as people begin to prepare for xmas.   London is beautiful this time of year as you can imagine and there is lots going on.  I am going to Borough Market tonight (near London Bridge) for a cheese and wine party which should be fun.  Hope you are well and happy and are getting some time off over xmas to spend with your lovely new husband for your first married xmas together.

Take care.


Sooz x


From: youdi



Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the favorite time of the year... relaxed

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From: MomandNana


Hey Angela!

I wanted to touch base again and I see I have some questions to answer, lol.

That particular day and each day since has improved or at least remained the same (pain wise) so I'm in such a better frame of mind. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing the doctor on the 21st (sort of). In the meantime, I found some natural remedies that I know will fully resolve my problem(s). **see pm** I am starting the protocol today.

My Thanksgiving was really nice. The food was delicious <wink wink> and I had help with the cleanup which is always a bonus.

I am ready, aside from little things here and there, for Christmas. Our decorations have been done since a couple days after Thanksgiving. I'll attach some pics. I apologize ahead of time if they come out side ways.

Amanda (GA daughter) and family came and went. Her baby shower was fantastic! She will be able to get most of what is needed because the majority of her guests gave her gift cards (due to traveling back home). Of course this baby won't want for nothing anyway if Nana (me) & Grampy (hubby) have anything to do with it, lol!! I already miss them and especially my granddaughter! She ran in my room at 3 am the day they left (Wed), called out my name and climbed on my bed to squeeze me tight. :-)) Neither one of us would let go. Once again I say.....thank goodness for FaceTime! She called me when she got home.

I miss you guys too! I will be around more often as long as I continue to feel up to it. Talk to you soon!


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From: youdi


Hey AMF! Yes...it is going really hectic at my office, everything is being pushed to be completed by 16th Dec as most of them will be on leave from 17th to new year...

My family is doing fine..my daughter had lot of fun decorating the Christmas tree...


From: MomandNana


Hi Youdi!

I remember how hectic it is this time of year so try to take it easy. The picture of your daughter is beautiful! 

Are you and your family still going to your cousins for Christmas?


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