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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 387972 views.

From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim,

Just thought I would pop in - you're right - so busy! I can't wait for the weekend and a good nights sleep LOL I took another one of my exams last weekend - and I had been waiting to get the score from my other one and I found out I passed (and that was the part on taxes, which to me was the hardest one because I dont do taxes LOL) so now I am studying for audit which should be (knock on wood) the easiest one for me - so I plan to take it in April (about 6-7 weeks from now) then I will only have 1 more - ah - you dont know how much I am ready to have my CPA and have the exams behind me! LOL

I have heard of the Keto diet - I may need to get on that! LOL I have not been eating too well this busy season - its more about convenience, so not as much nutrition, and because of that I have gained 5-10 pounds. How has it been since you posted?. Do you think the dizziness is because of the diet or the fasting? I think it would be good to try just the keto and see if it goes away?

Hope you're feeling better now!



From: MomandNana



Dang! I can’t believe I haven’t been here since February!!! 

I’m happy for you for passing your exam....CONGRATS!!!!....and I’m guessing you either took the other one already or are about to take it. You got this!

I haven’t started yet with the keto “diet” as planned back in Feb but me & hubby are starting this coming Monday.

I originally lowered my eating window (intermittent fasting) too fast so it was causing the dizziness. I now have a plan in place to narrow the window by an hour each week so it will take me a month to have a four hour eating window.

I gained 30 POUNDS!!! I’m fortunate that I gain all over so I don’t look as heavy as I am but it is STRESSING me out SO BAD! I’ve never been this heavy in my entire life. I went from being able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound to gaining just by looking at it, lol. I even lost weight on vacations....Who does that? Lol  This is not the time in life to be overweight so I need to get this weight off as soon as I can. 

I haven’t been too active so I’m sure that contributed to it as well. That is changing soon. Elijah starts school July 1st so I will finally be free to do my own thing like walking at the beach, WOOHOO!!

Anyhoo, sorry for the complaining! Let me know how your exam goes. Talk soon!!



From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim,

I have 2 more to take (there are 4 in total, and then an ethics one) but I take one a week from tomorrow (April 20). I feel pretty good about it - so hopefully it will be down to just 1. (FINGERS CROSSED)

This busy season was pretty bad for me - we are understaffed at work so everyone has been pulling more hours to compensate for less staff. I just hope we see the appreciation when we get our bonuses this summer LOL Also, since I am so busy - I have been eating more for convenience less for nutrition - so not the healthiest, I could say. How is the fasting going so far? I too havent been as active because by the time I get home its late and I just don't care. LOL Hopefully it will calm down by the end of this month and I can get back at it. We are going on another big trip to Europe this summer and I don't want to be chunky in all the photos! ha 

Got to run - back to work! 



From: MomandNana


Hey A!

How did your exams go? 

I haven’t been successful with dieting. My body has been fighting intermittent fasting and keto, lol. I’ve had severe digestion problems (mainly nausea). I don’t know what’s wrong but I’ve had a reprieve for the last week or so, thank God, but too afraid to give them a try again. I’ll figure it out though. 

We’re about to leave for vacay in DC for a week and then my daughter & fam (who is meeting us there) is coming back to CT for a week. My oldest granddaughter is staying with us until the end of June when we fly back to GA for a two week vacay!!!! I’m so excited, I can’t wait! 

On another note, my grandson that I take care of, starts preschool July 1st so I’m officially kid free! I love him to death but so need a break, lol!! Two kids, pretty much back to back was tough for me.

When do you leave for your vacay? 

Oh, I had to take my Fitbit off because it gives me little rashes when it gets wet, ugh. I hate I can’t track my steps now that I’ve increased them... hahaha! Hubby and I will be riding bikes soon so we’ll see how that goes! :-)

Hope to hear from you soon!



From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!! 

Sorry to hear about you having digestion issues while trying out those new plans - maybe its a sign they arent right for you - and you should try something else? Your summer sounds great - and yay for being baby free soon! I can understand how tiring it must be watching them back to back! Thankfully youll have more time for yourself! :)

I have been SO busy!! I did pass the exam I took in April - but now I am working on studying for another. I leave Monday for Cali for 2 weeks for work, and then I get back and turn around and leave for Europe for 3 weeks. And then the weekend after we get back...hubby and I are going to pick up the newest member of our family: we are getting a new Pomeranian!!!! I am beyond excited - but I am not sure how Mia will take it!

Speaking of Mia - girl - she is doing so well lately! (knock on wood) she is my little miracle dog!!! Its been almost 3 years since she was diagnosed with CHF and they gave us a 1-1.5 year prognosis! She definitely has bad days - but shes having more good than bad now - and still a happy girl! I am so thankful!

Heres a photo of the new pup:

and here is Mia dressed as Princess Jasmine in honor of the new Aladdin that came out lol:

Hope to hear from you soon!



From: MomandNana


Oh my gosh!!! Your fur babies are so ADORABLE!!!!! I love the new ones coloring! I’m so happy to hear Mia is doing so well. Being loved makes miracles happen. :-)

Today is my last day babysitting the little guy. It’s bitter sweet, tbh. Although the last few days have been horrible! lol I am so looking forward to my vacation!

WOW 3 weeks? Nice! Enjoy!!

Talk soon,



From: amfsmokefree


Aww - I am sure you will still see him a lot - and get your grandbaby fix! ;) Plus, this will give you more time to focus on yourself! How are your digestive issues doing?

We just got back from Europe yesterday - and man am I exhausted! LOL It was incredible though! 

Thank you for the sweet words about Mia! I agree 100% - I think a lot of it is how loved and happy she is! I am so thankful she is still here - we pick up the new puppy this weekend - we have decided to name her Pippa :) well that is the plan at least - sometimes when you meet them - another name may fit better, so I guess its not set in stone or anything! 

How is everything else for you?! Hope all is well! :)



From: MomandNana



I still have to pick him & Noah up from school on occasion so yes, I get my fix! Lol

My digestive problem has been a lot better as of late. I went to an integrative health center while I was in GA two weeks ago. I believe I’m finally going to get the help I need.

I had my 2 week (phone) follow-up to go over all of my labs. They took around 10 vials of blood, lol! There are a few areas where I need support right now....Nutritional & digestive. The other areas will wait to see how I respond to supplemental treatment....Hormones. Fixing the other areas may balance my hormones but if not, I can start bioidentical hrt when/if necessary. 

I feel pretty good though! I started back at the gym and also plan to start walking at the beach again. I’m also going to add rebounding. I’m hoping to reach my goal weight by next spring. I think I will!!

Did you go with the name Pippa? That is SOOOO CUTE!! 

My son has a new baby too. I think I’m his new mommy, lol! I won’t tell his fiancé who loves him to death. Hopefully the pic posts.

Lets talk soon!



From: slowblumer


Hi August 2015 Champions,

A quit buddy said something that reminded me that you guys are at the 4 year point this month.  How about that!!!

You were/are one strong buddy group.  Next stop... your wings.




From: amfsmokefree


Hi Marge!! 

Thank you so much! I can't believe it - 4 whole years! It has been so long that I almost forget I ever smoked sometimes! Cravings are so few and far between, and I will keep it that way forever! My hubby and I plan to start a family in the next couple of years, and quitting 4 years ago was the best thing I could have done for us! :)