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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 384958 views.

From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!!

Holy Moly its been a while!! Can you believe we are almost in August again - 5 YEARS!!!!! SO AWESOME!!

How are you? Have you guys moved yet? How are the babies? How is your health? I pray covid hasnt impacted you all! My parents got it - but thank GOD they both are recovered and fine - it was basically flu like symptoms - never got worse.

Also guess what - since we spoke last I FINALLY finished all of my exams and I am officially a CPA! Gosh - I think I worked on those forever hahahah I am so glad to be done!

Was thinking about you and wanted to check in! I promise to check back soon :)



From: JoJoMn


Hello, my fellow August Champions.

All is well.

Will be back tomorrow.

Remembering always:

     Retreat is not an option.

     Upward. Onward. Forward.




From: kittymom413


Hi there, Jo,

It's so good to see you as I've missed your wit & wisdom. Congratulations on earning your wings tomorrow 

Have a blessed weekend,

(((BIG HUGS)))

Kitty cat


From: JoJoMn


Good morning...GOOD DAY....

Happy FIFTH Anniversary to ALL the August Champions!

Just a quick stop at the day's beginning, as I an going out in a few.

Wanted to acknowledge those who helped ALL of us to get to this moment.

First and foremost: our companions in the battle, our brethren the other August Champions. We lost some along the way...and hopefully they will find a new path to being smokefree. [Specially Helen365...]

And this site and the mods. ModDee and ModMarge! Providing a hand and word when we needed a lil (or big) boost.

Personally, I must thank some people specifically for helping me in ways I cannot even comprehend even to this day....

? Angelina...my twin...no words...none for what you meant to me on this journey. 

? Rick342...my rock...

? Steve (Gersheps)...

? Sensational Seniors...Kitty, Susan, Cocoa

? And ALL OF YOU....

One confession: This has been the hardest thing I have ever done and, outside of my daughter, the one that I am most proud of. Sometimes crawling...sometimes almost being carried by you, my comrades in arms...sometimes silly...sometimes really angry.

But one thing (well, two) were dots, stars, keys and wings that inspired and carried me forward for the last FIVE YEARS: (1) your support and belief we could be SMOKEFREE, and (2), more importantly, my Lord.

Thank you. Gracias. Danke schoen. Merci. Grazie.

Upward. Onward. Forward.

Retreat is not an option.

Victory is ours.




From: slowblumer


Hello you August Champions, 2015

JoJo, Angelina , Janet,  Kim, Rula, Helen, Youdi, Angela and Jenn.  Please excuse if I missed anybody, I am very sorry-let me know. 

Huge congratulations on 5 years quit.   You all have sprouted beautiful wings.  

PS -  You guys were such a great in your support for one another.  

             --Celebrate this wonderful freedom--


Congratulations to every single August Champions 2015!!!!!

You've all earned your wings!!!!! Nice job of nailing the addiction! You guys will definitely inspire new quitters to just hang in there and take this One Day At A Time like you guys did. You definitely are no sissies!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: kittymom413


Congratulations to all August Warriors for earning your wings! I am so very proud of all of you & I'm also extremely grateful heart My 5 year anniversary will be the end of September & there is no way I would have made it to this point without all of you & so many others  cheering me on.

(((BIG HUGS))) & lots of love coming your way,

Kitty cat


From: MomandNana


Hi Angela!!

FIVE YEARS!!!!!!! We did it girl!

Congratulations to all of my fellow August Champions!!! We earned our wings! Thank the Lord!!!

I'm doing well, trying to keep our immune systems working optimally so no one gets sick. Covid hasn’t touched any one in my family so praying. I’m so relieved to hear you guys are fine and your parents fully recovered. All of the babies are doing great! I take care of the boys. They’re all getting so big! We just found out we have another one on the way!! This time, my oldest son and his fiancé are expecting. We’re so excited! 

Congratulations on passing your exams! It was a long road but I knew you had it in you. 

Check back in when you can, take care!!



From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!

Aww - congrats! Another on the way! That is so exciting - we are getting close to trying to start our family - but we are working on building a house first! We are actually mid planning with an architect now for the plans - hope to be moved in by the end of 2021...its going to be a long process lol we are just at the beginning right now!

I am so glad to hear COVID hasn't touched anyone in your family - I pray it doesn't!

Yes - I am so glad I passed my exams - and I actually was promoted to manager too (basically they were just waiting for me to pass my CPA, as its mandatory for a management position) so I am glad I am done and can continue to progress at work as well! 

Gosh - 5 years - I really can't believe it some days. I honestly forget I even smoked! Right now is a bit stressful as we have the 2 storms in the gulf potentially headed our way - though its looking like Marco will go to Louisiana and miss us, but Laura is a little more unknown - hope she turns! 2020 has been crazy enough!! 

Talk to you soon! :)



From: kittymom413


Hi there, Kim,

I just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on earning your wings!! 5 years smoke free, who would have thought that we would be here still standing strong!! Thank you for always having my back through this journey. Sounds like you're a busy Grandma heart, God sure has blessed you & your family. 

(((BIG HUGS))) and lots of love coming your way,

Kitty cat