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August Champions 2015   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 9/3/15 by ModDee; 384919 views.

From: MomandNana


Hey Angela!

Just decided to check in and saw your post. Congratulations on your new management position! So proud of you!! 

How was your Christmas? Family doing well? Mine was wonderful! Spent it in GA this year with kids and grand babies. All the kids are getting so big. New one due beginning of April. Can’t wait!!

Covid has definitely ruined everything. I could talk about a lot of things going on right now but I’ll leave it there, lol!

Talk soon sweetie!




From: amfsmokefree


Hey Kim!

Ahh - you know this time of year is so crazy with tax season! Work is finally slowing down a bit to 50 hours a week versus 60+! 

Was your new grandbaby born already?! SO EXCITING! My hubby and I plan to start trying the end of the year (our new house should be done Nov-Dec - we have been kind of waiting for that to start a family)! Always thought about our future family when I was quitting smoking - so glad thats a non issue for me now!!

Christmas was good - small, and a bit different with COVID, but thankful to spend it with family! Easter was actually the first time we got to see extended family in over a year, it was nice! :)

Hope you're well! :)




From: MomandNana


Hi Angela!

I remember how crazy busy you get at tax time. It must be even worse with all the new tax laws/breaks, etc!!

My granddaughter came 4 weeks early! She is perfect!!!!! Even tho she was a preemie, she was very alert and could hold her head up.

I just started taking care of her on Monday & Tuesday while her parents work. Her other grandmother takes care of her Thursday & Friday while my son has her on Wednesday which is his day off. She is the sweetest thing!!! 

So, my husband & I got COVID beginning of April. We joined a gym and went ONE time and caught it! GO FIGURE!!!! I only had a few minor symptoms, mainly felt like allergies (stuffy nose). My hubbs had a bad cough, fever for about a week, lost his appetite for about two weeks (lost 25lbs) and couldn’t sleep bcuz of his cough. We both are perfectly fine!

Congratulations on the new house!! I can’t wait to hear when you’re expecting!

Kids are heading here in a couple days so they can meet the new little one. When my daughter, hubby and youngest leave to go back to GA, they’re leaving my older two granddaughters with us for two weeks and then we’re driving them back and staying there for two weeks. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Last but not least, my hubby is retiring sooner than planned so we are moving to GA in December!!! It’s bittersweet! I have been looking forward to this for YEARS as you know but I am leaving my two kids, their spouses and three grandkids behind. Now we will be traveling back and forth the opposite way, LOL!! 

Anyway, really glad to hear from you, looking forward to chatting again!




From: amfsmokefree


Hi Kim!!!

First off - Congrats on 6 years!!!!

I actually completely forgot until my friend sent me flowers (shes been doing it every year since I quit) and then it hit me! How funny that 6 years ago smoking was ALLLL that I thought of - and now I almost never do! 

Wow - moving to GA already! Thats so awesome - though I can imagine you will miss your kiddos up north.

My husband and I actually caught covid this past January as well and were fortunate to have very mild symptoms too. I was hoping things would be closer to normal by now - but it seems with Delta we are headed backwards. Hubby and I have a trip planned in November - really hope it still happens!! We havent travelled much in 2 years - itching to have one final trip before we start trying for babies! ;)

Talk to you soon!

Angela <3


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Kim,

I'm so sorry I missed your smoke free anniversary....Congratulations on 6 years of freedom!!

Have an amazingly blessed day, sweetie,

Kitty cat


From: Helen365


Hi JoJo.

Well it's been a long time since we started this journey. I am still smoke free, like most of us the last few years have been quite trying but I did it.

Today I'm wallowing at home full of cold, feeling pretty chuffed that I wasn't missing the old pufferoos when I thought of all the guys here.

Popped in to see if any names I remember and woo hoo there are still familiar faces. 

So a big well done to all of us August champions. Onwards and upwards, we got this.