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NOPEvember 2018   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 11/30/18 by ModDee; 87250 views.

From: SteveAll


Hi Julie!

I have been having an uptick in cravings lately as well.  Not as much as you but maybe 2-3 a week.   Pretty annoying when I had a stretch of well over a month where I didn't have a single craving.  They are pretty minor though so I guess I can't complain too much. 

Can you believe it?  We are only a couple months shy of 1 year! I just crossed 9 months and didn't even think to celebrate it!  Its a mix between good and sad.  The cravings are minor and rare but the excitement and sense of accomplishment is also a bit fleeting.  I'm just a regular old non-smoker now.  Its a great place to be but I never really had that moment of pride where I looked back and appreciated the victory.  I was too busy fighting. Now, its so routine its just a thing I did.  Crazy.  
Ah well, you better believe I am going to milk the 1 year anniversary as much as I can!   :D


From: spartanfan


Hard to believe we're at 10 months Steve!

I know I read your message when you posted it, I thought I had replied but I guess I did in my head and not here, hahahaha

I know what you mean by saying the excitement is gone and now it's just something we did--but like you I am going to milk 1 year as much as I can!  I may not be super excited in the here and now (and still having some cravings--back to the cinnamon sticks) but I am REALLY excited about the clubhouse.

Hey how's that robot lawnmower???????!!!!!



From: SteveAll


No worries, I find myself coming here less and less as the months pass.  I have to remind myself because I really do believe it has been a key to my success this time.

Bo-Bot (my 2 year old named it) is doing great.  Just quietly wanders around the yard seeking grass that dares to grow beyond 3 inches.  I honestly forget he is back there most of the time because he just quietly does his business.  The lawn looks great though.  A lot better than when I was doing it at least.

We are so close to 12 months!  So exciting.


From: baysedge


Hey Julie... and fellow NOPembers. We are almost there ..for me October 25 Th .  Still in quit mode though. Those "times" are still there . Still havent lost the extra weight BUT  Its great  the big picture is good.  Im amazed how fast that went by !  See you at the Clubhouse


From: SteveAll



I am officially at 1 month to go!  November 3rd!  31 days left! 

Very excited to cross that threshold.

I have a few moments from time to time but I have no real interest in smoking.  The thought of smoking is actually worse than the craving to do it.  The smell of cigarette smoke is disgusting to me now, which is crazy because when I smoked I always assumed ex-smokers were just being self righteous when they complained about it.  Nope, smells just like burning poison. 

Congrats to everyone over the next two months!

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From: baysedge


one month!  Im counting down too. 

Yes  the smell is hard to take and the thought of it keeps me on the straight and narrow.    Congrats


From: Denim50



HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ON 11 MONTHS SMOKE FREE! One more month to that one year celebration! Soon you'll all be arriving at the Clubhouse and become part of the 7% Club.  You’re doing amazing and I’m so happy for all of you. I hope all of you have a wonderfully exciting month as you countdown to your one year celebrations. You deserve it. Have a great day! 



From: baysedge


Thanks Denim  !  

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From: baysedge


Nopevembers 2018  We're getting close.... You can see the lights of the Clubhouse  from where you stand !!!  See you there.dizzy