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3 months and beyond   Quit Support

Started 1/16/19 by Mrissa; 4844 views.

From: Belinda2019


Hi Mrissa- I know this is an oldish thread, but I just want to say thank you so much for this. It absolutely describes how I am feeling, 101 days in. I just couldn’t believe how nasty the thoughts and cravings have been this week. ‘The Great Sadness’ is such an awesome description.....Thank you for giving me hope 



From: Mrissa


Hi Belinda!

Congratulations! Way to go on 101 days!! As anyone in cessation understands that is a huge achievement. Keep going! You can do this. You are doing it every day.

I am a year and 4 months quit now.

It is worth it.

I'm so free. I'm so happy to be free. My life is filled with life giving things.

The heavy chains of nicotine cycle is broken.

Whatever you do just don't smoke.

Let those chains fall away each day.

It's hard, yes... but it's worth it.

It takes time for the receptors to shut down and new pathways to form. But over time it WILL happen.

There is real joy to be found in freedom from nicotine!

Keep going Belinda!!!


1 year 4 months


From: 48yrsmokin


Thank you Mrissa. I'm with Belinda as the same quit day. So I'm a drifting soul in this quit time I haven't been here in like forever. So it's takeing a big toll on myself to maintain this quit. It's like Belinda said  I could start up and smoke so easily it's like I just started the quit days ago and the intensity so so high on the brain it's unreal. BUTT luckily the quitter dude has come to the rescue and keeping on the good side.   WOW sometimes it's been relly close to graabing a butt and lighting up.  Butt again all the good I've learned from you folks keep coming thru.  Just like you Mrissa you have come thru with another insight into this Bad world we are in and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks this place is the best for keepinhg my head screwed on right. Just at the time when I thoiught Iwas going back to the smokey side..                                                                                                   Keep the faith with another meaningfull NOPE TO THE SMOKE17th Oct.2019


From: Belinda2019


Thank you heart_eyes


From: Belinda2019


We got this Ed - there is light at the end of the tunnel....might just be a flicker now, but it will get stronger and stronger footprints...one foot in front of the other......


(102 days, and counting)


From: Ovivi


Just wanted to say hang in there! That 100 day zone is a rough one. Just keep pledging and taking it one day at a time. It gets so much better, very soon! You have already proven to yourselves you are super motivated to say smober, after this much time. You got this!

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From: Belinda2019


Thank you so much Ovivi, I’m just taking it day by day, moment by moment. I hope it lifts soon xx