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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 151595 views.

From: Rassister



 You have always been there for all of us and became a part of our quits.  I see many retired nurses being asked to help.  I am not surprised that you have signed up.  Thanks for all that you do for others.  Stay safe and be well.



From: Rassister


Congratulations and welcome to the club house.  It is the best place in the world with an incredible view of your future.   Moving on to year two....

All the best,



From: cmw0822


Hello to you! Asad you won the hard battle of staying smober for an entire year!! You hold tight to that key like it is a shield from the nicodeamon.  Debbie.. your dedication to staying smoke free and inspiring all of for this past year is something so very special. Turtles, your gentle outlook and steady reassurance was always a wonderful support for me. Debbie...Asad, Turtles and I finally all reached the clubhouse and we have your support to be grateful for in helping us get there. Asad and Turtles, I am honored to share our anniversary date together and pray we all share many more.  May all of you stay safe, healthy and smober as we face another incidence of evil in COVID 19. Keeping you all in my prayers,  Cheryl 

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From: turtles


Congratulations to you, buddy!!!  So worth it! And you too Asad!

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From: cmw0822


Hi Turtles..it makes my day every time I hear from you .  It is beautiful out today..We live in Indpls IN and I've been out in the yard most of it getting up left over leaves and putting out hoses and enjoying my flowers coming up. So nice to have the windows open.  Don't you live in Indiana or am I remembering wrong? Here we are a year smober and who knows what a year from now will bring after this awful virus is hopefully defeated. We gave our lungs a fighting chance!! Remember..Don't  ever look back.. it's not where you are going... Hugs to you Turtles... Cheryl 


From: Jan2185


Good morning all... seems a while since we have posted in here... I even went past my 1 year 1 month birthday so the quitting has now definitely worked.  I never thought I would ever get to this stage if I am honest - in the beginning the thought of being confined to home for this length of time without a smoke would have horrified me... now it hardly crosses my mind.

How is everyone coping with the lockdown?  We have just been told its at least another 3 weeks in the UK... I know its for the best but its very hard at time... it also annoys me that the uk are still allowing people to enter the country without testing - i read somewhere that thousands are coming in from all over the world... so we are confined but others are just entering the country --- it doesn't make any sense to me.  Hopefully the world can get this virus under control and people can start living again without fear

On the bright side the countryside is beautiful at the moment.. we are lucky to live near some woods and the bluebells are out in force.. new buds on the trees together with beautiful blossom.  Beauty is still everywhere :)

Stay safe everyone and take good care of yourselves

Jan sunflower



From: DebraAnne60


That is a gorgeous pic, thax for sharing.


From: AsadAKhan


Hi Jan,

Congratulations on 14 months of quit. I hope you are doing great and enjoying your new non-smoker way of living.

Sorry for not writing much as I was not active on this forum from last few months. For me it was 13 months on 20th April 2020 but I never though of it on 20th and somewhere on 23rd/24th I realized that 20-April-2020 has passed and I didn't brag about it (LOL). 

I still do get some thoughts of smoking under stress but now I can ignore them easily without any major craving etc. They are not at all the same level of thoughts as they were during earlier days of quit.

Once again congratulations.




From: Jan2185


Hi Asad,

Hey good to see you and thanks for the congratulations.   I also tend to think a lot lot less about smoking now.. occasionally I feel as though I could have one but exchange it for an apple lol.... I actually had a dream the other night (first one for months) that I was smoking  and hiding again... I woke up and thankfully realised it was just a dream... as i have said before I dont think you ever forget that you have been a smoker - how can you after over 40 years - but it gets easier to realise what a great thing you have done by giving up :)

i hope you and yours are keeping well Asad and away from this awful virus

Stay safe my friend and take care :)

Jan sunflower


From: Jan2185


Hi there

Another month has passed and, tomorrow, will be my 15 month anniversary - I don't really think that much about it any more except a few dreams I have been having recently - usual thing, I light up and then hide so I don't get caught - they seem very real at the time and even for a couple of minutes on waking - then I breath a sigh of relief "It's only a dream"  :D

Still under lockdown here as hubby is shielding because of a heart transplant two years ago but we do get out for walks as we live in the countryside where its only about 50 yards to the nearly fields and footpath network... we are very lucky as I just can't image what it has been like for people living alone in a flat.. no company, no garden - so hard.  We covered 9.5 km last Sunday and I will post a picture of the lovely countryside we live in :) 

I hope everyone is well and coping in this strange world we live in at the moment

Take care and stay safe :)

Jan sunflower