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March 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 235362 views.

From: Robin212


Allen Carr.. great. Not good

Yes Marge,

That pic says it all, though they haven't  struck yet. LOL  I know they will. I have walked this path before, Boy am I glad I made this decision.

Kind regards


15 hours, 20 minutes and 7 seconds. 19 cigarettes not smoked, saving $19.12. 

Congratulations on your three months quit, precious, way to go, go girls.

I am just concentrating on today, one day at a time,

Gosh I'm getting hungry, it's midday here on a Saturday

I still have not been for my walk, the weather is balmy here not much breeze and I should be out.

Kind regards Screwadriver, I wish you all the best on your new life journey,


Hi Veronica,

At first congratulations on your three dot weeks soon to be four.

Sorry to hear about your girlfriend in hospital I just pray that the medical staff there are good at their job and that your g/f does not suffer to much.

It's good to hear that you're being a good support, keep posting when the craves come and let us know when the seizures pass.

Kind regards


Your right Paula,

It's not a life you want to live as a smoker especially when you have tasted freedom without cigarettes. I know which life I prefer. I just go for a walk when I get a craving we live by the river so it's nice to go for a walk.

Kind regards


Thanks Blue,

Yes I feel good about this quit, congratulations on your quit, you must have a few months under your belt now, well done.

I know I can beat this demon, just take it one day at a time

Kind regards


Hi Overdoz,

You have some serious time quit now Overdoz, well done, I am just slowly building my bricks in the wall between me and the demon. It's good to have experienced quitters alongside you in this journey of hope and freedom.

Kind regards


Thanks Robin

Yes I love Allen also and he is committed to his task, I have the book I don't have the audio. I believe I can do this today and will continue to NOPE everyday.

But just the same there are some very good knowledge based articles on this site, with some wonderful people providing support.

Congratulations on your two month quit, may there be many more to follow

Kind regards


Whatever works for you Jules, Climbing stairs will keep you fit, as well. 

Congratulations on your twelve days I am still in my first, at nine pm tonight I will have completed 24 hrs.

I am just a read and post kind of guy who loves to get out for a walk now and then. Good luck on your journey, doesnt it feel good deep breaths of fresh air.


Kind regards



From: Rassister


Hey Anthony,

March through the madness!   You have been fighting for over a year.  The fight is SO WORTH IT,   You know the process.  You are strong.  I am cheering for you and will not stop.  I hope that you take it one minute, hour and day at a time.   Try something different this time.   I wish you peace in the process.   My goodness, it is so much better to be free than trapped in this addiction. Sending strong muscles  your way.



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