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April 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 85972 views.
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From: slowblumer



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Just wanted to congratulate all you new April Quitters to the best forum for support during your quest for freedom from those wicked cigarettes. An educated quit is a successful quit so read everything. The threads on the left side contains countless information and the struggles others went through to reach the goal of freedom. We need to learn to be Xsmokers. We need to learn to accept the cravings and keep distracted, drink ice water and do lots of deep breathing and wait it out.

The icky 3's :: The first 3 days, The first 3 weeks, The first 3 months. The first week known as Hell Week has the toughest cravings. Week two known as Heck Week is much the same but perhaps a little less intense. Week three is The Blues week as our body really starts to feel exhausted mentally. By the end of the third month we are about to have some nicotine receptors shut down and we get a type of peace in the quit and we start to feel hope that we actually can stay quit.

We need to pack our patience as this is a slow gradual process but it can be done by sticking it out and posting here for support. This is our rehab facility and everyone can find success through the constant support from others going through the exact same symptoms of withdrawal. Never Smokers don't get it but all of us do. The reciprocal process where we all help each other really helps to get new quitters into the quit mindset. So, give it time, read everything, post often and find success to finally putting cigarettes in the past where they belong. Good luck to all. 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: GrammaAZ


I can't find either one of these.  I never went through a sign up process though.  When I came to the site I just immediately started reading and posting.  It never made me sign up???  How do I get to my profile and where is the help button?  

2. Click on the drop down menu on your profile picture/avatar at the top right of the page. Review the content of each one.

  • My Profile Photo ( you can add or change your avatar or photo)
  • My Profile
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3. Please familiarize your self with the Help button contents

This is where you can browse Delphi FAQs for general information, or post a question in one of the Support Forums, where Delphi staff, volunteers, and knowledgeable members are happy to lend a hand. You will also find "How To" guides that are fully illustrated tutorials that show you exactly how things work on Delphi forums


From: ModDee


Hi there Gramma,

When you came to The Delphi forum website you created an account, gave an email address where you could be contacted  and created a forum ID  "GrammaAZ" and a password to be able to login to the forum.  You have to be a member to post,  and receive posts on the forum. Look at the screenshot below on this page, it's an image from the top of my forum page when I'm logged in.  Yours should look the same.  Scroll up to the very top of this page you're looking at now until you see the image of people circling the globe.  Look to the right .  In my image below the red arrow is pointing to where your picture or avatar will be if you upload one.  If you click on the black drop down arrow you will see the information the blue arrow in the image below is pointing to.  This is where you can add information to your profile upload a photo, establish your account preferences.  Please let me know if you see this information.  If not, there is a problem with your account that will have to be addressed by tech support.


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From: GrammaAZ


Thx Dee.  I see all that now on my phone.  I dont have my laptop so I'll ck it out tomorrow.  


From: Feyisfree


Hi! I just wanted to pop into the April group and say hello. I hope you are finding all of the support and help you need. You are welcome to post anywhere you want.


From: ModDee



Have a good  weekend. 

(((Hugs )))

Emily (SamZahav)

From: Emily (SamZahav)


Hi GrammaAZ - just to let you know, when I'm on my laptop I don't see all of the pretty stuff like the people circling the globe, etc., only when I'm on my phone. I think it's because my cell phone is more sophisticated than my laptop.  On my laptop it's just a page with a bar to the left with discussion threads to click on, and then the messages are on the main part of the page.  Every time I open a discussion, at the top of the right hand side of the discussion is a little envelope and the word "Subscribe" - if I click on that, it lets me "subscribe" to that particular discussion thread, and will notify me if anyone posts anything. My log-in name is at the way top.  If I click that, then it takes me to a separate page where I can set up my preferences. 

I hope this is helpful rather than just more confusing!

Have a wonderful day of NOPE!


47 days quit, good morning #48!


41st day of no smoking.  VA Dr., Family, Facebook associates are supportive.   68 years old, smoked for 50+ years.  Been staying at home mostly, less triggers.  Napping a lot.   Weaning down from Nicotine losenges last 2 days.   Thanks for the forum.


From: slowblumer


Hi there Mike,

Welcome and good for you in deciding to quit smoking.  Take it one day at a time and keep posting and especially keep reading everything you can about nicotine addiction.

When I quit, every time I wanted to smoke I would tell myself that.....

'One is too many and a thousand is not enough'.