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June 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 49415 views.
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From: Denim50


Hey June ‘19 group, 


Congratulations on having reached six months smoke free this December. Yay you!  

I wish all of you happy holidays and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year! Hugs. 



From: SusanK1960


Hey June,

I haven’t seen you on here as much, probably cause you are in your 8th month of not smoking, however, I want you to know I miss your wittiness!  I sure enjoyed our brief banter on the forum before the holidays.


From: June2019


Hey Susan!

I do poke in daily, make occasional pledges & read posts. I didn't get notification of this comment even though addressed to meunamused  just when I thought I got how Delphi works, turns out I don't.  I'll take that wittiness compliment, though relaxed

How are you doing now that you're in month 4? Your October group  seems pretty tight & I've seen you cheerleading a lot of folks on  - that good karma will come back to you! things are going ok with me. not craving nicotine and trying to develop new habits. Work will be busy the next few months, but i'll still find time to waste on the internet at night.stuck_out_tongue


From: SusanK1960



Thanks for dropping a note letting us know you are well.  I’m glad to hear work will keep you busy.  What new habits are you looking into?  I just got out of an abusive habit and not sure I want to get into another one.

Today is 99 days smoke free.  I don’t crave the cigs, although I still have daily thoughts of the smoking action, which Debbie S says lasts awhile. I can’t wait until quitting smoking doesn’t invade in my thoughts every day.  I just have to be patient.

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From: June2019


oh, Susan - I know where you are & remember the frustration. Not wanting to smoke and getting through the day ok but then when all was calm,  thoughts still snuck in - I think I slammed a lot of drawers ,when that happened , cursed a lot then took another walk around the block to cool off.  And to make matters worse, getting pissed off led to the muscle memory of wanting a drag on a cigarette.  Having family drama come up during my month 4 didn't help, but it all passed. Month 5 was much better than 4. that's all i'll say for now.

Eventually the sneaky smoking thoughts & reflexes diminish and you'll go days without one! But it's important to keep the toolbox of diversions handy because smoking thoughts can pop up when we don't expect them.  It gets better, hon. 

I've been working on making 20 minutes of dedicated morning exercise a daily habit. I know it can be done. I did it before (rode the stationary bike 40-60 minutes 5 nites out of 7 for 6 years) and I'll do it again....but it ain't coming easy I'll tell ya. 

**it was around month 6 that it hit me that I should be finding another way to better myself so I can focus on doing  that instead of not smoking** of course, as soon as I pulled the old exercise bike & elliptical out from under a bunch of boxes, tarps and drop cloths, various parts started falling off & the hunks of metal & rubber proved useless. so I had to shop for a replacement. By the Monday before Christmas I had my new torture device up & ready. Gears much tighter & workout much tougher than I remember, but i'll get there.

the above is the healthy habit! I've also been visiting the 'creative' Delphi forums and collecting these things called 'siggies' (short for signatures I think) and tags. it's a harmless diversion, replacing cigs with sigs

Stay strong, kiddo - it DOES get better/easier, and I hear the karma gods got something special for youwink

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From: June2019


posting to no one, but posting just because....it was a bad day.

in my 8th month quit and today was the first I in a long time I just wanted to crawl into a ball in a corner and smoke. not because i'm craving nicotine but because of hurt & disappointment & wanting to disappear. Adult son has given up on & pretty much been fired from another job. I am so angry and disappointed, i'm just beside myself.  I didn't smoke - went for a short walk in a daze instead.

but i'm scared. for him & his future. for me falling back into smoking & deep depression. again - i'm not craving nicotine and at no point did I seriously feel I would cave...BUT when I started briefly smoking again in 2002 after 13 or 14 years quit and more recently in 2010 after 8 years quit, it was due to a similar set of circumstances. I'm scared it will happen again, that feeling of being a failure as a wife or mother and having no one to confide in because I don't want to share dirty laundry with people I know.    And it just occurred to me writing this that this is exactly how I was raised in the birth family I couldn't wait to get away from. keep it inside, don't let anyone know. suck it up & power on. 

i'll get my head on straight in a bit. just now its bad, all this self-doubt. can't believe i'm writing this. maybe i'll delete in the am.

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From: SusanK1960


Hi June,

I so needed your wisdom/reassurance! I was really feeling down and unsure if it was due to not smoking, or if smoking was really masking mental issues.  I scanned the forum and found at least two other people described negative emotions around the 4th month, which is a relief.

I also chose a new activity after being able to breathe better and winter season arrived, I joined a gym. I wouldn’t call it a habit yet, however, it is a healthier option than smoking.  Sometime in the spring, I plan to buy a bike and then I can ride the trails.

Hope you have a restful weekend!





From: SusanK1960


Hey June,

Congratulations on escaping that toxic relationship! You are winning at the new you!  I am so happy and excited for your hard earned success!