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July 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 86299 views.

From: turtles


I walk with the dog a lot...and I drink a lot of water..I keep water in freezer in jug I can squish, so it freezes a little and squish it so it has crushed ice in it. I use lemonade mix drops in it to flavor it, no calories.

tan is progressing nicely.  Really a vast difference in cravings from last month..it is getting better..late afternoon to early evening maybe one. Most times in day if thought appears no craving comes with it. It’s just the habit of it.

day 97

  • Edited July 6, 2019 8:43 am  by  turtles

From: livtoswim


Hi Turtles,

I feel your pain. it's interesting how these cravings cue up. They come out of now where.  I started quitting in November 15, 2017.   I have had some significant time under my belt.  The hard part is staying quit during the angst and life stuff. 

I recently moved back in with my ex. Not because we are madly in love.   It's a long story. 

He is the number one trigger in my life.  He drives me nuts.  I have to be here for the time being. I just want to live in peace.  Not possible with this guy.  I understand the struggles.  The thing is not to give in.  It's hard. 

Looks like your making great progress.  95 days is huge.  I am right behind you gal.  I am going to try my best use the skills I have learned and really stay committed.  How can I change my behavior if I stop trying (note to self)   Thanks for listening.  Keep going!! 



From: overdoz


Nice.. I had to work its hot and humid here, but its gonna cool down a little later they said. No thoughts of smoking for me either day 4, but im keeping my guard up a little still. Like the ancient greeks used to say you cant show any happiness cause fortunes can change in an instant..


From: cmw0822


Enjoy the holiday Turtles.. sounds lovely! I imagine that tan goes beautiful with your NOPE...LOL!   Have a wonderful time.  Cheryl


From: ModDee


Hi Anthony,

Good to see you still working to make it happen. 

Best wishes as always.


Hi Overdoz,

Kicked back today had a lazy day with an afternoon nap, Hitting the mints with a vengeance. sunny day blue skies cool at night, 6th day.

Kind regards


Thanks Dee

Kind regards


Cruising today, sounds like you are in control turtles. I'm a big fan of the cool water, stops me from raiding the fridge, Hahaha

Kind regards


PS bought a new pair of joggers yesterday


From: overdoz


Been hitting my bicycle getting around, i can smell the flowers and fragrances, im on day 5, 

Just trying to keep active to burn off weight, they say its easier in the summer, but we have to be careful these bbq's here and too many hot dogs, but more important is to stay active

Have a nice day.. Cool at night sounds pretty good, but we have to make the best of it, no matter what the circumstances.


From: DonP79


I have an overwhelming fear of quitting again.  I feel terrible when I do and can't get past it.  I am a rage monster and the NRT options don't seem to work for me.  I posted something in a new post with lots of detail, but honestly, I almost feel like it's not worth the struggle.  I'm 40 and every time I think of making what should be a positive change a little voice in my head says, "nah, you are at an age where you can just let yourself go".  It's frustrating.  Any advice on anger issues and the feeling of fear and helplessness would be much appreciated.