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July 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 40098 views.

Just read your post and at that time you were where I’m at now.  I still have mind fog, anxiety and depression.  I don’t feel like my head belongs to me.  
I’d like to know how you feel now, and when did your difficulties subside?

thank you,

How are you feeling now?  I just finished 3 months and 5 days.  Head is still foggy, anxiety, etc.

How are you feeling now.  I just completed 3 mo. & 5 days and I still feel terrible.  Mind fog , anxiety, etc.  when did you get relief?

How are you feeling now.  I just completed 3 months 5 days and still feel rotten.  I have mind fog, anxiety, etc.

when did you start feeling better?


I just finished 3 months 5 days and still terrible - mind fog, anxiety, 

how are you feeling now?

Hi Elaineadele,

You are doing a terrific job!!!  If not you wouldn't be still in the forum or asking questions. Fog lasted longer for me than i thought it would.  After being depressed from quiting then the fog set in.  I always host Thanksgiving at my home.  Two days before i sat down and cried.  Then it was time to get a pencil and paper get organized and prepare and host dinner as always except No SMOKE BREAKS!!!  Guess what now that Thanksgiving was successful I'm sure Christmas holiday will also be enjoyable.  I think what i have learned is everything is still the same i just need to breath, cry or scream then move forward.  I had more quality time to visit not going out for a smoke!!  

When i start to feel lost i say to my self.  What do i want to accomplish and move forward with a plan.  Almost like I'm trying to get organized.  Maybe just think of a goal for the day and set up a plan and then you will be off and running.  

I will admit i want a cig everyday but saying NOPE helped me everday!!  Please do what ever works for you.  

Best of luck.

July 25


From: Denim50


Hey Michele, 

     Congratulations on five months smoke free! It’s great to see how far you’ve come. You’ve went through so much and you’ve stayed strong through it all. That’s a wonderful accomplishment and I’m so happy for you. One month to go to six months and that halfway milestone toward your first smoke free year. Best wishes to you as you keep moving forward. I hope you have a wonderful day. Hug.  



From: QuitJul19


It was after the 4th month probably within the last 3 weeks. 


From: QuitJul19


I still feel lost at times, but there is much improvement. I still get really irritable and angry, but it doesn't last very long and isn't as frequent. I'm  still not the old me and I realize I won't ever be that person again. I'm a new me learning new ways to handle life.

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From: Denim50


Hey July 2019 group, 


Congratulations to each of you on having reached five months smoke free this December. That’s awesome and next month you’ll be 1/2 way to your first smoke free year. What a wonderful way to celebrate! 

Wishing each of you happy holidays, continued success, and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and wonderful New Year!  Hugs. 


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