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September 2019 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 94753 views.

From: Ssoshwifty22


I love seeing my progress maybe downloading an app will help. I have the Quit Tracker app.


From: TinyBadger


I just lost my quit at over 130 days. I'm starting fresh with this group, and I'm hoping that I have the skills, confidence and support I need to quit for good this time. I may need you guys. 

You got this. You are FREEEEEEEE

Alex (alexsmoker3)

From: Alex (alexsmoker3)


Hi Tiny!  What happened?  Whatever you do do not beat yourself up. I’ve quit dozens of times and I’m still trying to get it. We just take it one day at a time. Today you are free so concentrate on that. Also this time I made a list of things that happened to make me relapse and some other things that help me to look at this quit differently. I downloaded the Smoke Free app and did the missions. That’s been very helpful as well as this forum. We can do this together! Keep coming back and reading everything and posting often.  xoxo

You've got my back

Kind regards


You are doing a wonderful service to this community, by passing on your experience quitting to us Newbies. I am arguing with myself about buying another pack, but I know that's not the way. 'Go back you are going the wrong way' says the sign. my partner is suffering in silence, we both look miserable, Haha we'll get over it, both quitting cold turkey, 3 days in, ah!, I know I will look for a photo:-

Kind regards Denim


Three days, 5 hours, 14 minutes and 39 seconds. 67 cigarettes not smoked, saving $77.55. Life saved: 5 hours, 35 minutes.

Doing well Brenda,

That's the way you do it, No cigarettes, NOPE. I can see clearly now the smoke has gone, All power to you, the hard bit is over, the first three days, now for the first three weeks.

Congratulations on your quit so far

Kind regards


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From: MichaelaOana


5 days smoke free. Full of junkie thinking.

I went to read on this forum messages from this group August Champions 2015.

I found two interesting discussions.



And I am still reading page after page, then I will go with Pepa to a walk in the park.

Wish you all a great day.


From: alreadysick


I am so very sorry to hear this. You have supported me in my quit and offered me some very uplifting advice. I am here for you this time around. Stay close.


Killed the beast 7/9/19