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October 2019 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/28/19 by Terry (abquitsmking); 40348 views.

From: Belinda2019


Susan, thank you so much for posting the info on PAWS...

I read it all, and I could absolutely see where, in previous quits, I’d literally set myself up to fail....And such a weight off knowing that this can go on for two years, so it is ‘normal’.....

Thank god for you, and this forum - I’m learning so much


Seized the Day 17th October 2019


From: 48yrsmokin


WOW What a weekend Trials and tribulations. This is where in the past I would haVE CAVED IN. I DIDN"T but i felt sorry for my wife. I was on total bitch mode. Up andf down and all around the head was in total fog. I'm glad I get to read about this being normal for a quit thru this forum or I would have put it all to an end and fired 1 of those bad boys up. and relaxed like I used too.  But take a deep breathe like a million times and get threw it. Beauty weekend weather enjoyed on sunday= saturday was bad- nothing helped that day. Well now that I got it all out I'll try to get through this week Day by Day and still Hour by Hour.m I don't like being a whinner. but just had to vent.                                                                                                               STILL saying NOPE TO THE SMOKE 17th OCT  2019


From: Denim50



Hey Belinda, 

     Merry Christmas and best wishes for the coming year. Hugs.  



From: Belinda2019


Hi Denim - thank you so much  

And I hope you’ve been enjoying the holidays, and have yourself a Happy New Year too xx


From: Denim50


Hey Belinda, 

     It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind message and good wishes.  Hugs. 


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From: Denim50


Hey October 2019 group, 


Congratulations to all of you on having reached two months smoke free this December.  

Wishing each of you happy holidays and best wishes for your continued success, along with a happy, healthy, and great New Year! Hugs. 


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From: SusanK1960


Hello all, 

I am feeling relief. The stress of Christmas planning is over. A deep breath has been taken.  Does anyone else have that sense of relief after Christmas?

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