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January Bravehearts 2019   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/19 by ModAndrea; 348173 views.

From: Bev_1977


Hi all!

I don't have time to go through the thread. How many fellow January 19 quitters are there? I will be quit for 1 year next week.

Can't say that this is my first Christmas without smokes. I was quit a month and a half last Christmas. I relapsed on the 28th last year. I will say this time I had no thoughts of it. I enjoyed the day with my husband and my grown children.

How were your holidays?


Quit January 1, 2019


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From: Denim50


Hey January Bravehearts ‘19, 


Congratulations on having reached 11 months smoke free this December. Congratulations also on celebrating 2020 by reaching the Clubhouse and your one year milestone in January. That’s a awesome achievement! So happy for each of you.  

Happy holidays and best wishes for a happy, healthy, and amazing New Year!  



From: leighmomof2


Hi Bev, there are a few of us January 19 quitters that pop in occasionally. Very excited to hit the 1 year mark on January 16th. I feel that the  milestone will solidify this quit as finally my forever quit! I truly feel like a non smoker.  I remember you from a few years ago on one of my many failed attempts! Hey, at least we finally rid ourselves of the nasty habit, no matter how long it took us!  I plan on popping on here on NYE to congratulate those who are hitting the year mark. Early congrats to you!


From: sibby123


I cannot believe it is almost a year for us Bravehearts.

i will celebrate a year on January 3rd but know some, Robin, are the 1st

i am preparing a milestone post and hope to hear from all the brave and lovely people that helped make this possible for me.

happy 2020!!!!!


From: 59NoNo


Congratulations to those celebrating 1 full year of not smoking!!  I will be joining you on the 15- While i feel this year has gone by quickly - I still have had a rough time this holiday season.  Happy New Year!!


From: Robin212


Hi Everyone!!

There are lots of us celebrating this month! As of 8am this morning I can finally say it's been a year since I smoked a cigarette. I can't even believe im writing this! What a wild ride it's been!

Thank you all for your unrelenting support and guidance.   Stumbling on this forum saved me from myself.  This is such a very special community.

Happy anniversary to you Bev for tomorrow!!! Time to celebrate!

Happy New Year my fellow Bravehearts! We've come a looooong way!

Let's keep that nicodemon in his place and celebrate our freedom one day (or hour) at a time!


CC to Bev_1977

You've proven that you are no sissy so ring in the New a Year proud. I found my body totally calm down around 14 months. That antsy jittery feeling will all calm down in year 2 and any wants for that cigarette fades away. You are acheivng something monumental - you will be one of the 7% that make it to the One Year Milestone!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: sibby123


HUGE congratulations Robin!!

it has been a wild ride

May 2020 be healthy, happy and prosperous for you.


From: Robin212


Hi Sibby! Ty!  A year for you on the 3rd!!!

Holy crap. We made it.