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36 hours ...sort of   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 9/4/19 by Meredith (GettinFree); 17148 views.
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From: Loreficent



Congratulations!! I bet that is a very empowering feeling. Nice work. Been following your journal and find it very validating and inspiring...and hilarious to boot! So...celebration plans are....???

Thanks for sticking around...mostly give yourself a great big pat on the back. Great job.

Thank you so much, Loreficent!! heart_eyes


From: Eve1973


Congratulations Mer,

   Must be so liberating to be in the  CLUB! Great job! Keep goin!

Thank you so much, Eve!


From: SusanK1960


Congratulations Meredith!  I would guess it feels like a hard earned victory!  What reward are you planning?  Love the key!

My brain being healed from quitting nicotine will be all the reward I need, in two to six more months when it's actually done. Hopefully the other life events didn't cause too much trauma and I'll be truly free by 3/3/21. I will probably throw a [small!] party then, though.

But thank you so much for the well wishes, Susan!


From: SusanK1960


I hear you!  I was not prepared for the emotional toll of overcoming this addiction, and I’m still not, however, I am holding on to the faith and still in the fight, and I am glad to hear you are too!  Looking back to the beginning of my quit helps me realize that I have overcome a lot that I didn’t think I could, so that restores my strength and resolve that I will be healthy and happy!  Nothing in life is ever linear, no matter how much we want it to be!

You have achieved a tremendous goal that is pretty darn tough to overcome by most standards, so there’s that!


From: SusanK1960


You did it James!  You have been free of nicotine for 368 days!  Fantabulous!

Did you know wisdom is defined: as the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment.  So, just by quitting cigarettes, you are healthier, wealthier and WISE! 


From: james5040


Thanks Susan! 

It was a tough first 6 months but now I barely even think about cigarettes anymore.