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36 hours ...sort of   Quit Stories and Journals

Started Sep-4 by Meredith (GettinFree); 6724 views.

From: Ssoshwifty22


Congrats you're doing awesome. I've never even heard of herbal cigarettes! Do you roll them yourself? I think it's weird how at the end of my 2nd week it's like better and worse at the same time. I'm like constantly craving cigarettes all day but I don't actually want one if that makes sense. I still wake up and feel confused on why I'm not going out to the balcony but once I remind myself that we quit it's no problem. Idk it's so weird someday are definitely better than others. 

Shauna 08/29/2019

Lol YES. An actual thought "I want a cigarette" only happens a time or two a day, but there's this weird dissonance

every. single. hour.

when I'm not out on the back porch. Bedtime is actually the weirdest one for me right now.

Which I guess is why, combined with two drinks, I just went out and smoked one of the Honeyrose herbal cigarettes. Sigh. I mean, I'm still safe from nicotine, but giving in to the habit just reinforces it. I just made it that much harder to retrain myself. All the more reason to pick back up and get on with the business of the new me before it gets any harder.

I can't help but notice it's been a day and a half since I cruised the forum, too...funny thing...

(And yes, Shauna, I'd been making my own herbal cigs with the cig tubes until I realized that it was crazy expensive if I counted the labor, so I bought a bunch of this Honeyrose brand. They were mid-shipping when I decided I needed to be done smoking, because Murphy is a stinker.)

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Gotta say, I'm a little worried about how bad the eczema on my hands has gotten. Looks as bad as when it first started 19 years ago when my life was, shall we say, way less stable than it is now. It's usually a stress thing and goodness knows expelling 23 years of nicotine and habit is physically stressful, but boy, I hope it dies back down soon. 

Though interestingly the patch that showed up on my foot after a very long May seems to be doing better. Huh.

Sorry, I'm sure that's way TMI, but you're the one who stumbled onto my quit journal. ;D

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Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


I don't know, Meredith !!  What do non-smokers do ?


From: alreadysick


I believe they pick their noses a lot more than smokers. I mean something has to be done with the cigarette free fingers, right?

Alex (alexsmoker3)

From: Alex (alexsmoker3)


 I can totally relate to some kind of “weird dissonance every. single. hour.” Also my eczema in my scalp has flared back up. It had been nonexistent for years. 

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It's kind of sad, but I think I trust never-smokers even less than I used to. Maybe it's because I'm only 13 days into my first quit (but 13 days!) and kind of insecure about that, so I want to hear their ignorance even less than when i was denying the health issues etc., but i sure wouldn't trust my quit to someone who hadn't been there.

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Two weeks, woohoo! It's icing on the mud pie of my day waking from a depression dream and getting f-all done /yet/ again, but it's icing nonetheless!