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36 hours ...sort of   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 9/4/19 by Meredith (GettinFree); 25423 views.

From: ReQuitNo2


To all of you lovely ladies on forum land I soooooooooooooooooo wish I had read this before lighting up again on the dreaded 14 day mark.

All of what you were saying were what I was feeling and I just couldn't do it, AND I have not told anyone I have relapsed so  now I am a closet smoker to boot.

Going doggie sitting at the weekend at a smoke free house so roll on Friday - back to day one AGAIN.

Aw, nuts! But that's fantastic that you have the new plan in place. Get right back on that horse!! <3

In reply toRe: msg 86

Yes, seven months is a milestone.

But the REAL milestone was not noticing and having to figure out why SusanK was congratulating me.

Hot dang, I really am gonna be a nonsmoker.

AND, nothing is handled. Not One Puff Ever.

Brenda (1sept19)

From: Brenda (1sept19)


A great big CONGRATULATIONS, Meredith.  I know, who woulda thought ........


From: Loreficent


So...I had insomnia the other night...stayed up reading your journal here. Thoroughly enjoyed it! You had me cracking up and commiserating the whole way, so, thank you!

Hope you’re well and still free!!

Oh, wow, thank you! This forum is so amazing, not just for the support but the opportunity to Get It All Said...

I am still free, and well, and loving it!

How about you? How are you doing, quitting at a time like this?


From: Loreficent


Oh man! Right? Well, glad I finally did for sure. Maybe in some ways it’s easier. This forum is thee bomb. Exactly what I needed and what is getting me through. My last one was February 23rd I think, had one slip and learned it didn’t make me feel that good to feel that sh——y. So, I’m done. I absolutely knew when I finally did it I would regret not doing it years ago, and I do. But regret, like guilt, is non productive so I’m over that. Still some thoughts through the day, but they pass really fast.

Where are you?

Meredith (GettinFree)

From: Meredith (GettinFree)


Congratulations on getting past the first month!! For me at least, it was the absolute hardest part. Nice work letting the thoughts slide right on by!

I'm in the Denver, Colorado area. How about you?


From: Loreficent


I’m in Portland, Oregon. 
Yeah...it’s a lot of mental chatter and jibber jabber.  I have definitely found it best for me not to tug o’ war with my addict. Not even stepping in that pile of doo stuff. Just nod and walk along...
We’ll see about that dreaded 3 month mark I keep hearing about. 


From: JerseyDee


Hello Meredith -- your nails look very nice.   Did you get gels or straight up acrylic? 

Are nail salons open by you?  Where are you?

I just get polish change on my own nails .. no gels, etc . but ALL the salons are closed by me.  Nail salons and hair salons have been closed for weeks and my hair and nails look a total disaster : ( 

I am in New Jersey.  Where are you?